Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 Rules To Success

arnolds-schwarzeneggers-six-rules-of-success Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of my favorite success examples that always give me the inspiration and motivation when I’m lost. Every one of us knows that he started his career in the body building industry to becoming a huge movie star, and from making films to becoming the mayor of California State.

His success is extraordinary and obviously, Arnold definitely has something that each of us has to learn from. He created outstanding results in all 3 industries, body building, movie, and politics.

Here are the 6 rules to success in his own words. Watch it and I believe it will create huge impact in your life…

1. Trust Yourself – Dig Deep Down and Know Who You Want To Be

Do you know who you want to be 10 years down the road? Can you see yourself in the future? You have to trust yourself that you can be the one you desire to be. Regardless of who you want to be, a multi-millionaire, a millionaire real estate investor, a famous actor, the world champion golfer, the top car racer, etc, you must believe that you can be whom you want to be in the future.

See yourself as you are living the kind of life and being the one you want to be, every day, every moment and every second. This is how extraordinary live their lives and this is how they become extremely good in what they do. All because they think, breathe, talk, eat, and dream about what they desire all the time.

2. Break The Rules – Think Outside The Box

If you want to be extraordinary, you must do what ordinary people dare not to do. Doing what everyone is doing will only give you the normal result that everyone gets. If you expect to be someone that is unique and special, you must dare to think out of the box and do something extraordinary, by breaking all the normal rules.

Think about it, if you are just like every other normal employee in your company, working from 9 to 6, how do you expect your life will transform into something great? If you are just a normal worker who earns $2,000 per month and you desire to be a millionaire, I would say that it is highly likely that this will never come true. If you want something extraordinary, do something different and you will never be the same.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Never let failure blocks your judgement in making decision. Just like what Arnold Schwarzenegger has to say, everything that he attempted, he was never afraid to fail. If you are not afraid to fail, you will definitely go all out and do your very best, this is how success will come to you.

Remember, success comes from good judgement, and good judgement comes from experience, but guess what, usually experience comes from bad judgement. Therefore, do not be afraid to fail. Nothing venture, nothing gain.

4. Don’t Listen To The Naysayer

Only listen to yourself and say to yourself that yes you can do it. No matter whom you want to be in the future, there will be people who will tell you that you cannot achieve that. Sometimes, these people could be someone that you love. It is hard to swallow, but you have to pay for the price if you want to be successful.

Whenever someone tells you that something cannot be done, take it as a challenge and prove them wrong. If nobody has ever done that before, even better, it simply means that you are going to be the first one who is going to do it. Do you have a millionaire in your family? No? You can be the first one.

5. Work Your Butt Off

This is going to be the most important rule of all. If you are not practicing this rule, all other rules will not work. You have to work really hard for the success that you desire. Keep this in your mind, every moment that you are enjoying life, watching movie, partying, clubbing, or having fun with your friends, there will be somebody out there who is working real hard for his or her dreams. Every moment you are playing computer games, someone out there is training, working hard and taking action to make his dreams come true.

You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in the pocket. When people ask Arnie how many sit-up he did, he said he did not count the number, not until he feels pain in his body. This is how committed he is toward his dreams. And this is how champion is made. No pain, no gain.

6. Giving Back

No matter whom you want to be, you must always find time to give something back to the society, to your state, to your country, to your fans…

Helping others and giving back is the highest satisfaction that you can get in your life. Remember these 6 rules to success and watch the video clip as whenever you feel like watching it. It will surely turn on your hot button and drive you into taking action in no time.

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  1. Salut , C’est compréhensible article avec cette vidéo YouTube, je ne peux pas penser que on ne peut pas comprendre ce sans problème article échantillon.

  2. Ganeshkumar says:

    Simple rules, but very effective. Nice.

  3. Shawn says:

    Yep, powerful rules to success that I always remind myself, :)

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