How To Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

Best Year 2013 2012 has passed and now, it is time for you to go through the brand new 2013. So how would you like to live this year? What would you like to achieve this year?

First, before we even discuss about how you are going to live through 2013, think about what you have accomplished in 2012. Are you satisfied with your result? What goals and targets you have achieved last year?

If you are not achieving most of your goals last year, do not let this happen to you again this year. Make sure you are fully committed, fully charged and are ready to have a blast this year. If you have accomplished a lot the last year, congratulations and this is going to be an even more exciting year for you. So make sure you are fully prepared for this year too!

I always remember this quote, “learn from your past, focus on the present and dream the future you desire”. What has happened, you definitely cannot change it anymore. All you can do is to learn from it. No matter it is a good last year or a bad last year, learn as much as possible, absorb the experience you have been through and be a better YOU.

Now, let’s talk about how to live a better 2013. What should you be doing and how are you going to bring out the better you in this exciting year? Are you going to quit your job and pursue the work that you love? Are you going to start your own business and fire your boss? Honestly, I do not have all the answer.

There is no right or wrong decision in life. As long as you put in your all, it will be well worth it. Some people think that if they made the wrong decision, they will end up nowhere and fail in their lives. Nope, this is not the case. If you made the wrong decision, you will just end up in a different path. And we all know that every route can get you where you want, it is just a matter of whether you are going to enjoy the journey.

For example, if you want to start a business that can make you an additional income of $100,000, there are many ways you can do it. For instance, you can start selling online, you can start a network marketing business, or you can joint venture with other people to build a business. There are multiple ways to do it, and there is no ‘best’ way to get there.

It all depends on whether you enjoy what you do. This is because if you do not like to sell, and you choose network marketing as your vehicle to get to your goal, you will not enjoy what you do, right?

Now, how are you going to live out your best year ever?

Start by Vividly Envision What You Want in This Year

First, get to know exactly what you want to achieve this year, and make sure you are able to imagine it in your mind’s eye vividly and visualize it every single day. This is what most people never do. They know what they want, but not specific enough. Most people will just want to live a better life this year. Some want to be happier. Some want to earn more than last year. However, none of these is specific enough.

When you are not specific enough, it is difficult to make it come true. You have to understand that a target that is not clear is difficult to hit. When you say that you want to live a better life compare to last year, it is just a very general wish, it is not even something that is achievable.

Thus, make sure the things that you want are measurable and specific; include a deadline when you want to accomplish it throughout the year as well.

You Need An Action Plan For Each Of Your Goal

Now you know exactly what you want, how are you going to achieve it? Create a plan of action that you can do daily to make it come true.

Let’s say you set a goal as to create an additional income from the internet, so how are you are going to achieve this goal? Now, your strategy or your action plan is fully dependable on the goal that you set. If you set to earn an additional $30,000 from the internet this year, perhaps you just need to build a few quality website selling some products of your own, or through affiliate marketing, or maybe even by selling advertising space through Google Adsense would be enough.

However, if your goal is to generate $500,000 in this year, you know it very well that normal strategy such as building a few blogs is not the best method and you cannot depend only on a few small sites to achieve such a huge income. Well, I’m not saying that it is totally not possible, but the chance of accomplishing this big goal within a year is just not appropriate.

So your goal or your target will determine your strategy and your action plan. What if you totally have no idea what you can and should do to achieve your goal? The solution is simple, look out for someone that has accomplished that goal and learn from him or her.

You know what I mean. You can get a book, attend a course, or a workshop to learn from your mentor directly. Just like me, I learn all these success principles from this eBook, Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny. If you want to, you can grab it and learn about living a successful life in every area.

All you have to do in this step is to break down your goals into action steps that you can actually do and move yourself forward toward your goals.

Get yourself a journal or a planner so that you can put down every action list into it and you can follow accordingly. Now you know what you want and you have a set of action steps to make it come true, the final step would be…

The Real Key To Success Is To Take Action

Regardless of what you want to accomplish in this year, without taking action and working on it, you are never going to achieve it. Therefore, you have to make sure you put in the commitment and take action according to your strategy. If you are not doing anything, how in the world are you going to expect things will come true to you, right?

I may sound harsh, but this is the truth. Sometimes, I will also fall into this trap of not taking action and plainly dreaming what I want in my life. Hence, commit to your goals and your dreams, take the necessary action and eventually, you will get what you want in your life.

As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”, so it depends on what you do right now, every day, that determine the outcome you are going to get by the end of 2013. If you are doing everything the same just like last year, expect to get back the same result this year.

The Journey Starts Now

Now you should know what you need to do to get what you want this year. It is what you do at this present moment that will determine what you are going to accomplish in the end. I would like to end this article with Anthony Robbins’ quote, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”.

With godspeed,

9 Responses to “How To Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever”

  1. Koos Moolman says:

    Hi shawn Lim, well all I want to say is that it’s easier said than done. Inspiration is vital, as much as action is vital. But inspiration and action does not make it easier to achieve success in life. What it does it gives you a drive force to Keep on pressing, pushing! I’m a born retailer, not a made retailer. I say success is in the hands of every individual, you are the one who chooses your life success. Kind regards Koos

  2. Shawn says:

    Well said Koos. Have a great year ahead~!

  3. ashafa abubakar says:


  4. David says:

    Hey Shawn. Great post!

    Your blog was one of the first that got me started to learn about internet marketing like 3 or 4 years ago. Now in 2013, i”m looking to break the 7 figure mark towards the end of the year.
    How’s your business going these days? Hope everything is well!
    Regards David

  5. Shawn says:

    Hey David, that was cool!
    Yeah, everything’s great for me as well.
    2013 will be a great year for you!

  6. Jayant Navle says:

    Happy New Year!!!
    Shawn – Thank you so much for your blog. It inspires me a lot.
    David – Could you please let me know something about internet marketing. I am working in MNC, however I am interested in extra income.

  7. Shawn says:

    Happy new year to you too, Jayant!

  8. Mubita says:

    Hi Shawn, Happy New Year!!!
    I haven’t heard from you in a very long time and was wondering what you are up to now. Great post. Keep up the good work.
    Best regards,

  9. Shawn says:

    Hi Mubita, Happy New Year too!
    Well, been busy with other stuff, but now I’m back for this blog.
    More inspiring content coming up soon…:)

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