How To Develop Passion For Success And Everything You Do In Life

Passion For SuccessAs you know, passion is one of the most important keys to success. If you want to be successful in your business, you’ve got to love your business, you’ve got love to run it, market it, manage it and so on. Without passion, nothing you do is going to bring amazing results in the end.

There are a lot of successful people out there, everyone of them possess this key, they are passionate in what they do. Michael Jordan loves basketball, Tiger Woods loves to play golf, Donald Trump has great passion in real estate and making deals, Bill Gates loves software and Warren Buffett has intense passion in the stock market.

So you see, every one of the successful people love what they do and that is why they can create amazing results in their field. The moment you are doing something that you love, it is not work to you anymore, instead, it is enjoying. You enjoy what you love doing.

You’ll feel that you have the drive and motivation that can keep you going all the time. Even if it is late at night, when you talk about something that you love, you’ll feel energetic about it.

And the point is this, when you do something passionately and with enthusiasm, you’ll achieve what you want.

During your schooling days, why would you feel boring and sleepy for a certain subject? Is it because you don’t like to study or you hate that subject? Or it is because you do not like the teacher? What if I tell you that the answer is the teacher? Surprise? This is because the teacher is not teaching enthusiastically.

Every subject that you learned in school can be interesting, if the teacher knows how to teach enthusiastically. This is why sometimes you’ll feel boring and wanted to sleep during some classes, while in some other classes, you feel 100% awake and you can concentrate during the class.

With that means, no matter what you do, in order to ‘activate’ other people, to get them to be enthusiastic, you must first be enthusiastic yourself.

For example, when you come across a salesman who is selling a pen to you, will you buy? Well, it depends. If the salesman talks to you with lousy voice that he has no interest in buying that pen himself, do you think he’ll convince you to buy? Of course not. However, if the salesman is passionate and very enthusiastic in promoting the pen to you, most probably you’ll get affected by the positive energy and eventually you will buy the pen.

A passionate salesman does not need to worry about getting buyers. As long as he or she is enthusiastic in selling the product, he will defintely make the sale. The same goes for the teacher. If you have a class of uninterested students, change the way you speak, turn up your voice, make the subject interesting and you will see how the positive energy flows into your students.

Here is an interesting post that shows you how you can achieve greater success through passion: The Millionaire Habit #5 – Love What You Do

Now, if you want to be successful in your life, you must learn to love to be successful. You can accomplish more if you do things with passion and enthusiasm. It is the passion and the enthusiasm that create amazing results in life. An ordinary man will only create something ordinary. And those who love what they do, those who are willing to sacrifice and do it better simply because they love to do it, will create some amazing outcomes.

So are you ready to learn how to develop passion and how you can live a passionate life? Below are 3 simple principles how you can develop the power of enthusiasm:

1. Dig It Deeper

Try to do this little test with me. Think of two things in which you have little or no interest in – maybe cards, certain kinds of music, a sport, etc. Now ask yourself “How much do I really know about these things?” Odds are 100 to 1 that your answer is “Not much”. Why do you know nothing about something that you have no interest with? (Funny question? Just continue to read on and you will see what I mean…)

Years ago I don’t have any passion with blogging. Until one day a friend of mine told me about what I can accomplish with blogs, how much I can earn by just putting in my extra time. And the best part is that I can do it whenever I want and wherever I am.

So I started to learn about blogging. I study other blogs, read a ton of information about how to blog, how to start a blog, how to build traffic, how to monetize my blog, how to do this and that…

And guess what, I started to love blogging. Unbelievable. At first, I do not like blogging because I know nothing about it. However, after I dig deeper in this topic, I started to love it.

So the key to develop passion is to digg deeper with the thing that you want to get passionate with. If you are uninterested with a sales job, but you are forced to do sales, learn all you can about sales and you will dig out the passion in it. Start to read sales book, attend seminars, mix around with other sales people, learn to negotiate, learn how to do the best presentation, learn to handle reject, etc. In the end, you will love your sales work.

The same goes for everything in life. Another example here, chances are you are quite uninterested about bumble bees. But if you study bumble bees, find out what good they do, how they relate to other bees, how they reproduce, where they live in winter… If you find out all you can about bumble bees, you’ll soon find yourself really interested in bumble bees.

Here’s my own experience. Right after I graduated, I’m curious about real estate career, but I know nothing about it. After all, I graduated as a civil engineer, but I have heard that many rich people involed in real estate, and you know that my aim is to be financially free. Guess what, I joined a real estate agency and started to learn about real estate.

Few years later, after spending so much time into learning whatever I can about real estate, I started to love it. I started to feel passionate whenever people talk about real estate. This is how I developed my passion and enthusiasm in both internet marketing and real estate. And you can too! (in whatever industry you want… :))

So dig deeper and you’ll develop enthusiasm. Put this principle to work in your life. Just dig deeper and you’ll dig up interest.

2. Give It A Life

Enthusiasm or lack of it, shows through in everything you say and do. Life up your handshake. When you shake your hand, make your handclasp and say “I’m glad to know you”. A conservative, mouse-like handshake is worse than no handshake at all.

Try to go out there and shake your hand with successful people. You’ll find that all their handshakes are firm and fill with passion.

This second principle is more like the “fake it until you make it” principle. If you want to be passionate, act passionately. Understand this rule, ‘motion creates emotion’.

It is just like when you smile, give it a life, life up your smile. Nobody likes an artificial, pasted-on, rubbery smile. People go along with the fellow who believes what he says. Say with life. Put vitality into your speaking. Whether you are talking to a garden club, a prospect, or your children, put enthusiasm behind what you say.

A sermon delivered enthusiastically may be remembered for months, even years. But a sermon delivered without enthusiasms will be mostly forgotten in 167 hours before the next Sunday rolls around.

If you want to be successful, live your life just like the successful person you imagine in your mind. Breathe like a successful person, walk like confidently, talk passionately, and act enthusiastically.

Do you know what will happen if you act like this every single day in your life? You will feel alive and thus, be more productive and create more amazing results in life. Eventually, you will become the person you held in your mind. This is how you can fake it until you make it.

Just try this right now. Say out loud with force and vigor, “I feel great today!” Now, don’t you actually feel better than you did before you said it? Make yourself alive all over.

3. Broadcast Good News

When someone burst into your room and suddenly said, “I’ve got good news!” Immediately you’ll feel energetic and he will get 100% of your attention. Good news does more than get attention, good news pleases people. Good news develop enthusiasm as well.

Just because there are more broadcasters of bad news than there are broadcasters of good news, don’t be misled. No one ever won a friend, no one ever made money, no one ever accomplished anything by broadcasting bad news. Transmit good news to your family, tell them the good that happened today, recall the amusing, pleasant things you experienced and let the unpleasant things stay buried.

It’s pointless to pass on the bad. It only makes your family worry, makes them nervous. Bring home some sunlight to everyone around you everyday. Ever notice how seldom children complain about the weather? They take hot weather in stride until the negative news corps educate them to be conscious of unpleasant temperatures.

In fact, there is no good news or bad news. It is just news depending on how you bring out the words. If it is raining out there and you have made an appointment to meet up with your client, what is the first message that fire off in your mind?

Is it that you will think, “Shoot! Why is it raining right now and I’m sure the client will never get interested with my product due to this stupid weather.” And its true that your client shows no interest with your product because your face shown it when you’re doing the presentation.

Or will you think it the positive way, “Great! Its raining right now and if I visit the client now, he will feel that I’m giving top-notch service and hard working. And guess what, there will be less competitor during a raining day!”

Can you see how powerful if you keep on broadcasting positive news?

Be an “I-feel-great” person all the time. Just say “I feel great” at every possible moment and you’ll feel better. When you tell people you are awful, you’ll feel awful eventually. Transmit good news to the people you work with, give them encouragement, compliment them at every opportunity, tell them positive things the company is doing and listen to their problems.

Sometimes when you are down or you are facing difficulties, tell yourself to stop and turn it the other way round. Remember, there is no good news or bad news, it is just a message depending on how you intrepret it. This is because you can choose how you should respond in what had happened on you. Do you still remember the formula, Event + Response = Outcome? (must read, another interesting article from me… :))

These are the 3 simple principles how you can develop passion in your life. Remember, without passion, you’ll never be able to create amazing results. And if you want to develop the intense passion, just follow these 3 principles and apply them in your life.

Stay passionate all the time, and success will come to you, automatically.

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  1. Dan says:

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    A mobile version and iCal are available too.

  2. I was once told ‘if you are willing to do what you do for no money in return, then that shows you are passionate about what you do”.


  3. Shawn says:

    Great tips Andrew.
    You are absolutely right.

    So if you want to find out where your passion is, ask yourself,
    “Am I willing to do this even without getting paid in return?”


  4. Arswino says:

    These 3 ways are great Shawn and I absolutely agree about love what you do, like David McCullough’s qoute : “Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.”

  5. Aleksandar says:

    My point of view is – if you already have no passion for success, you should try with something less. Without passion at start you’ll hardly get some big.

  6. Shawn says:

    True enough, in order to achieve something that you want
    in your life, you must do something that you love.

    Without passion, you will have no motivation to go on,
    and without motivation to go on, you will stop and give
    up real soon.

    If you stop and give up, you will never achieve what you want.

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  8. Jackie says:

    I have to say I totally agree with you.
    These three ways are great, I think.

  9. litz says:

    i like the idea “dig deeper and you’ll develop enthusiasm”
    for quote,motivation and inspiration

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