The Absolute Power To Create Ultimate Success In Life

Well, everyone wants to be rich and successful right? Every one of us has a dream within us and we would like to achieve it, right? Unfortunately, most people are not producing the great results they always hope for. Most people fail to create the success they want in life and most people are not living their dreams. Why is this so?

In this article, I’m going to share with you how and why successful people are able to bring their life to the next level. How they are able to produce outstanding results and why they have all the motivation and the drive to do whatever it takes.

accept no mediocrity Let me start by asking you a question, “what is the target income that you want to have each month?” The answer is totally subjective. Some people may want to make a million dollar in a month, while some people just want to make $10,000 a month. So how much do you want to make in a month? Whatever your answer, the next question I would like to ask you is, “are you making this income right now?”

If you are not making the income that you are expecting, there are 2 things you have to understand. First is your expectation, and second is your acceptable level.

If your expected income is $10,000 a month but you are only making $5,000 a month, it is because your acceptable income is at $5,000 and not $10,000 a month. This is what is happening to most people out there. Most people are comfortable with where they are and they accept the level of success they currently have. This is what is separating the extraordinary and the ordinary.

Your level of income will always be the same as the level of your acceptable income; this is because you are comfortable with it. If you want to make $10,000 a month and you are currently making $5,000 a month, you will still be doing fine even if you did not achieve that $10,000 mark. This is what makes you comfortable and fail to grow in life. We stop at where we are feeling comfortable and we tend to resist change.

I’m not saying that you must consistent grow and make more money. It is just fine if it is what you want and you are feeling good with it. However, if you are trying hard to grow your life, but are not getting any result, this is what you may want to look into.

You Have To Stretch Your Acceptable Level For Growth

Regardless of which area of life we are talking about, it can be financial, it can be business or it can be career, as long as if you can accept for what is less than what you expected, you will never grow to the next level.

Take the average of the income of your 5 closest friends and colleagues, you will find that the average is going to be around the same figure as what you are making, most of the time. And who do you mix with most of the time? The answer? Like minded people just like you.

If you desire for growth and a better quality life, you must start to evaluate your acceptable level and grow from there. A very simple, but powerful strategy you can use to grow your income is to mix with those who are making more than you. I’m not asking you to stay away from all your friends and only mix with rich people, but mixing with other types of people who think differently will get you out of your comfort zone because it is against your normal thinking pattern.

Just like if you mix with a group of people who are doing better than you, you will eventually think like they did and in the end, take the same action like they do and as a result, you will be producing the same outcome like them. If you are making $5,000 sales a month and suddenly you go and mix with people who are making $20,000 a month, you will see how they tackle rejection, how they talk to their clients, how they manage their time, how they do their presentations, etc. You will become one of them in the end.

donald trump This is a great strategy how you can grow and get better results in life. It has something to do with your level of acceptance in life. Do you think that Donald Trump, a billionaire, can accept if he is only making $10,000 a month? No way! He will do whatever it takes to earn back the level of income he is comfortable with. In fact, Donald Trump sets his level of acceptance so high that he wants nothing but number one in the world of real estate.

Let me share with you another great person who raises his level of acceptance and become one of the youngest self-made millionaires by the age of 26. He is my mentor, Adam Khoo. He learned some very powerful and life-changing NLP strategies at a very young age. As a result of this, he started to excel in school and even published a national best-selling book when he was still studying. After that, he applied the same strategy into his business career; guess what, he built his businesses so well that he made his first million at the age of 26.

What you are reading right now is actually part of his teachings. I learned a lot from Adam and if you are serious about bringing your life to the next level, you may want to consider getting his Master Your Mind. It is the one book that I strongly recommend to those who would like to improve the quality of their life, making more money and building more success in life.

There you have it. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary people and how the extraordinaire are able to create such amazing results in life, simply because they refuse to accept something that is lower than what they expect. Therefore, put in 100% commitment toward what you are aiming for and do whatever it takes to achieve what you want.

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