7 Main Differences Between Rich And Poor People

Rich or poor, which category do you fit in?

Most people want to be rich, but most of them are poor, why?

There must be some differences between rich people and poor people. If you study carefully, you will find out why rich and successful people are able to produce amazing results in their life, and why some people are living in poverty.

To be rich and successful, you don’t need to be lucky, extremely hard working or you need to have a college diploma or a university degree.

What you need, is the right mindset and the right mindset will form the right habit. As a result, the right habit will lead you toward the financial abundance kind of lifestyle that you always desire.

So here are the 7 main differences between rich and poor people…

1. Rich people believe that they create their lives while poor people believe that life happens to them. Can you see why rich and successful people are able to create amazing results in their life right now?

It is simply because they are in control of their lives. They believe that they are the ones who is responsible for their lives, they are the ones who is creating their future, not the economy or the knowledge or luck.

On the other hand, poor people will always give excuses and blame on the circumstances. When they failed in their business, they will blame the economy, their boss, their family or anything that did not go according to their plan.

Whenever you believe that life happens to you, you will lose the power to change and the power to control your future. You must believe that you’re the one who is creating your future, not other people or events.

2. Rich people play the money game to win but poor people play the money game just not to lose money. This is a big mindset difference.

Have you ever seen people invest in the stock market? Some people are so afraid that they will lose their money and they form a mindset that blocks their creativity. They formed the mindset of ‘investing not to lose the money’.

However, rich and successful people know exactly how they need to think in order to win the game of money. They will think and act from the view of playing the game to win. Unlike poor people, they will never invest just not to lose the money.

3. Rich people think and focus on opportunities while poor people focus on obstacles. When you face with problems, what are you focus on?

Are you focus on the problems, thinking how bad the situation is going to be? Or are you focusing on the solution and thinking about how you can solve or even turn the situation into opportunity?

Think about this carefully. No matter who you are, you will definitely face with all kinds of choices in your life. And when you need to decide to move on, try to notice on you thinking, what do you focus on, the solution, or the problem?

4. Rich people dare to dream big, poor people think small. When I tell my parents that I want to make a million dollar, they will tell me, “Why do you need so much money? You can live a very good lifestyle if you got a job that has a good pay. You don’t need to be a millionaire.”

I don’t know about you, but this statement happens to me all the time. And I definitely believe that poor people will tend to think small while rich people always think big.

To poor people, they will think that rich people are greedy because they always think big. Is it true that you are being greedy if you think big? I don’t know if I buy this, but to me, I’ll think of it as a waste if you’re not using the resources available (your thinking) to you at full.

Don’t you owe it to everyone around you to create a better life for them? Don’t you want your family to live good? So think big and create the abundance lifestyle for these people right now.

5. Rich people are committed to their dreams, poor people are just dreaming about their dreams. Yes, this is an obvious one.

If you’re not committed to be rich, you can never be rich. How many times have you heard people say that they want to be rich, but they never do anything about it?

This is the mentality of poor people. They will just think about how good it is going to be if they are rich, but they will never do anything about their dreams. They know that they cannot afford a luxury car if they have a low pay job. The thing is, they never do anything to change it.

On the contrary, rich and successful people are committed toward their dreams. They will do whatever it takes, in the boundary or moral and ethics of course, to achieve their dreams.

6. Rich people associate with rich and successful people. Poor people will associate with poor people. Do you have any rich friends? Or all of your friends are poor?

I’m not suggesting that you need to stop making friends with poor people, what I’m suggesting it, try to get to know more about rich people. The more you mix with them, the more you will think like them. And if you think like them, you will start to create amazing results just like them.

If most of your friends are poor and their working salary all are below, $2,000, you will be having the same range of salary most of the time. However, if you associate with rich people who are making $2,000 in just a day, you will start to see the possibility of what you can accomplish in your life.

And this will change your thinking of what you can achieve in your life. $2,000 will become a small amount for you once you changed your mindset about money.

7. Rich people good learners while poor people think that they have learned everything in the world. One of the fastest ways to be financially abundance is to learn directly from people who have already achieved this status.

And if you’re not willing to learn, you will never be able to be successful. If you want to get the best pay, you must be the best. And the only way you can be the best is to learn from the best and learn to be the best.

You now know what are the 7 main differences between rich and poor people. Do what rich people do and try to avoid the adopting the mindset and habits of the poor.

This will guarantee you a financial abundance lifestyle.

392 Responses to “7 Main Differences Between Rich And Poor People”

  1. Maja says:

    Sorry, but you have no clue what you are talking about.
    Misconception is hurtful as ignorance, which you have exhibited both.

  2. Shawn says:

    Hello Maja, I don’t really understand what you mean.
    Mind to explain more?

  3. Susan says:

    Just read this article and I can relate to it. I have a friend who has been poor for 68 years of his 68 years on this planet. He get’s very disgusted with himself because he has tried many businesses and has failed to some degree. He has no home to call his own and he continually berets himself for being poor. He’s on social security and is barely living on this income. He has tried different avenues to make money and at times has even attained employment in the fast-food sector just to make ends meet. I have observed his behavior and the article describes some of his attitudes and mind set. He’s afraid to lose money. He’s very careful how he spends his money and comments on how I spend my money. I not rich, but I not struggling and he get’s uncomfortable when I encourage him to invest or even buy things. He has a habit of taking advantage of “free” stuff. He makes sure that he gets all that he can. That tells me a lot.

  4. Tai says:

    So, im poor because i don’t have the right mindset?! You make rich people sound like their great!

    CEO’s Salaries

    John Paulsen – 3.7 Million
    Mark Holden – 16,054,2002
    T.M. Soho – 13,223,409
    Sidney Taurel – 9,649,413

    And Its right that they can give give themselves raises whenever they want, claiming that it helps the economy (trickle down theory) when their out sourcing jobs, so it doesn’t do $(#$^ for us!

    Its right that they have more money than they can spend, money that could be fueling they economy, getting homeless people off the streets, etc.


    “poor people believe that life happens to them. poor people focus on obstacles. poor people think small. poor people are just dreaming about their dreams. Yes, this is an obvious one.Poor people will associate with poor people.oor people think that they have learned everything in the world.” YOU TALK ABOUT POOR PEOPLE LIKE WERE STUPID, MINDLESS RATS! JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN BE RICH DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE A ZEN MASTER!!!!!! I’m porr you jerk! Is this how i am?!?!?!?!

  5. Tai says:

    Hey, Susan, if this dude spends more money than he has, he looses all of his money! He’s barley scrapin by, so why in gods green earth would he spend more money than he has?! And Free is better than spendin money! Im 13 and i know this stuff! Come on! Of course hes careful eiwith his money! I really hate saying all this stuff, but, im getting you to open your eyes! instead of observing his behaivor, help him out!

  6. Megan says:

    I like this statement.

  7. abel says:

    I like you info i think you right i usually like to read books like Napoleon Hill and is truth if you think in big you will have a lot big thinks.

  8. Matt says:

    The is the very basic concepts of how things work in life but it is obviously very correct for the most part. The concept that I learned in life is that when people figure out who they are they do what they need to do to accomplish themselves in life. Sure everyone wants to be rich but the majority of people dont eat sleep and live money, the average person as long as they are making a decent amount of money are happy and go on to have kids and live their small minded life. These people dont really undestand how rich people think because to them material objects and power dont have that much value to them unlike people who are rich or want to be rich cannot live without these ammenities. Everyone is genetically different and we can see when one guy spends all his time trying to pick up women while another isnt concerned with a small minded task and is concerned about getting a lamborghini and running a succesful business before he turns 21. The bad thing about being a small minded person is that they fail to realize that 99.99% of almost anything is dictated by money, not religion or good conscience its all money and I feel that this scares some people that we all are expendable in the eyes of the government and the people. It all comes down to choices in life do you want to be a sheep or a wolf? If you choose to be a sheep us wolfs will try keeping you guys happy and making you belive there really is god because the poor far outnumber the rich and could turn this world upside down but small minded sheep will hopefully always be peacefully hearded.

  9. Tai says:

    No poor peole in the house? no one to agree with me? *sigh*

  10. Carl says:

    @ Tai i think you have a lot of growing up to do mentally because you clearly don’t understand the points that were made in the article

  11. Tai says:

    Carl, I don’t think you can understand my point. I know exactly what is being said in this article, but i strongly disagree. Just beacause im young doesn’t mean im stupid. Get past my age, read my words

  12. Mark says:

    I am affraid Mr Khoo is very mistaken in his theory of poor people. There are as many reasons for poverty as there are poor people, but mostly it is due to circumstance and their suroundings.

    Poor people have no funds to be affraid to invest in “the stock market”, one has to be poor before can they can possibly understand the poor.

    Of course, he perhaps believes that if he thinks positively people will buy his book and some will, of course a poor person does not have the opportunity to publish books, perhaps not even the opportunity to learn to read in some places of the world.

  13. Josh McDonnell says:

    You sound so self righteous and ignorant with your “differences between poor and rich people.” I can tell you have never had a friendship or contact with anyone who is truly poor. If you did you would have the proper perspective. People that grow up very poor face challenges you are quick to write off because you have never been without the basic necessities of life. Go live in Baisley Projects or Compton and come back in a year and tell me they got the same shot you do?? Get some perspective. Seriously. Anyone that agrees with this article really just can’t relate.

  14. Darren says:

    Tai, it’s interesting how your mindset is exactly how he describes a poor person in the article. I’ve been poor and now I’m not and I can say 100% of the reason I was poor because of my mindset.

    Wealthy people “go for it” and understand there are risks involved. They may not know everything about what they are doing, but they make calculated decisions. If you just go around haphazardly “trying things” then you will never get anywhere except down the disappointment lane. Take notice of what you want out of life and drive forward, make intelligent decisions and learn from other wealthy people and not from poor people.

  15. Darren says:

    Mark Josh, are you serious? This is exactly why many poor people stay poor. They blame circumstances, upbringing and conjure every other excuse as to why they should not take action. Have you ever heard of Oprah Winfrey? How well-off do you think she would be if she let her poverty-stricken upbringing stand in her way? John Paul DeJoria. Does that name ring a bell. If not, look it up. Both of you think obstacles are a reason to quit or not even pursue something. That’s perfectly fine with me because that means there more room at the top for me.

  16. Shawn says:

    Hi all, wow, so many comments here.
    Great, I sincerely thank you all for commenting and voicing
    your opinion here in my blog.

    For me, there is no right or wrong. What you think about
    rich and poor is your opinion and your belief. So I’ll stand
    by what I have posted in this article.

    Once again, thanks very much, ^_^

  17. Alana says:

    this helped me becuz im comparing rich & poor ppl 4 a project

  18. Je says:

    Let’s not get too far outside the scope of this brief article. I think there’s a general point that the author tried to make and I believe he’s succeeded. Sure, there may always been some circumstances which are exceedingly prohibitive, but I doubt that’s the situation most of the time. An exception to the rule doesn’t negate the rule entirely.

    I see co-workers, managers, employees, students, etc. ALL exhibit signs that they are not willing to do what is necessary to succeed. Assuming you’re not a trust fund kid, if you’re doing well, it’s very likely you had to work exceedingly hard for it – harder than those who didn’t make it. Again, sometimes luck and misfortune enter. That said, you still make what you can out of the cards you’re dealt. People leave the ghetto. Plus, looking at CEO salaries and assuming that they’ve done something evil to get there is short-sighted and just a coping mechanism for your own failure.

  19. Tai says:

    Josh McDonnell! Finally someone thinks the same! Darren, Who are you to tell me how i think?! What, are you inside my head? do you know me? exactly. Don’t say I think like this or that, because i decide how i think, not some guy saying crap like that! , I’m poor, but that doesn’t mean im going to look upon some rich person as some prophet who’s discovered a magic way of thinking! My parents are huge investors in the stock market, and were making money, Not “afraid”, Proof!.I’ve been persecuted against because of my economic status for years, and im not going to stand anybody saying im some simpleton, or i haven’t achieved enlightenment, or something like that. This is like “The secret”, for god’s sake! You can believe it if you choose to, after all you have the right to, but i choose not to.

  20. Tai says:

    go mark, too

  21. Just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they’re better than poor people.Under the eyes of God we’re all equal no matter what nationally it is and we should work together and help one another treating each other with respect and honestly and as human being.No good to discriminate.Poor people doesn’t mean they’re stupid,retarded all all negative things.Stop being ignorant anyway I rather be a healthy poor people in a humble home eating a meal calm than a sick rich people in a luxury who can’t even eat in peace,always worry somebody will rob them,not going to the store alone and always with bodyguards when that’s no life not giving themselves privacy or open space.Rich people acting like big shot the greatest nonsense because rich won’t take money with them when they’re gone and when they run out they go back to the family and others you in general got it stay humble and real always because is so important and the key to good things.think about it folks because the love of money and material things is the root of all evil and money is only necesary for food,clothes,and transportation especially bills but is not everything in life.Money is not the happiness neither buy love nor friendships.

  22. nen says:

    Hey guys fish oil and aloe gelly from forever living had helped me focused well and I am on my way to financially sucessful.

  23. Shakespeare says:

    This article is a load of old tosh.

  24. Tai says:


  25. Shawn says:

    Hi all..

    First, I did really appreciate all the comments you guys leaving here. Especially for Tai, thanks for your constant commitment for coming back for this article, ^_^

    Since I wrote this post, so I will stand by what I have posted.

    The only thing that I would like to say is that, there’s a point in my life that I’m not rich as well. And I’m also from a third world country.

    We all are the same, just the way we think about something. No matter what you believe, you will always think that your beliefs are right.

    There’s no right or wrong in mindset, it is just choosing the right mindset that will empower you.

    You’ll have to understand that I’m not insulting poor people. By the way, what is poor people anyway?

    For me, poor people is not the ‘poor people’ that you know that have no money or materials.

    My definition of poor people are that people with poor mindset.

    So what if you are poor? Every rich person was once a poor person.

    It is their thinking and their action that makes them rich in their lives.

    This is the main point of this article.

    Seriously, I’m happy to see that this article has a lot of comments because it shows that this topic is hot, LOL.

    Thanks guys for your constant support,


  26. Ferrary says:

    I support what the author has written in this article, therefore I also wish to further explain that it is all in the mind. If you have positive thoughts and dreams and show the effort to achieve them…believe me, you will get to live the life you always dreamed. A person who aims for the sky and you will reaches the ceiling is better than the one who always aims for the ceiling. Food for thought. Thanks

  27. fly high says:

    Thank YOU author! good luck to you and to everyone here.:]yes, no matter how much money we’ve got right now, what we have in our minds is what matters the most… i storngly agree! =D

  28. fly high says:

    oh and plus,

    you are such a good writer dude!


  29. Tai says:

    Its all good that you belive that having a good mind matters, but to say it’s so important that it affects my economic status. Life is choices. Its the choices you make that decide weather your rich or poor, not your mindset.

  30. Tai says:

    and thank you Shawn. I enjoy posting my opinions and, hopefully, changing the way some people think.

  31. this is very great, indeed you right

  32. Dahlia says:

    Growing up poor and being poor is different. I’m 21 and I spent most of my life being poor and and I had a lot of rich friends and I noticed this difference. And to Mark, you are saying persons are poor because of circumstances, only in your childhood, after a certain period its starts to become your fault not matter where you grow up. There are persons born rich who become poor because they don’t have the mindset. Persons born poor who become rich and persons who just stay where they are. To me if you use your circumstances as an excuse then you are taking life as happening to you. I don’t have money to invest but I’m working on it. The key is to do something and change it.

  33. unknown says:

    Wow! I am amazed that so many ppl disagree with you!
    I enjoyed your article and respect you opinion on the matter.
    #3 Less fortunate ppl do than to focus on the problem and not the solution…alot of times we are not positive thinkers by nature. Alot of ppl who are less fortunate did not grow up in a nuturing enviorment. Ex.I will use myself As a child, I remember sitting in the back seat of my fathers car signing-and being told shut up…as a teeneager I remember walking around the house singing and being told- be quiet! After, Jr high I decided I wanted to goto a performing arts school instead my regular neighbourhood highschool…needless, to say I did not have their support on that idea! But, I auditioned anyway and made it. But, I was never encourage to do what I wanted to do. I was always told- why are you going to an audition instead of an interview? Needless, to say- the only place I sing right now is around my house.

    Ever time I dared to dream big I was told how foolish I was and how I need to think reasonably~i.e. small (#4)

    So, yes! I had to change my mindset! and I am still am changing my mindset~everyday!

    Even now, I catch myself saying you cant do that…how? When I should be saying I can do that…How am I going to do it and here is my master plan!!

    Speak power over your lives!
    Romans 4:17 Call those things that be not as though they were.

    Gallatians 6:9(KJV) And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

    For you doubters
    ”a positive attitude may not solve all of ur problems, but it will annoy a hell of alot of negative ppl” ~Rev Run

  34. Justin says:

    Tai, Mark, and Josh

    Ok the guy who wrote this isn’t 100% correct I understand why you are upset. He does have some good points and something to think about is “what are you getting out of it”. When you read something do you take the negative out of it or the positive which may help you later? I know the guy that wrote this has a lot of things off the wall.

    Ok for instance growing up I was so poor we had to fart in the bath tub to have a bubble bath ok. It wasn’t easy for my parents with 4 boys. My dad was in construction (small time small town) hating life to its fullest. A guy seen his work ethics and hired him for an electrical plumbing and air business. Well my dad saw an opportunity with all of this so he took it and got good. He ended up doing it for 4 years and started his own business hiring 4 employees. I know it sounds stupid but our family went from a 25,000 to 30,000 per year to 100,000 to 120,000 per year.

    Ok needless to say divorce, business split, home split, and I was only 14 but I knew what it felt like to see money come in. (I was hooked).

    I was in college and needed some extra money so I decided to start a business I was 18 I think? Any way I got so busy that I hated it and quit. lol (wasn’t really ready for what I was getting into). I was living with my aunt and everything started sucking again. Broke, couldn’t afford college, life sucked A**.


    I needed a new start and I said I don’t care how many obstacles I have to jump through I am going to do everything I can to be great. I had to start small because let’s face it I was poor but still young. !United States Air Force! lol. I hated every day I woke up but I acted like it was the best job I ever had. I did it for 4.5 years. Got out started a business and failed. (What the heck “right”) The Mind Set. I read things I wanted to read. Took whatever I wanted to take out of things Neg/Pos it didn’t mater. I know live in Tampa I own multiple rental properties and I do government contracting to boot.

    I started looking at everything with an open mind. Yes poor people dont give a damn with the opportunities they do or do not have. I had poor people tell me “why would you buy that or go there I wouldn’t”. They are lazy. Don’t be a “poor person”. I mean that in an intellectual way not a financial way.

    Once again try to take all the positive things from what you read (like rich people) and disregard the Neg (like rich people). Oh and if I need to remind you again “Rich as in INTELECTUAL INTAKE OF INFORMATION”. Stop being so negative about someone sharing an opinion.

  35. Carolyn says:

    Here’s what I’m learning on my journey about being prosperous: You have to know who you are and made you. No, money is not everything, but living a fulfilling life (the best life you choose to have) and doing the things in accordance to the law of the Universe, money is one of the many physical rewards you can attain. God is the source of all blessings, even money. He created this experience for you to choose the life you want to have, so if your state of mind is poverty, then you will always be impoverished until you choose to change your mind. So what makes you rich? Having forward thinking friends, a supportive & loving family, a career that you are passionate about, living in a safe & comfortable environment, committing & achieving your dreams, being happy with yourself, your overall health (Mind, Body & Soul) and having a close & personal relationship with God.

    You can find some richness in everyone, but treat it like a buffet…choose to sample a little but don’t get full off the wrong junk. You are the creator of your world, yes, even the obstacles and hardships you encounter. Are you a creature of circumstance or a creator of circumstance? Many people have a hard time taking responsibility for their own lives and become angered and project blame outwardly for their misfortunes. You are always presented with choices, you can choose to be negative or you can choose to be positive and learn from what Shawn expressed. Choosing to not be receptive of something that will benefit change in your life is the perfect example of a poor mentality.

    You might have grown up poor, you might had been poor yesterday, but you don’t have to be poor NOW.


  36. Michele says:

    well soon the poor won’t have to worry about being poor anymore – if obidiot… er obama has his way, he will start re-distributing the wealth from the rich to the poor … and then the rich will not want to be rich anymore….

  37. joey says:

    If you want to be poor then be poor, if we want to be rich then let us be! We are just showing you how to be, if you don’t want to learn how to, go to another website and do your business there! Problem with poor people is that they are very touchy! Like what i have said “You want to be poor then be it! Just leave the opportunity for those people who actually want to be rich. And also to the poor people out there can your pay taxes so that we don’t always bail you out of your miseries (Like the check from the out of employment government issues) Instead of crying out loud find a job ( Which by the way we the rich provide)

  38. Jim777 says:

    As you can see from the comments below, Many people simply DO NOT GET IT when it comes to money and success.

    I really loved your article and I completely agree with all your points. I grew up in a fairly poor family. We were lower middle class, had a house but my parents never made much money, why? Because they were so afraid of taking chances and they always thought NEGATIVE thoughts 24/7.

    I decided when I was very young that I wanted to be a winner and I THOUGHT like a winner. Of course my parents constantly criticized me for thinking I would be one of the RICH people but I never listened to them, my way of rebelling was to be a successful person with Positive Thinking.

    I started my own landscaping business at age 16 with just a small 12 inch mower and a weed eater trimmer. I would drive around in my cheap used Volkswagen Golf with the lawnmower sticking out of the hatchback and I would cut peoples lawns, even people who lived pretty far away from me. I started handing out business cards I had made at a Kinkos Copies store and pretty soon I had about 30 customers who wanted me cutting their grass every other week. I only charged $20 but with 30 customers = $600 a week. I was making MORE than my parents!!

    By the time I was 18 I graduated High School and devoted myself full time to my landscaping business. I bought a truck and some slightly more professional equipment and soon I had 50+ customers, each paying me $20 to cut their lawn = $1000 a WEEK while most of my friends were making 8.00 or 9.00 per hour at some job where their boss owned them.

    All you have to do is go out there and do what YOU want to do. Nothing is stopping you EXCEPT your own limitations.

  39. Ibrahim says:

    My opinion is that…Every Rich man survived from his poor life.withput any survival no body can become rich

  40. Ibrahim says:

    My opinion is that…Every Rich man survived from his poor life.witoput any survival no body can become rich

  41. Adam Powell says:

    I would like to share my opinion on this matter.

    At first glance the article repulsed me somewhat, obvious reasons, speaking down about people generally does, but the more i thought about it the more it made sense. The article is correct in every issue it raises. Rich minded people are go getters and they strive damned hard to be successful and therefore make a lot of money. And the poor tend to be negative minded about their own prospects and place in life.

    However, there my compliments stop, the problem with the rich, is that they are very afraid of losing material possessions and also power and this is where my problems arise. In a monetary society, capital is power. When this person becomes rich, they then want to protect it, at any cost. Here’s a very brief and not very detailed list of examples.

    1) Cutting costs by making inferior goods, but using brand power to convince poor “aspiring” people to buy at high prices. Examples such as the clothing industry.

    2) Unintelligent waste management in order to save money, which in turn destroy the very habitat we are living in.

    3)Under paying workers who are the eyes and ears of any coroporation or company, in order to maintain profit levels.

    4)Allowing immense interest rates on all bank loans and mortgage prices to exist, keeping many people in a perpetual cycle of debt management.

    5) Convincing poorer countries to take large loans, (imf, world bank) but with strict fiscal policies such as cuts in public financing which in turn affects thelevels of education and skilled labour within that country, again becoming perpetually entangled in debt management.

    yadda yadda yadda, point being that at one time in thre past when lands were open and sparse there was opportunity for everyone to make a better more convenient life for themselves if they so wished. usually by force, East indian trading company… israel over palestines etc… and once these peoplehad established themselves, the strict economic society was set up. So here we are today, a young african boy or girl wants to become rich, they know the rules but wait, theres a patent on their idea, theres taxes on their business, theres pressure from competing and larger markets,they are forced to sell cheaply, they have to adhere to strict and expensive safety rules and regulations, theres red tape everywhere, a competing company abroad dumps excess stock within their market forcing them out of business, their bank charges them too high an interest rate, their government is lobbied into not protecting their own workforce and allowing foreign competition. Doesn’t sound fair from the start right? and its not, and that is my problem with this article, you can aspire for something greater but if the ceiling (rich) won’t budge, then the sky will never be reached.

  42. Adam Powell says:

    And if your idea of being rich in life is one through monetary satisfaction then you have a long lesson to learn, a man who owns a drink company which, lets be said, people enjoy, convines you to buy his brand of drink and in doing so makes $1.1 billion a year.he has a beautfiul house, wife, car and power to boot. Because he sells a drink, not a neccessary one, a luxury drink. A man spends his life curing the sick, helping the aged, helping women give birth, stitching you up, taking care of you when your unwell. He has a nice house and a nice car and respect. Now if you want to be the person mentioned first, then your the problem, if you want to be the second person then act upon and strive to do good in the world and not just for yourself, we can’t all be millionaires but we can all be good. think before you put the unfortunate down, because if we’re all millionaires and there is no good, then just hope that your not unfortunate…


    One thing missing in it Rich people carry presence of mind and make there way out there presence in the party make everybody there follower but poor people are not asked by anyone. And belive me anybody can become rich if you have your set rules.

  44. james says:

    Here’s a list of 7 things that are typical of rich so if you make sure to follow this rich you can be rich:
    Make sure you are 1.white instead of black or hispanic
    2.married instead of single 3.don’t have children instead of having kids 4.middle aged or old instead of young 5.entrepreneurs instead of working for others 6.a man instead of a woman 7. and be a college grad or more instead of high school or less

  45. shelly says:

    Wow! I am in the poverty range and when I keep it real with myself and not take it personally I have this mindset, and it is so hard to change. i went to a seminar and the speaker said the same thing. My b/f who is wealthy told me the same thing about myself. oh and my b/f is black has kids,came from a broken home, took care of his mom and siblings at 15(u can guess how) and went from illegal activities to two colleges degrees, rent homes etc. when I ask him how, he says its all in your mind, and how u think. he said he always knew he would be rich!I know u may be saying why am i here if he is wealthy?? It is because I want my own accomplishments in life. He also told me I am not willing to learn and i think I KNOW EVERYTHING! I am starting to think he read this article!lol He also said that poor people like to criticize every thing the rich do but they never critize what they do to the economy. He says while everyone was partying, etc he was studying and and handling his buisness and that poor people can’t put friends aside for success. I now think, excuse me ,I now know I am going to shut up and pay attention!!

  46. Chris Lees says:

    Shawn, I would like to raise another aspect. I frequently come across wealthy people in the course of my small home business – some of whom have become long-term clients and personal friends. But having said that, the ‘friendship’ I enjoy is limited because the wealthy do indeed have a different mindset. From experience I know that while they may wax lyrical from time to time on the woes of the ‘poor’ (aka how they can and should help), they are loathe to provide direct advice. The latest example I can think of is the idea that we should invest in gold post-GFC. They urge us all to invest; for our own good. But they don’t respond to my requests for advice: where do I begin to research this area for myself? Not requests to fast-track me to riches… no, a simple request to available and credible information. Surely they would know? But there, am I making just another excuse – just another whinge from ‘the great unwashed’? I don’t believe so. No, I am ever more convinced that, regardless of all the pontificating, what is theirs they guard jealously. They guard KNOWLEDGE. After all, education awakens us all to a broader perspective – and without that we are mired in a fate promulgated by the class system (or if you prefer, the wealth divide) – a construct that is designed to make us believe that we are not bright enough, or clever enough, or lucky enough, or beautiful enough, to be anything other than what we were born into.

    So Shawn, I think that wealth distribution or opportunity has more to do with education than attitude. For sure, attitude plays an important role, because without the will to eschew fatalism or negativity we cannot hope to move beyond ‘what we assume’. But ultimately, it is learning that changes our options. I remain cynical about the altruism of those in powerful positions, but I am ever hopeful that the online community will provide an alternative venue, sans subterfuge.

  47. I totally understand the whole point of this… it’s more of a summary about Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad,Poor Dad” book only this one can offend some other people’s ego just because how the article is done is quite abrasive. Nevertheless, point taken.

  48. July says:

    try to read or watch “the secret” guys. there it mentions that your thoughts make your future. your future is being mold by how you think at hand. The authors testemonies are very inspiring and life changing.

    The article might be a bit harsh but as they say truth hurts. whether you like it or not, it remains true.

  49. Poor and Happy says:

    I think that it is all bull shit that people think all us poor people can think about is drugs alcohol and why nothing goes our way. My family has been working hard all our lives Ive detasselled and i bet that if you go up to a rich person he/she will not even know what the hell that is I earn my living and help out my family that is why i am poor so dont any of you ass holes dare say that shit that all poor people are druggies and alcoholics because we aren’t there are a hell of a lot more rich than there are poor that use drugs and drink alcohol all day so go to hell to all of those that dare think of the poor like that

  50. Shawn says:

    Hi people, I believe that from all the comments in this post, you can now see very obviously the difference about what we associate with money in our lives.

    I’m not saying that poor people are bad or whatever. You have to understand that rich people are poor at least once before.

    It is what we do in our lives that determine how successful we are.

    Most people think that if they are rich, they will be living in an unhappy life. They think that you can have all the happiness if you are poor.

    For me, I’ll choose and decide to be rich and happy.

    Do you want to be rich and happy?

  51. yo mama says:

    believe and praise Allah.

  52. Tai says:

    Poor and Happy, Theres someone i can respect. “YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE POOR! EVER!”,. If you heard someone say that to someone else, you would be shocked and repulsed.

    james: Im young/ hispanic, does this mean i cant be rich? Litte bit of racism there….

    And if all poor people thought negative 24/7, they would all be dead from suicide or overdose on depression pills. Us poor people are actual people, with feelings, emotions etc. It doesn’t help us when were right here and you say some of us “JUST DO NOT GET IT…”

    Has anybody forgotten about the economy? Ya’know how its toatally unstable right now? If your’e still rolling around in your’e piles of mney in your gated communities telling me how i can get rich, while im living in a regular, kinda crappy neighborhood, stuggling to make ends meet, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Without us middle class being where we are,you wouldn’t have anything, No farmers for food, no factory workers for clothes or cars, no workers for your big companies, and no consumers to fuel the economy in wich you invest thousands. All of you should be wondering why you aren’t like us. Now, i really didn’t want to go here, But in most relligions there is a major deity or figure who is (for lack of a better word) “poor”. Jesus, Buddha,The prophets (abraham, Moses, etc.), Dionysus was poor before he joined the pantheon, I don’t know about Judaism or Hinduism, and in all religion charity and rejection of excess is necessary to achieve heaven, enlightenment, Nirvana, whatever.

  53. As a matter fact of everybody who is willing to be rich should truly change his or her way of thinking,by so doing things will begin to go on the right direction.
    You have really inspire me just because i find it very difficult approaching people who have made in life just beacouse there are few i know who are hard to approch BUT DONT FORGET “CHANGE YOUR THINKIMG CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

  54. ri-ah says:

    @ michele
    hi. i think its unfair to blame one person the poverty thats going on in this country.

  55. NO says:

    This is BS, period!

  56. carl says:


  57. g.m. williams says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Rich people have a more progressive mindset from poor people. Poor people like my distant relatives, the Gists, in South Carolina think that the world owes them something. None of my relatives, except for my mother and uncle, are highly successful. The rest of them just sit back and expect my mother and I to support them. I say no-if they do not want, let them starve. I would rather be rich than poor. I believe in affluence as it affords me a better and more luxuriant life. Poor people are different from rich people in different ways- rich people plan for their futures and care about their descendants while poor people care only about their present pleasures and do not give a damn about their descendants. I will never understand poor people- they are poisonous and I stay as far away from them as possible.

  58. Shawn says:

    Well, I think the better word to use in this article should be successful people and mediocre people instead of rich and poor people.

  59. Mary says:

    Most rich people are born into it. It gets handed to them and then they have the power to go on making money by screwing over other people. If they come from money they have chances where ever they turn. Look at Bush, everything he got came from his family and their ties. A lot of people get rich because they were born beautiful like actors and models. Or your born with a talent like singing or have a great mind like Gates. But most poor people have no family money, no talents and no opportunities. Since everyone can’t be rich then someone has to be poor. Also I think that rich people feel superior because they are rich and if everyone had money they wouldn’t feel like they were the better than everyone else. And people love to feel like there better than other people for just about any reason.

  60. ModestMoney says:

    Your reasoning disgusts me.

  61. poor johnny says:

    I agree with the rich man poor man mindset. If your parents were poor, chances are you will be to. there are a few who escape this conundrum. But most stay poor. The old saying poor people has poor ways certainly is true. In today’s society we have lost a lot of good jobs, that use to pay well, were now stuck with low paying mindless service jobs that offer very little in benefits, so your later years are gonna look pretty bad compared to the past when we had manufacturing jobs that provided good pay and benefits for the whole family. So, today we must try and think rich, because there is nothing else for us.

  62. fil says:

    Hi. I am 18 and i live in the UK. I see all these people in london having these lambos and ferraris and i want to be like that. I am currently doing a BSc in Uni and am starting my 2nd year this september. I am the best in the class but doesnt mean im the best in the world. I just like what I do. But I just dont see a way of becoming a millionaire in the IT industry. I just want to be able to afford a nice flat in london and a supercar. But how? There are so many website claiming they have the secret to become a millionaire. It doesnt work. I think its all about a luck. I have spend weeks thinking what business I can start and “be a millionaire by 21” but got nowhere. I believe people sometimes need a push in the right direction by someone who has been there and is actually a millionaire. I just try to meet weaalthy people and surround myself with succesful people. Thats how I believe will get there eventually. Its all about contacts and who you know. I come from a middle/lower class family but am working my arse off to be the best in my class. But the thing is I dont want to be a millionaire when im 50. I want to do it by 25, 30 latest. Is that impossible?

    peace people = )

  63. Polly says:

    I believe there are some people who are born into situations so unfortunate that they probably will never see their way out of it. These are the sick(people born with deficiency illnesses), most people who live in extreme poverty stricken areas in third world countries, and the extremely handicapped and mentally ill which can be considered the sick but they depend on others for their well being the rest of their lives.

    For everyone else their really just seems to be no excuse. If you want success more than you want to be alive then you will stop at nothing to get. This means sacrificing time, sleep, relationships, fun activities, relaxation, all that to build something out of nothing. The problem is most of us are just truly lazy. We want the lazy mans wealth, we dont want to learn to be a salesman and market things and have to interact with people. We dont want to learn to develop a new skill that can make us money just by using our brains and our hands alone.

    Most of us need to stop thinking in terms of consumerism, and start thinking in terms of entreprenuership. When poor people get on the internet talking about being poor, I can’t help but to think that access to the internet alone is one huge opportunity to grow and be whatever you want you just have to stop talking about it and be about it.

  64. Benny boy says:

    I think there is a bit of truth to this. I am poor and I have a lot of wonderful ideas of how to make money, but i don’t do them because if for some freak of nature they don’t work out, I would be closer to homeless. I’ve even been homeless for several months. The fear of getting caught in “the system” keeps me from trying to get out of it. while the wealthy can freely jump in and out of different investment opportunities with out fear of such things. I don’t thin that it’s possible to get ride to get ride of the pour as long as there a rich, but I do believe that I have the capability to get on the other side of the spectrum. I just need to grow some balls. By the way, not saying I’m one to speak on the subject but you guys need to work on your grammar.

  65. JP says:

    It takes many poor to make a rich. Getting rich is a secondary goal. People want to get rich because they think they will be happy. Everyone is looking for happiness. Our society wants us to confuse the image of happiness with the image of success. The rich need people to play the “become rich” game. Cause they get richer at the expenses of the players. That’s why the gap between the rich and the poor gets wider.

    I am poor and I am happy. I have the exact “success mindset” you describe but towards happiness; I hangout with happy people, I dream about happines but I don’t play the game of money. I think its dishonnest. Instead I give my money away. That is true Happiness!


  66. Bob says:

    All of this advice seems to be fairy tale mumbo jumbo that has been repeated in countless forms.

    “This will guarantee you a financial abundance lifestyle.”

    What you forget to tell are all the people who tried as hard as they could and failed. Getting rich is like winning the lottery, but not as rare. The person needs the right opportunities and skills to make money, but they also need to be lucky. If Bill Gates was born a few years later, we might all be using another operating system. He was lucky that the world needed an operating system and he knew how to get the job done.

    If people want to get a surefire way to have a comfortable lifestyle, just get a college degree in a field that needs more workers. They might not have billions, but they have a good chance of being labeled in the upper class of society.

  67. newjerseybt says:

    Yes, there are some that have been dealt a bad hand from the day they were born. Life is not fair from the day you took your first breath of air. But I have also found that many of these same people suffer from a terrible cancer. This cancer eats at their brain every solitary day of their lives. This cancer known as “class envy” also feeds on the soul. It is said somewhere in the Bible that the poor will always be among us. True, but what is also true is that many of the “so called” poor have or had control of their own destiny much of their lives.

    I often sit among a coffee clutch group in the morning at a local fast food restaurant. One of the cast is a constant complainer. “I never had nuttin”. I hear this lament from this individual almost every other week. Well, I said to myself, you chose to suck on the “bottle” for 20 years losing your job how many times?, burn up tens of thousands of dollars in cigarettes over 50 years, enjoyed buying those lottery tickets by the handfuls every week…and by the way…very nice tattoos…expensive?, …you have the luxury of sitting here at McDonalds 7 days a week while collecting from a disability that you brought on yourself from being 150 pounds overweight while you get a disability check and free healthcare in which you gross and keep more than YOUR SUCCESSFUL RETIRED BROTHER receives on his 2 million dollar nestegg in the bank at .75% interest ($15,000/yr) because he has no idea how to protect his savings from a President who has anti-capitalist Marxist plans which will confiscate much of what he has and give to you.

  68. lisa says:

    I think the article is right you have to learn to take advantage in order to get a head you either sleep with the wolf or eat the sheep but if you want to get ahead you have to have the right connections. It is hard to network when you work all the time making almost nothing to survive I was divorced and homeless with 2 kids and a nice guy came along and helped me out and I saved every penny I made and now I live a very unhappy life living with a jerky boyfriend that luckly loves my kids but hates me and at least I am finishing college while he pays my morgage and my car payments and someday I will be successful because I put up with his crap and when the house is paid of I will be done with school and have a nice chunk of money and I won’t have to put up with him anymore. See how that works Got to be smart to play the game

  69. Peter Q. Wolfe says:

    I agree with a conditional mindset of positivity on grounds that you can control some circumstances in your life. I cannot help that I was born with a genetical disability that caused my legal blindness. However, I was also raised in utter poverty till the age of sixteen years of age and didn’t graduate right? I went and got my GED diploma to give it those suckers that thought I wouldn’t ever make it. I went on to a community college to obtain an associates degree, which is the first in my family’s history. Right now I’m in my junior year and am confused as to what major cause I’m a first generation college student and keep changing my major. It’s not that easy for first generation students especially with multiple circumstances not making excuses just saying that painting people with the same brush is easy in theory just hard in reality.
    Secondly, I think that private businesses take advantage of poor people’s ignorance of serious issues whether republican or democrat. Look at the television and advertizement agencies that dictate to use what makes us happy. Look at Tibet and Denmark ranked the two most happiest nations in the world cause they don’t emphasize materialism just humane treatment of one another. Now, the reason why we judge th poor is that we are literally so close of becoming it ourselves unless your the 5% rich that control the wealth cause in all actuality we are all expendable even the rich. Once you provide nothing to siciety in the current to future term, you are expendable to the human race. Howeer, the thing that productivity misses out on is humane treatment in a cooperative sort of ways like opportunity costs or whatever in a society is what we should strive for not out right capitistic endeavors. Fact is that we need to live closer to one another not further away to help one another not judge one another cause fact is that we could easily have been born in Africa or Latin America like the other smo down the street.
    In conclusion, I think the article comes from one paradime of a ungreatful narrow minded bigot capistic without talking about the costs resulting from wealth accumulation. There are negative things of both communism and capitalism and this is one of the reasons why I am converting to catholicism is free market social justice sort of economic theory of the dignity of the individual with respect to dedication of hard work in a regulated market place is what I think humans should strive for. The monopolies, discrimination, tarrifs, embargos, taxations, regulations, physical and mental limitations of the individual, sexism, etc hindor people all around the world. It’s not fair but try to expand your picture frame of reality cause its realy quite limited like you claim poor peoples minds tend to be. It also doesn’t help that christianity tries to encourage inner generational poverty by means of repocreation either to shore up their ailing numbers cause of competing with Islam either. Emppowering the poor is to educate them in a relative sort of way not this pure regergative way like in our public education and by forcng new regulations like petroleum not gasoline by a dumb downed american version of our language. We also need to convert things slowly to the metric system not our dated imperial method of doing things mathematically. Enough excuses with public workers being complained about as well cause they arne’t doing their job they gotta go in a more timely manner like teachers. Tired of the excuses from both republican (feirce patriots) and democrats (excusers) both cause they are both fd up in the head. Help the poor by showing the poor how you made it or how to make it is the better way of alievating the poor with realistic expectations. Taking into account their education or upbringing to help the ailing ecnonmy in a group form not an individual form seen in the U.S.A.

  70. Temitope says:


  71. Kaleb Ripley says:

    Ugh, this is kind of true… My mom’s been poor most of her life and she has so many opportunities to change but never listens to any advice cause she thinks life did this to her. All my friends are poor, I feel bad for them but they’re all lazy and stuck in the same toxic mindset. I’m going to college studying things I love and know I won’t be in that situation because I’m working my ass off to get what I want in my life.

  72. jeffery says:

    I think the difference is clear. I am very glad that the difference is well exposed. Thanks for this info.

  73. shona says:

    I think that poor peoples r mch happier than rich coz, they r free from mind have no tension about saving big, large bank balances like rich people and also free of tension from tomorrow earnings that have rich persons a lot…..and poor persons also much healthier coz, what they earn finish it that day and leave every thing for next on ALLAH m i right?????????wt u said?

  74. Tai says:

    Now, im not trying to push any one religion or philosiphy like some pople on this forum, but, according to many hindu/ buddhist teachings, everyone is equal, so there is not medioce. sucsessful people. If this has been believed for thousands of years, then there must be some truth behind it. Also, Money will not make you happy. Now, im a nerd, so i read graphic novels. A certain graphic novel taught me exactly that: Money doesn’t bring happiness. this is how it was presented in said novel:

    There once was a prince and a very rich merchant. The prince owned a park, and the merchant wanted to buy it to build a grand shrine to buddha. The prince loves this park, but he will give it to the merchant on one condition: he must first carpet the park in gold. The merchant sells all of his things, fires all of his staff, and pulls all the gold out from under his bead, and doesnt even cover half the park. The prince comes back to find the merchant living in a dirty home in a slave village, and hes as happy as can be. He tells the prince when he was rich, he was worried always about his money, maybe it would get stolen, or lost, or gambled away; but now that he has no money, he is happy and free. The prince, ofcourse, doesnt belive him, so he decides to test him. he throws a gold coin infront of the merchant from behind a tree. The merchant picks up the gold coin and runs. The prince thought no way the merchant was happy, and he was probably going to gambe or to buy food, but instead he takes the gold coin and lays it along with the others in the park. The prince gets infuriated and gives the merchant the park for free.

    Sorry for the long winded story, but my point is the world should be merchants and not prince’s, for the prince thought money was the only way to bring happiness, while the merchant found money does exactly the opposite.

  75. Tai says:

    edit: there is no Mediocre people nor sucsessfull people

  76. weight loss says:

    I have been previously attempting on the internet for a fine study concerning this particular idea . Searching in Google I eventually noticed this web site. Looking at this kind of review I am pleased to mention that I’ve got a great sensation I ran across whatever I wanted. I’ll ensure to remember this blog and go here constantly.

  77. Holly says:

    well if you look at it this way..from a poor person who has tried to become rich…in today’s world in order to get rich you have to have money to get you on the right road. So you take out a loan..so before you become a millionaire you have to pay back the ones that helped you..and this could leave you poor again. From my experience all the rich people i know didnt start out dirt poor..they had parents or someone to help them start. But according to this if you think small you’re going to get small. Sounds like alot of bullshit to me!!! The rich get rich by lying and getting over on the poor man. So I’m sure a RICH poerson must have written this. Cause money makes the world go round..not thinking i want to be rich..

  78. Hello there, just wandered by. I have a True Religion website. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but nice site. Take care.

  79. FISH BUTT says:

    i love my fishes butt ts so soft and wet an it smells very fishy i love to smell it everyday i sniff my fishes butt eveyday b 4 i go to scool it juss gives me chills I LOVE MY FISHES BUTT!!!!!!!!!

  80. rich person says:

    im glad all you *ssholes are poor. you guys are just poor cause you dont respect the earth and you dont work hard.

  81. Charlie says:

    Whoever wrote this has to be the most naïve narrow minded ignorant person to ever grace this planet.
    Have you ever personaly been trapped in the depths of poverty in America or anywhere in the world, I
    doubt it. Being born into privalage with a natural snobby sence of entitlement is a very typical trate
    of the high class in America. I don’t know who the writer of this post thinks they are but for cryin out
    loud pull your head out of your ass to put it bluntly. Rich and Poor is an extremely big contrast, how can
    you think you can just think like your rich and you’ll be rich. The US is always going to be this way. Ugh
    I’m not writing anymore I’m getting more irritated just thinking about it.
    If you disagree feel free to email me charliewarner86@gmail.com

  82. boom boom 4 says:

    Money does not make you happy, but security can keep you comfortable. There are many rich people who are paranoid, and many working class people who know how to laugh, and not to be so uptight.

  83. I wanted to make an impression at a loved ones reunion and recall the names of all of the new husband’s loved ones members. There was 1 gent whom I’d asked his name and tried incredibly to don’t forget but failed repeatedly. Finally he bailed me out and stated his name was Dick. With out a thought I swiftly said, “Gosh, how could I forget? You *look* like a ‘Dick’!!!”

  84. Mark says:

    The capitalist structure of developed countries ensures that there is and always will be rich and poor. It isn’t possible to have no poverty without a monumental change.

    I’m in the UK and my only wish is that poor people would learn to conduct their lives with a bit more class. If a poor person has little or no money, it doesn’t affect an innocent bystander. If they lack class and an ability to behave in a civilised manner, it does affect others. This is the main reason the poor are looked down on. Being poor is not a good enough reason to lack class.

  85. B Smart says:

    First of all, be positive. Make time for good nutrition, rest and exercise. No smoking or alcohol, unless it’s a special occasion. These things can waste money. Develop some winning habits – time management, observation skills, being good at school or job. Learn to save some money! After you have a reasonable amount, invest it but be picky where you put it. Find out if you’re unsure. Sadly, ditch the people who bring you down. We need friends, right? Approach successful people gradually by asking them how life is for them. Show an interest and they might just surprise you. Do you have any dreams? If they’re going to lead you to a beneficial place, focus on them everyday – without fail. Write it down on a piece of paper of what you want to achieve and put it where you’ll easily notice it and write down an affirmation that you are capable of achieving the dream. Don’t be too hard on yourself – it’s ok to have a bit of fun now and again. I don’t think religion is that necessary unless you can meet successful types there. Be flexible as life happens – illness, disasters, recessions but keep up that ‘can-do’ attitude. Work hard and be serious about what you want to do. Share it with like-minded people.

  86. Dan R, I disagree with most said. says:

    “Rich people believe that they create their lives while poor people believe that life happens to them.”
    What? Everyone knows that they can create there lives. Whether you believe success is supposed to equal rich or not.

    And yes it is most of the time it is other circumstances, I mean some people don’t have the opportunity… Yes it is like that for a lot, NO MATTER WHAT, cause in order to be rich, others must be poor. Happiness does not have to equal rich.
    Also some don’t want to do that to others either, I certainly don’t.
    And I don’t think rich people work any harder than poor people.
    “Rich people play the money game to win but poor people play the money game just not to lose money.”
    I don’t know were you got that from, how will you get stuff, without gaining, people I know plan what to do with they’re money and how they will get it.
    “Rich people think and focus on opportunities while poor people focus on obstacles.”

    It’s important to think about both, you must learn how to pass the opportunities…
    “Rich people dare to dream big, poor people think small.”

    Wow, way to generalize the poor….
    “Rich people associate with rich and successful people. Poor people will associate with poor people.”

    People (well smart people) make friends with people who they think they should. Whether it be for better or worse.
    There are no rich around me, maybe a few, but I won’t associate myself with them unless I get to know them, and if they are good people…
    “Rich people are committed to their dreams, poor people are just dreaming about their dreams.”

    This is the only one I agree with on some levels.
    ” Rich people good learners while poor people think that they have learned everything in the world.”

  87. Dan R, I disagree with most said. says:

    Also some of the other things that some others said is true. I know many people who worked hard, but did not get rich.

  88. =/ says:

    This is…very biased. Some of the things you described the rich as also applies to the poor and vice versa. And some of the things you said yeah it might seem like that but there could be reasons behind with it looks like that. Poor people have more to lose than rich people do because if they loose a little, its a lot to them. if a rich person looses a lot, well he still has more.

  89. Mr. Eagerbeaver says:

    Rich people are miserable bastards. I know a lot of them. They appreciate nothing because they have everything. They never say please, or thank you, because everything has always been given to them and they expect it. They are arrogant, rude, obnoxious, loud, foolish, brash, cocky, phoney and most of all, weird.

    If I could have knocked some of them on their asses with a good punch in the mouth, I would have. But, I’m smarter than that. I wouldn’t go to jail for something, no matter how good it would have felt.

    If you’re rich and you’re a douche bag, or a snot to your fellow human beings, just remember this, asshole… There is one equalizer between the poor and the rich, and that is the grave.

  90. A Newly Enlightened "Poor" Person says:

    Oh! Now I get it! If everyone in the world was mindful of these six easy maxims and applied them in life, everybody would be rich! I guess Shawn has come up with the solution to world poverty: a dichotomous, black and white world view in which “poor” and “wealthy” are inborn qualities! Hooray for Shawn!

  91. Hi Shawn Lim:

    You are right on. Keep listening to yourself and forget the naysayers.

    This Universe is one of abundance. Mother Nature makes not one tree or flower but thousands, maybe millions.

    There is no scarcity except in people’s minds.

    The more grateful you are for your opportunities, the more opportunities arrive. They are showered on all of us. Problem is naysayers say: Oh that will never work before they’ve even tried.
    Winners say, “Wow, let’s try this and see what happens.”

    Success to you,

  92. JJ says:

    Dear Mr. Rich & Mr. Poor,

    You both have the challenge to find peace and happy’ness in the road that you have chosen. If you both do, your life will be rich!

  93. Joe says:

    There are 400 Billionaires in the world. Out of that, 6 are self-made, the others are generation after generation of children that simply waited for their parents or other relative to die and inherited their money and business.

    72% of Millionaires that have $20 Million or more are also people who waited around and inherited their money.

    Most rich people in the world are people who simply waited for other to die and took all they had.
    They did have the mindset, the drive, or any talent or ability whatsoever.

  94. allan says:

    i’m poor but not stupid, working on a college degree at 45 years old because worn my body out working to make the rich richer, can’t just take rent money and invest or go hungry to invest my money is tied up in surviving. Plus the majority of rich inheirited their money they didn’t work to make it. i don’t care to be rich but it would be nice to have bills paid and take my wife to dinner once in a while. I had OWI conviction and went to prison for two years, didn’t hurt no one but me now having trouble getting work. Don’t drink and drive no more and getting college degree diserve a chance, i’ll just keep trying.

  95. Mohamad says:

    Assalamualaikum,kepada mereka2 yang telah berjaya dalam perniagaan,dah kaya raya,dah mewah,ingat lah pada yang miskin,bantu lah orang2 miskin seperti saya,saya orang miskin nak berniaga tak ada modal,nak pinjam wang orang tak percaya kerana miskin.saya pohon pada mereka yang kaya tolong lah saya,saya perlukan wang untuk menampung perbelanjaan persekolahan anak saya,dermalah sedikit dari harta kekayaan bagi meringankan bebanan orang2 miskin.hulur sedikit bantuan kepada saya dengan memasukkan wang ke dalam akaun saya,no akaun saya ia lah;10302000008981 RHB BANK BERHAD,MALAYSIA. Atas sumbangan anda saya ucapkan berbanyak2 terima kasih.

  96. Dan R says:

    “Dear Mr. Rich & Mr. Poor,

    You both have the challenge to find peace and happy’ness in the road that you have chosen. If you both do, your life will be rich!

    JJ said on: December 24, 2010 2:37 pm”

    Could’nt have said it better myself. 😉

  97. Dan R says:

    “Oh! Now I get it! If everyone in the world was mindful of these six easy maxims and applied them in life, everybody would be rich! I guess Shawn has come up with the solution to world poverty: a dichotomous, black and white world view in which “poor” and “wealthy” are inborn qualities! Hooray for Shawn!

    A Newly Enlightened “Poor” Person said on: December 10, 2010 6:36 pm”
    Wow, again.

  98. Not Broke Minded says:


    Anybody that finds flaw with this will basically highlight how much more it applies to them. That’s pretty much how it works. Happy, but dying of starvation. Yea. Right.

  99. part of what you were saying was right but also some rich people werent born rich so they shouldnt forget where they came from. and i agree that life is all about choices but it is also short.

  100. Astra Mccracken says:

    Rich or poor all bollshit about mind set, show me money and i now how it feels! Without money all gates are cloused. Missery, nothing…..

  101. Astra Mccracken says:

    I have never was poor or rich, but I would like be to rich, than I would be free and happy too. May someone can donate me money who has alot. Thank you before. Sincerely Astra. astram9@gmail.com

  102. snake3yes says:

    To Shawn,

    I would assume that you are now very rich using all the mindsets that you’ve written here, and from selling a book that basically is of Kuyasaki’s.

  103. snak3yes says:

    or is it Kiyosaki…? whatever.

    This comment below says it all:

    Oh! Now I get it! If everyone in the world was mindful of these six easy maxims and applied them in life, everybody would be rich! I guess Shawn has come up with the solution to world poverty: a dichotomous, black and white world view in which “poor” and “wealthy” are inborn qualities! Hooray for Shawn!
    A Newly Enlightened “Poor” Person said on: December 10, 2010 6:36 pm

  104. lem says:

    Guys! There are basic principles for creating wealth.
    Either follow and joint the 10% or you are already not there by default.
    Which ever way strive to be happy and grateful.

  105. mokong says:

    I am 30 years old, i have two children, earning a minimum wage and living in a third world country. Our country is ruled by corrupt politicians whose making the poor poorer. I used to complain about life and the things around me, i was never happy, but i realized that complaining won’t take me anywhere, i don’t wanna be poor forever, not for myself, but for my family. So what i did was to manage my finances more carefully. I stopped spending on useless things and started to save and invest. I even lost weight cause i try to limit the food i take at work. I am starting to invest in knowledge, like learning how to build websites, computer repair, e-commerce, play the guitar, drums anything which can generate income.
    Life is full of opportunities, they’re all around us, all we have to do is to grab them and make use of them. Now i am able to save a little and was able to send my two children to a private school, which is one of my goals, to give them the best education. I don’t know everything but i am doing my best to learn as much as i can to improve myself and to help others as well.

    honestly, i hate being poor, I’ve been there and i don’t want to be there all my life. I want to have the comfort that the world can offer. Life is sacrifice but at the end , i know i’ll reap the fruits of my hard work. guys its never too late, we just have to do it one step at a time.

    BTW, i was once a drug addict, i was ridiculed and was treated like i was someone who needs to be tortured and killed. No one helped me change, but i changed because i had a goal in my life, faith in god, and an unconditional love for my children and wife. Being poor is not bad, if you’re happy then stick with it. I just thought i’ll be able to help other people if i have more resources and i’ll be able to give my family what they deserve.

  106. ryn says:

    I actually really like this article. I was raised extremely poor and my dad loved his work and his life so that is fine. Anyway, I did grow up with a differant mind set. Always being told to work hard so I my employer would liek me and I could get promotions, meanwhile never having my eyes opened to teh importance of a good education or differant fields of work. Always being told that it is impossible to be rich, make a million, be a doctor, etc. Those things were reserved for people with rich families… Which is a horrible mind set. I have learned slowly, that your employer is no better than you, that you can go to school to be whatever you want and education is important. And also that The way you view money and treat is critical. I actually think poor people are afraid of being poor. It sound swied but they don’t ever take risks and if you wan to money into more money you hav eto take a risk, and sometimes you lose… but thats okay becasue you can always try get more money and try again.
    Right now I am middle class, which I think is the hardest class to be but its okay because I know someday I will be wealthy.
    I hate to hear poor people complain about there circumstances because in all reality we live in a society where the poor are pampered. If you are indeed poor you can go to school for free with enough financial aid left over to help pay living exspenses. So why are you complaining. I know a girl who will not get a job because she gets free tuition, subsidized housing, and food stamps and is better off than if she was working. It is ridiculous. I know aonther girl similar story but works part time and won’t work more for the same reason.
    If you are poor you pay less taxes and are eligable for all sorts of governmemt programs. If I hear another I’m poor sob story I may vomit.
    Try being lower middle class and working your ass off to have almost a third of your income taken for taxes meanwhile getting no tution help and paying your own tuition to better yourself while working full time and sitting next to a girl in class who is only there because recieving financial aid is easier than working!
    In america you really do make your own circumstance and I can’t wait until I am wealthier I’ll have a sense of fullfillment knowing I created it!

  107. dejon says:

    i feel rich ppl dont care about ppl they wanna stack there millions and see poor people suffer and we buy there cds all type of stuff they got government is shame for making us do taxes while rich people dont even pay taxes this country go stay wit bad miserable economy

  108. t says:

    who do you think ,made them rich
    the poor people .they took advantage of them , the rich
    stole there ideas , there blood ,sweat ,dreams to be on top

  109. Kenneth Hart says:

    Amazing, simply amazing. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

  110. Kenneth Hart says:

    Bottomline: When know better, you do better. Knowledge is the key because a mind is terrible thing to waste.

  111. Pravin says:

    Congrats. Your article is very nice to read and serves the very purpose of writing it… to attract people to read it.

    Your article seems to aim to mean that …
    anyone can be rich if they change their mindset …. it sounds really nice… gives hope.

    Yes the mindset is required, but just the mindset will not help.

    Not every rich really may have the mindset.

    An idiot born to a millionaire will be rich with no mindset, but a genius born to a poor may have only one in a million chance to be as rich as the idiot with all the mindset.

    In the real world not every one is born equal with equal or fair chance. A rich man’s son, around 90% of the time gets better opportunities to be rich than a poor man’s son.

  112. Unknown says:

    Tai..WTF..your 13 years old, still living with mommy and daddy, probably not even in HIGH SCHOOL YET, and you’re telling ppl who are going through “LIFE” or have been through “LIFE” what is right and wrong about things. WHEN YOU GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL AND GET INTO THE REAL WORLD THEN YOU CAN TLK ON A SUBJECT LIKE THIS. Your still a child, you should not even BE talking about this SUBJECT. Bc truthfully you dont know.

    I Find it so strange that all you people can say all of this bad stuff about rich people and poor people. Its stuff like this what separates us apart as a nation. Last time i checked USA stood for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..not RICH AND POOR STATES OF AMERICA.

    There is no right and wrong way about this subject. If there werent any poor people in this world the rich wouldnt be rich. AND IF THERE WASNT ANY RICH PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. THE POOR WOULDNT HAVE ANY JOBSSS. YOU get it now…we all need eachother…and NO!!!… All rich people arent evil, most wealthy people i deal with are always willing to help another person out in need.


    ITS ALL ABOUT HOW SMART YOU WORK more than just working hard. BECAUSE UNWEALTHY people can work hard at a job that has no future in it, in any terms that is not smart. WEALTHY PEOPLE WORK HARD at something SMART. and besides its clearly obvious in the way that these days so many 13 and 14 year olds are becoming millionaires. Not because they work hard BUT BECAUSE THEY WORK SMART AT SOMETHING THAT THE GENERAL PEOPLE WANTS.

    There is no one set of standards that a person can follow to become rich. BUT WHERE IT STARTS is each person has to find it in him or herself to stop blaming others for things that go wrong in his/hers life and take responsibility for their own lives. I agree with what this article says, just the only problem is that it alienates poor from rich people…we are all one country.

    The quicker everybody of the world starts viewing everyone as one, and stop making up in their minds that these RICH PEOPLE were given circumstances that you weren’t, like they are superheroes, and what they have cant be obtained by anyone else.IF i can be so blunt..some is not most rich people were probably given some of the worst situations life had to offer them growing up. But instead of blaming others and blaming the word they went out and did what they had to do to make it in life to make there family’s life good(that was mainly my motivation for being were i am today). The QUICKER YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME SUCCESSFUL life.

    Instead of sitting here thinking negative about what this man has to say about the differences between R and P people, maybe you should take it to heart what he’s saying and work to change you situation. After all…what will listening to people who have been in your situation(poor) and made it out and are successful and rich now, hurt you. I can do nothing but help. But yet i find it strange how some people can sit here and down this article when it could potentially help some of you in BAD SITUATIONS RIGHT NOW!!! Thats one thing my mentor told me growing up, is the quickest way to be poor and stressed about life is to be closed-minded. THe sure fire way to be Successful and or wealthy is to always be open to advice(not opinions/they are totally different) and to obtain information for when a person is trying to help you. Thats exactly what some of these people on this blog are NOT doing; this is good advise that could help in more than just the monetary sense. I dont know where some of these people on this blog are getting the fact that if your rich you cant be happy. Lets jus say im very wealthy and i have a lovely wife who ive been with for 20 lovely years, and i have 3 bad a** kids, oh…and im black. So i would say jus as i could say with most of my friends who are successful as well as rich they are very happy, and so am i. God never said that you cant be happy and wealthy and nor am i saying we have perfect lives, because they’re far from perfect but its what we except because your life is never going to be perfect; you people make it like being poor is so great, your going to stress about things regardless of what you are, poor or rich. So why not make some money do something for yourself and you kids and family, so they dont have to waste their time on a blog like this, and also help others. I think the fact of why unwealthy people are where they are is because they think they know EVERYTHING. Lets not forget I and MOST RICH people can tell poor people HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL and rich because we WERE ONCE THERE, and we got out. NOT BECAUSE OF LUCK, not BECAUSE OUR PARENTS HAD MONEY, but because we WORKED SMART, HARD, and LONGGG, we sacrificed alot to get where we are. AND IT hurts to see sooo many people make me and what i stand for and maybe even other rich people out to be sooooo evil. Im not an evil person, one of the most friendliest persons you will ever meet. SO THAT IS WHY most rich people can be as someone said it…ZEN MASTERS…is because we have successfully been there and gotten out..POOR PEOPLE DONT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE RICH NOR DO THEY KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO BE RICH. So as they would say in a COURT ROOM..everything every poor person is saying bad about this article is HEARSAY. Because if you did know what it took you would be successful and rich. BUT OBVIOUSLY YOU DONT, so instead of making it like WHAT SUCCESSFUL people are saying IS SOOOO WRONG…maybe you should try it BEING THEY KNOW ALOT MORE ABOUT IT THEN YOU DO..THRU EXPERIENCES!!!!



  113. Nihar Ranjan Sasu says:

    i commit to you ,i will most be theno 1 richest person in maharastra,india

  114. bo4610 says:

    I don’t agree with everything but I have to agree with the mindset thing you are saying here. Everything starts with the mind, like we treat other people or event or circumstances depending on how we look at them, same thing if we consider ourselves rich then we will start thinking, acting rich and eventually get results like rich people get. I saw some debate up there hehe, well we define our own success. We set our own goals in life and we must be committed to whatever goal we want to attain, like giving our ALL to it (of course without violating any law either temporal, spiritual or natural law).

    I want to be rich!!! To help myself and others,, and being rich is not bad. I think God wants us to be rich =)

  115. Adam J. Lewis says:

    Very interesting.
    As another person who was born to your average middle class family (mum was a nurse and dad a welder) I too followed in their footsteps and was poor with my money.
    At 25 I turned my life around and now I’m a chartered Accountant and very wealthy.
    This article is the very essence of what it takes to be a wealthy.
    I found every point accurate and truthful.
    It would seem only the fiscally average and poor didn’t agree. Your very reaction, feeling talked down to and attacked, is the very essence of why your life is not plentiful with money.
    Your own misconceptions of wealth demonstrate you have no idea that people who attain wealth are still everyday people.
    Should they be sorry or humble that they succeeded?
    If you were poor and now rich I nod my head at a person who can change their fortunes.
    I will bet every person who reacted here is financially in the same position today as they were when they first commented.
    Poor will always be poor until they LEARN to think like the wealthy.
    Good luck with your choices because life is short, there is much beauty in this world and the higher up the financial ladder you are the easier it is to enjoy it.
    I chose to enjoy my time in life.

  116. Asuka_Aki says:

    Wow I’m surprised to see so many angry reactions…. To me it just confirms you are right with mindset.

    To be rich and succsful, you need to change your own attitude and educate your self. Realise that the way you think will have a direct impact on what you attract…

    Do you think rich successful people want to associate them selves with negative, complaining people with a wrong mind set?

    I think alot of people need to read this text again because you dont need to be Dr.Phil to understand certain basic concepts of life….Now whatch every one lapidate me virtually and spew words of venom because my english is less than desireble…

    Finally to being rich is a state of mind, it comes from with in.

  117. matt says:

    I could not even imagine being poor…

  118. matt says:

    You have it or you don’t

  119. chuck says:

    This world is all about slavery. We are slaves to our government. Workers are slaves to their boss. One thing rich people know is that working for an hourly wage will keep you poor most of your life. Money is a joke. Once you embrace the joke you can make the ignorant people waste their life to work at your business and pay them pennies on the dollar for the work they do. It is a cycle we can be in or out. Most people only know how to be a slave. I hate someone having control over my schedule. I can’t work for anybody so I make people work for me. I am on vacation till I die. I probably spend 100 hours a year working at my businesses. If you can make a box someone will buy it. If you make something that is already being made, someone will buy it. Take advantage of this known fact. You are the god of yourself and the world revolves around you. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Don’t be a victim be a conquerer. I will probably get heat for this but there is a lot of wisdom in what I just said. I am being blunt and simple because it is really a simple idea. I hire people who are smarter than me to run my businesses. I find it comical that anyone would go to college for 6-8 years to work for me for 70k a year. The funnier thing is that I am confident I can start any business and make it work just by finding people who are begging for a job and having them do the start up. We are in a age of cheap labor with tax loopholes that anyone can be successful. If you don’t like being paid a cheap labor wage let the cheap labor work for you. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my employees but my business will function fine if any of them left. I am rich at 31. My dad was a truck driver and my mom was a waitress. They told me I was lazy all my life because I couldn’t hold a job. I guess it wasn’t a bad thing. Take this as insight on how a rich person thinks. I’m definitely not perfect at all but I know how to make money.

  120. matt says:

    The day we graduate high school our lives begin, We all have options to choose from either we can go to college, Join the army or the navy etc, or get a job. Let’s face it there are college grads, who themselves cannot find a jobs. Doctors and almost all lawyers make very good money but nothing near $1,000,000 dollars a year, executive indeed could make $500 k to $1,000,000 a year or more. Anyone could be rich, thouhourly jobs will not get you there. Do you want a millionaire? Or even a billionaire? Well here’s the ways you can archieve your goal… invent something, inherit something, or better yet marry into money. But most of all you have to have large sums of money to make more money, it just takes money to make money!

  121. dana says:

    I completely agree with you mister matt. Though I could to bait you with a few things on those comments of yours! You are correct it does take money to make money

  122. matt says:

    Debate** I believe that’s what you meant

  123. Chhabilata says:

    Guys, please remember we all might be right yet we dont agree!.. Whats your comment if the 7 ideas are put slightly differently…..

    You can be successfull in your attempts to be rich if ..

    1.You belive in the idea of creating your own life than the idea that life happens to you

    2. You play the money game to win NOT not to lose money

    3. You think and focus on opportunities and NOT focus on obstacles

    4. You dare to dream big and not think small.

    5.Committed to your dreams, and not just dreaming about your dreams.
    6.Associate with rich and successful people and NOT ONLY with poor people.
    7.Are a good learners and do not think that you have learned everything in the world.

    …..these ideas are the same as the author I guess,and may be the words are not chosen very carefully.

  124. Uthinkyoursosmart says:

    How To Spot An Online Scam
    November 17, 2006

    Now I must state that these are merely my own suggestions. So do not think that all websites that fulfil the following criteria are scams. This is when your sixth sense comes in handy.

    1. No Contact Info
    This is probably the most important factor in helping you decide if it’s a scam. A real business or marketer would list their contact details because it creates trust. Also they know that some potential customers may have some questions answered before they buy and they would want to help answer those queries.

    2. No Opt-in box

    By this, I’m referring to the box which asks for your name and contact details. Most people are reluctant to part with their email addresses. They think that if a website asks for their email address, they will get spammed. However, do not fret as I’ve personally signed up for tons of mailing lists and have never gotten spammed once. Nowadays, it’s easy to complain against spam so anyone serious about their online business will not dare to spam.

    All real marketers will have an opt-in box. It’s a must. If there’s no opt-in box, it shows that he doesn’t plan to follow up. All he wants is you to buy his stuff and then never to contact him again.

    Hence, instead of getting suspicious when a website asks for your email address, be thankful that business owner bothers to follow up.

    3. Alexa Ranking

    Alexa has a system for ranking the popularity of web pages based on the total traffic they generate. You can get the toolbar here. Follow the simple steps to install it on your web browser. Nonetheless, having a low Alexa rating does not necessarily mean the website is a scam. As some websites are new, it’s Alexa rating is naturally low. But you can roughly gauge though.

    4. Watch Out For Websites Which Exaggerates Its Income Potential

    Now, don’t start thinking that every website which claims that it can earn you a potential amount of income is a scam. Most home- based opportunities websites, if not all, will boast of its earnings. But still, many are genuine. However, take note of websites which display pictures of houses and cars in order to show off their wealth. Because there’s no proof that these belong to the website owner.

    Most website owners like to display their cheques. While most are genuine, some are doctored. Nonetheless, if you’ve been on the internet marketing industry for long, you will know who the reputable marketers are. For starters, some of the reputable marketers include Ewen Chia, Jo Han Mok, Marlon Sanders, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Michael Cheney and Derek Gehl. There are tons of famous internet marketers out there and I can’t possibly list them all here. Nonetheless, the resources that I recommend are all by world-renowned marketers so you need not worry on their reputation.

    So there you have it. Some guidelines on how to spot an online scam. Remember, success comes with hard work. So before you cry scam, think if you have really put in the effort!

  125. Mihnea says:

    The author mentioned some items of the 1% who can become rich, but most rich people are very stupid and remain stupid because their wealth was not made by them but received from parents.

  126. This is the proper blog for anybody who needs to seek out out about this topic. You understand so much its almost exhausting to argue with you (not that I truly would need…HaHa). You positively put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!

  127. ganesh says:

    lovely and its true

  128. kwesiga amos says:

    Its very very good to know aii those.

  129. aa says:

    This is what I call Microsoft logic – The information provided is not incorrect BUT it does absolutely nothing to help.
    An example – when your PC crashes, the error message says “you have encountered a problem and your computer will shut down”.
    Similarly, this article just keeps repeating same thing – rich people think and do what keeps them rich while poor people think and do what keeps them poor. Not too different from “rich dad poor dad” crap that’s being dished as advice.

  130. Rhonda Armstrong says:

    First of all having money or a little money or hardly none at all.Does not make a person poor…., its not just about the old mighty dollar!!… Its called people have struggles, hard times , ups & downs… I don’t care who you are or what you have!! None of that means anything, if you don’t have a loving, caring family who will always have your back!!.. who will be by your side, physicality, mentally, emotionally….Its having a “Real down to earth family who knows hard work, and knows what it means to work hard and to come home to their family after a long days or nights work or both!! so who the “HELL” are you to judge anyone person???!!!!….. Your not “GOD”!!!!!

  131. Rhonda Armstrong says:

    Oh and that’s called the “REAL WORLD” Its called life!!!…..

  132. Blaine says:

    There is always two sides to a story, and always some relevance to each. my story is perhaps not as bad as some, also far from the beauty of having it all, but i done my share of sacrificing bare necessities to eat, and looking after my family. A less of a shot at the wealthy world……maybe…….maybe not. I said no to failure and focused on platinum. No harm in aiming for the top. So if you had read as it is meant and not through goggles of pride then you will find the philosophy behind the things like 7 things that seperate wealthy from poor, or poor people make 99% and wealthy 1% etc is purely to focus for the top even if you at the bottom. for focusing on the bottom will only allow you access to options at the bottom as that is all you can see. LOOK UP, and go for it. Am i a wealthy person now, i will say yes, cause mentally i am equipped so the rest is history. Try practicing the proactive approach (doing something about it), instead of the reactive approach (acting defensively)…..JUST TRY IT WHAT CAN YOU LOSE………

  133. Catherine says:

    I’m sorry but all of you need to shut up and stop complaining. This article has a very good point, your mindset determines how your life turns out. You are going to have to take a few risks to get ahead in life, you might fail but at least you tried and have that experience to help you the next time so you know what not to do. Now for all the “poor” people complaining here you need to stop. I can guarentee at least 98% of you would want to be rich, your just complaing because you are: 1. Jealous; 2. Angry at yourself for not being able to do these things or 3. A few of you might have had something unexpected happen such as a medical problem(which is understandable). All of you complainers need a reality check. If I can figure this out-a 14 year old girl, you as adults should be able to figure this out too.

  134. Mike says:

    I see many good responses and many bad ones. This article in no way shape or form is saying that poor people are better than rich people. All it is saying is that people that are rich or became rich think differently, and because they think differently they have different results. Your thinking affects your choices almost 100% of the time. There are plenty of not rich but “wealthy” people that grew up DIRT poor. And becaus they grew up dirt poor, THEY DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT! For ex: If your in a basketball game and down by 2 points with 1 second left are you going to go for a three pointer or are you gonna take a jump shot to take the game into overtime and possibly lose in overtime? Thinking like that separates the Michael Jordan from the guy that never takes off his warmup suit on the bench. He thought like he was the best player so he acted and played like it, now how he had the mindset “well I’ll just score my regular 25 points, 8 rebounds a few assists and I’m done bc that’s all they pay me for” he would never be who he is today. YES some people get a bad wrap but that’s where the fork in the road is, you either go the way the keeps giving you that bad wrap, or you can take the road that leads the opposite direction. And bottom line, not jus rich people, but successful people are the one that NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT! I might take a year, a decade, or even 25 years, it’s all about what you are willing to SACRIFICE to get there. If you give up, obviously it wan’t worth the time and energy you put into it.
    My biological mother was on drugs, my biological father died of AIDS, but what the *&$# does that have to do with what will happen to me tomorrow? Now that that did happen to them, from my circumstance I know now to NEVER experiment with crack/cocaine, and ALWAYS use protection. Had that not happened to them I might be a crackhead infected with HIV right now. Just observe, listen, and learn and you should get to where ever you are headed in due time. Sorry I rambled on and I hope I did not offend anyone that is never my intentions. HAVE A GREAT DAY AND LIFE EVERYONE AND NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  135. Mike says:

    “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill taught me that. Being rich hardly has anything to do with money. Being rich is usually just the end result…

  136. Hermes says:

    Thanks for your comments, everybody.

    You as a group have helped me see through a lot.

    Never give up and you’ll be fine

  137. thanku for your services i like your services.my feed back in send to your complaint & suggestion box to plz call my mobile no:-88954-17581.history repeats its self our evergreen topper.and still miles to go.

  138. bull says:

    This is bullshit nonsense. We poor people dream bigger.. because we don’t restrict our thinking to monetary standards. The problem here isn’t “what’s wrong with me” it’s “what’s wrong with you and the system you stole from me”

  139. Dina says:

    Hello! I will be honest with you, as a call for assistance for his family and other families who get into a situation like me. I will be thankful to God, if I help someone. I have to lose his home because I have a reduced salary, I worked as a school teacher and my husband is bankrupt Business, we can no longer pay the loan on his only apartment, buying an apartment, we should also pledge his parents’ apartment, which also wants to deprive the bank , our parents will remain without a home. I am a teacher working in a school with disabled children and am the best teacher in your school, this year I was welcomed as “The Teacher” ‘I am a good actor of his work, but he did not want to live, because we can not pay for their home. I am afraid that my children and my parents would be left without homes. I promise if you make any one help me, I will help as far as we can to families who have found themselves in the same situation as me. Please spare me and my family to remain without a home. I no penny we have no wrong. If you can write to me dina59@inbox.lv. Thanks

  140. Robert Lance says:

    First off, poor here is nothing like poor in a lot of other countries. Second, rich makes life easier but not necessarily better.
    If you want to get more money, delay gratification. Work as often as you can, overtime, two jobs etc. while you are young and strong. SAVE. Bling and tattoos are wasted money. Shiny rims are wasted money. Credit cards are wasted money. If you can’t afford an education, join the military and they will help.
    When your friends are out spending be home studying.
    My dad lost his dad when he was seven. He left school to work. Forty years later he had a doctorate in Education and was well paid. He gave up a lot to get it but he got it. That’s the attitude of success.

  141. Jim says:

    The real difference between Rich people and Poor people is…

    Most Rich people STARTED LIFE with money. Most Rich people are BORN into families who are already rich, therefore they have a stable environment, they go to good schools, they have nice clothes and parents who give them good haircuts so they LOOK better than the poor people from a very early age. The Rich GROW UP with other RICH KIDS.

    Poor People START LIFE without money, their parents are so tied up with WORKING LONG HOURS trying to pay the bills. Poor kids don’t have the nice clothes or haircuts of rich kids, they LOOK poor and EVERYONE IN SOCIETY, Especially TEACHERS treat POOR KIDS LIKE SHIT!!! Poor people learn from a VERY early age that SOCIETY HATES YOU!!!!

  142. gaby says:

    LOL yes, it must be that people who lost jobs and had their house forclosed on just did not think big and now they are poor :)
    Also another thing I notices that you equate money with success and happiness. It does not take a million for that. So, yes I do not think big, I am happy with just enough :)

    Try testing your Poor Man theory- give away all of your money to charity, buy yourself a ticket to a poorest country in Africa and try living there for a year on zero dollars. Let us know the results when you are done :)

  143. Jacob says:

    I find this really unfair but I put up with it most of the time, why is it all my friends who are not really bright have all the expensive gadgets, accessories and so on and I don’t really get anything at all but I ace everything high school even if I’m in the top classes throws at me, I think positively everyday but its really not helping my self esteem I don’t understand it all really, all I know is that this gap between rich and poor is probably never going to disappear, mindset or no mindset

  144. axxs says:

    look at list of billionaires today and tell me how many billionaires today are self made and how many inherited their wealth,today less than 1/4 of billionaires inherit their wealth compared to over 3/4 50 to 100 years ago,there are new billionaires created everyday from all kinds of industries whether its shipping,steel,airlines,Microsoft,google,real estate,groupon,health clubs etc,these people came from ordinary backgrounds and ordinary careers and started their businesses in their garage,saying poor people cannot become rich with practically nothing is utter bullshit.many of these billionaires like felix dennis duncan bannatyne,bill gates,richard branson started their businesses from scratch with practically nothing and build their companies upon tiny successes into giant behemoths

  145. Daniel says:

    You forgot 5 main differences.

    Rich people ony care about themselves. Poor people care about themselves and everyone around them.

    Rich people will stop at nothing to get more money, even if it means neglecting your family. Poor people will always put thier family before everything else.

    Rich people will sacrafice nothing to help out a friend or loved one out. Poor people will sacrafice everything.

    Rich people sit behind a desk making tough decisions about money. Poor people join the military, which is something rich people scoff at, and defened rich people’s freedoms.

    Rich people don’t really work. Poor people are the backbone of America, earning rich people’s pay checks for them and deserve more than what rich people give them.

  146. Sergio says:

    The World has a history of horrors. First, the poor starve to death the rich live longer. Second, the rich promote wars, the poor fight for them. Third, the rich are very snobbish the poor are generous(if they have a little they will share with you) the rich don’t share. Fourth, the rich commits lots of crime and get away with it because they control the media, police organizations and money. The poor get shot in a head because of a cookie he(she) stoled. The poor a subjected of sexual harassment, rape and victims of murder no justice for them. The rich build sexual paradises including young girls(boys) for sexual slavery e.g Russia, eastern Europe, Thailand(what a shame of what is happening there is there, pretending they are “good tourist” or teaching) in some parts of Africa my God it seems they will never get full independence, anyways the list is long. I grow up rich and i have experienced living with poor people(family members) and that opened my eyes and saw a dark side of the rich society. Life of rich society is life as competition and fantasy. Good to be myself at least i have my heart shared with those who weren’t lucky like me. I pray God the poor will be in the God hands after theirs suffering in the planet Hell. I forgot to mention the insults those people a facing ever day by so called elite society of greedy people or nation.

  147. axxs says:

    wait so u guys are telling me poor people do not rob,cheat,steal,murder,commit adultery,promote gun violence,indulge in alcohol,are not pedophiles,heroin addicts,child molesters,wife beaters,do not lie,blackmail,snitch?poor people do not smuggle drugs in their anuses,knife u in the stomach for ur wallet,ur poor hardworking collegues are all pure and innocent and not waiting to backstab u at the first opportunity for the sake of a job promotion or a tiny 5% raise?want to know why sexual paradises using young children for sexual slavery flourish in thailand,russia etc?because the people there are poor and desperate and willing to close one eye and get whatever money they can get from whatever means.why is it the poorest cities of any country are filled with crime and violence?because the economy has failed,the jobs are gone and the richer folks has bailed long ago and all thats left in the city are its problems

    know whats the difference between the rich and poor?the poor has nothing to lose and everything to gain if they get away with it

  148. kw says:

    poor and rich people are both human beings therefore they are responsible about the dicision they make . think about a person who lost his arms and legs such as Nick Vujicic . this person had all the reasons to stop livivg and do nothing . insted he fought and thought positive so he became an inspiration nation wide. aren’t healthy poor people more fortunate however, they still choose not to work they think that begging is more effective. this artical does not mean that poor people should be rich it only meant that the only barrier standing in front of poor people to succeed and become rich are themselves .

  149. Vlad says:

    Hello, I’m 13.Live in the heart of Europe, the poorest European country. Revolution, economic upheaval, the distribution of power, quarrels, and various reforms lead our already poor countries to economic and political End.I never seen a look like 5 euros, so if you can send them to me at all please.I want to buy a new computer.Can create websites and programs (learned at home-taught). But my old computer does not have enough CPU, enough virtual memory and it is often destroy.Very want new .My electronic purse: Liqpay +380990836531.

  150. Ace Padilla says:

    hi, I’m 15, been rich, now poor. It’s a long story. I wasn’t super rich though. I would say, more than decent. Nor i’m not that poor. Just decent. I have relatives that are rich. Very good income. The first thing, is that…If people are rich, why won’t they share?? I know they think big and all, but seriously, that’s called being greedy. I know they think that poor people should work for their own money, because they(rich people) did, but i think….you know what..I’m too young to know all these stuff. I NEED MORE EXPERIENCE. Rich people or Poor, as long as you are nice and with your family, you can get to your goal.

  151. Daniel says:


    First thing’s first.
    Pedophiles and Child molesters are the same thing there smarty pants.

    No one said that poor people are saints, what they said was poor people can afford good lawyers to lie thier way out of prison like rich people can. Besides the physical violence you mentioned, Rich people are more prone to the backstabbing, pedophilia (seriously just watch Date Line’s to catch a predator, they’re always doctors and lawyers), heroin addictions (because they can afford it, heroin is expensive) blackmail, and everything else you mentioned. The physical violence, robbery and such, is because those people are down on thier luck and that’s the only thing they can turn to because some rich banker foreclosed on thier home. Gun violence is brought on by rich and poor people. Gun violence would diappear if the second ammendment was allowed to be followed.

  152. axxs says:

    thanks for the revelation,nostradamus

    no doubt rich people have the advantage when it comes to hiring the best superstar lawyers to fight for their defense,but how many people are so rich that they can get away with anything even murder??theres only 10 million millionaires in the world thats less than 0.1% of the world population,but a million is peanuts,those people who have the power and influence to get away with breaking the law e are either mafia,tycoons,celebrities or they control the fucking police .other than that u are serving time even if u have 1 mil,5 mil or 10 fucking mil,it dont matter if ur name’s fucking nelson mandela.

    rich people are more prone to backstabbing r u serious?im a poker player do u know how many times iv seen someone up and disappear when a friend of theirs for years entrust them with tens of thousands of dollars or in some business deal gone bad.and seriously having more money makes u desire having sex with children and sleeping with them???thats so fucking stupid i dont even know what to say.pedophilia is sick and shouldnt be condoned whether ur rich or poor

    violence and crime is why stupid people will never be rich,smart people will go about it a different way whether its illegal hacking,selling toxic bonds or securities or mortgages or tax evasion or becoming a preacher.u can literally become a multi millionaire just by setting up ur own church in africa.the church of england hires so called “christian” cfos and investment bankers to manage their billions of dollars in church donations.

  153. To the Author:

    This article is good. I actually went check on each one as something I”ve actively tried to keep in mind always in my own life. I’m not rich yet but its a process that takes years to accomplish.

    I write you because I found it interesting and glaringly obvious that most of the comments were the exact behaviors you discussed in the article. As such, without numbers disclosed it was clear who came from what background, who is going to succeed most likely in life, and who is stuck on point #7 . Rich people good learners while poor people think that they have learned everything in the world. One of the fastest ways to be financially abundance is to learn directly from people who have already achieved this status.

  154. Mike says:

    In order for there to be rich people, there must be a much larger supporting class of poor. If everyone in the U.S. suddenley became a millionare, then the cost of a basic loaf of bread would go up to 100 dollars. Basically, if everyone went out and became a doctor, there still would only be the need for one doctor to every 100 blue collar workers to 1000 food, cleaning and maintance workers. Think pyramid.

    One interesting note though, back a couple centuries ago, the queen of england, considered rich at the time, bragged that she showered once a month. This was considered a luxury. Today, most poor people could shower daily. What we consider rich is relative.
    Whenever I get depressed about being poor, I remember that the water that flows out of my tap, represents to a lot of people around the world a days work, hauling a water jug on there back for miles, and that they wish they where rich like me.

  155. tony says:

    I agree with your statements and findings. They make sense to me. Thank you for writing them down and making them available to people like me who are half way between poor and rich. I think that people like me who start with poor background and save enough to become financially sound, have a bit harder time mingling with other rich people. I have hard time making friends let alone with rich people. Something I am trying to learn :-)

  156. Cory Dilley says:

    I don’t recollect why certain individuals give a single Iota about being rich or poor (Rhetorical), continue to be who you are and think carelessly about people’s prejudices. They’re one way thoughts, and my thought is that “we don’t need them”. So lets make this a reciprocal (even or win win) scenario and look at both side’s views because if your rich you’ll think that the statement is true and if your poor you’ll think and respond with a “Fallacy thought”. Try being richly minded not pocket rich and you’ll live a morally infallible lifestyle. Read and use this thought as you wish. Your urge of satiable hunger for a revelation is upon you.


    Cory S. Dilley

  157. Cory Dilley says:

    P.S, where I am from, it’s the 23rd of March not the 24th and its 1:33 PM not 3:33 AM. You should check your program time zones (if any) and differentiate them.

  158. Alicia says:

    I like this article. It says a lot and explains so much. Im in college now and this is exactly what my professor tells us. Yes I grew up poor, but I do not have the same mindset. I am in business and in Forum the guest explain to us how the wealthy become wealthy. Life is risk. If you are already poor, really what do you have to lose. I have been taught to shoot for the moon so I can land on the stars.

  159. Jeremiah says:

    The main difference I’ve seen in my life that differentiate the rich and poor is mindset. Many poor people I have met are less educated which leads to confusion and unhappiness with the world around them. Most rich people I have been associated with truly understand how the world works due to top notch educational standards, and are therefore comfortable and happy with the world around them. Knowledge is power. When rich people want something, they do it. They do not worry about roadblocks or stunbling along the way. While poor people tend to always worry, and never accomplish anything worthwhile; It is a complete mindset problem. Notice rich people don’t complain about anything, while it seems that is all poor people do. Think about it

  160. RANDOM says:

    This world is screwed

  161. H says:

    This Article should be called “The difference between a winner and a loser”. Because that’s what you’re explaining, some people got straight A grades, and goals in life that they’re accomplishing, still it doesn’t necessarily make them rich, unless your dream is to become a great businessman, lick ass until you get 60 years old, and then, at last, hopefully are getting some kind of administrators role within the company, and you can retire happy.

    That however, doesn’t make your life rich.

    As well, I’ve had the impression that the brats are those who think that they can skip school, because they already know “everything”. Most often poor people got greater goals in life, goals that actually means something, instead of swimming in money.

  162. jessica says:

    i think the poor is in the mind , not the lack of money!

  163. bill gates says:

    i am bill gates i have 53 billion in my wallett and now it is lost can you help me

  164. Lina says:

    the article which you have put up is very good, as well as encouraging.

  165. Laura says:

    I come from both a rich and a poor family (in perspective, since the poor side of the family is actually middle class)…
    I disagree with some points of this article, I do agree that obviously poor people tend to be around poor people and rich around the rich.

    Knowing the two sides of the family, I’ve noticed that the rich side of the family are more selfish, arrogant, and superficial. I am not saying that there are not really good rich people, but it seems that if you are selfish, arrogant and superficial you will give a lot of value to money and will spend your whole life caring about being rich and thus will get rich (some will say this is a big mindset, but I don’t feel it is). I don’t think if you try to be righteous you will usually get rich… sometimes it will happen but is rare. Most rich people will care about their money and will not care to fight with other family members about it, sometimes will steal money from each other, will try to take advantage of others to gain money.

    Because of my personality I am much closer to the “poor” family, and I’m middle class myself because even though my dad’s family is rich he has not been a good father and has not done much for himself his whole life and he is middle class too, unlike the rest of his family.

    My brother is much more superficial and his going to an Ivy league school to be a doctor… however, I’ve always been the better student. I dream big, but since money is not a real motivation for me (I don’t want to be poor either, but as long as I’m comfortable I don’t feel I need more) it seems that everything is harder, since what I try to find is much deeper and harder to get.

    I’m still going to do what I need to do to have the best life and offer the best to my children, but I know driving a $20,000 car vs. a $300,000 car will not make me happier at the end of the day, unless I have the other things I really crave for.

  166. Laura says:

    Btw… I don’t have children yet… but maybe in 10 years (i’m 24)… but I already think about them.

  167. necie says:

    Thank you. Jeremiah what you said is true in some case.but do appreciate your mindset to put in words. It made my today!

  168. lisa says:

    my life is just one big mess i work all the time and i know that no matter what i say no one gives a dam iam a hard working person who just wants some good things to happen to me for a change i can almost guess what your thinking poor baby right well maybe your right iam so tired of working my ass off every day for nothing i just wanted a little good luck in my life i just want to give my kids a good life no this is just not about me no there is no man in my life too much bull shit and yes we all work all the dam time but we never get a chance to do anything together we work to much to ever have any fun together.but my kids know i love them and i will keep working because i love them with all my heart and i know they love me thats why they work hard to iam wrighting this because i would just like something good to happen to this family a good loving family i just want to get ahead just one time i would liketo do some good for my kids with out worrying about money so please tell me if iam selfish or just tell me what i can do to make things better for my family i just want to see my famile smile again

  169. necie says:

    I “m a poor person: Is the way you think about money, everyone get a 1,000,000 million dollars, is spend on you, or come through you hand in their lifetime . Rather you ‘re in jail, work a job or your dad is rich. It’s what you do with the money? When it hit your hand!!!! How much did you save? Did you save $10,000.. $20,000 or half of the money in your lifetime. From the time you are born (age 0 ) to leave this world( lucky 95 yrs of age and broke) 1 .mil is spend on you or come through your hand. We poor people get it $1.00 dollar at a time, all through our lifetime; “IT CAN MAKE YOU MAD! But, look when to the market place or the dollar stores , one dollar ,two dollar and three dollars for fruit and some people are rich now. My grandmother taught me to pay yourself first and to save for hard times, if you have only 2 pennies save 1 penny for a rainy day . So, you can have something. When there nothing. My first lesson at the age of 12 . I wanted to buy my first sewing machine it cost $70.00. I babysitting $20. a weekend and ironing for a lady around the corner for$5. I told my grandmother, I want to sew and I need sewing machine (no silver spoon here, but who need one with determination and the power visualize) . Easier said then done! I wanted to spend that money on something else many of times. “Granny, she said to me, “What did you want to buy with that money ? ” Well, that what it’s for and you can’t spend on nothing else. I learn live in that budget! I have at any given time. To save and to put my money in the order if I wanted something else. When you are poor there are 4 sources of income to start; 1. everyday money (change in your pocket ) 2.wkly money(paycheck) 3. monthly money (a project to raise extra money for the month), and 4. money that you get 1-3 times a year(income tax or seasonal project, like Xmas). Every poor person need to have $2,000 put away, make it a 3 year goal $55 or$60. x36 months. Three years are going by anyway so why not save? I say to myself you don’t have any money, anyway so what is going to hurt to save this $50. , but start. Get the money (work for it!) ..save the money ( hold the money don’t spend it for nothing).. shut your mouth about what your saving..Do the right thing with the money ( invest in the future ,you don’t want to be broken next year at this time) . So, you can have something to show for your effort of saving. When you can get $2,000.. (just keep saving) then you will gets 10,000.. is a down payment on 50,000 to 100,000 house .. Realty Estate can make you rich, but do your homework well. This can make you gets 100,000 and then 1,000,000. I’m my own ongoing project.

    It will come through your hands. You just don’t believe, because it’s come a dollar at a time. I want to see you count that 1.mil without the first dollar or the last dollar. It’s won’t be exact without them. When something come up, you have a little money to negotiate with. Alway do little extra, to get little extra and save it! Remember the basic : Food,clothing and Shelter. Food: Good health ,Good teeth that more important than the 1.mil. Clothing; dress for the weather not for style, everyone knows that Designers outsourcing for little of nothing and you pay bank. Beauty is from within, Treat People How You Want To be Treated. You will life longer (because of less stress). Because you will never know who you will need to help in your lifetime!!!! Shelter: I’m bless to own my house paid in full. I hate renting. Save for your house for 7 yrs and you will have to work hard pay it off in the next 7yrs. Stay in a realistic budget, 30yrs mortgage you pay double. Most peoples are better off then they think they are. The sun is still shinning on your face, each second has the ” power of change in it”. We have to take a deep breathe and know what we want is there waiting for us to arrive. I hope you enjoy my scratch. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED TO THIS UNIVERSE. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  170. necie says:

    I’m sorry , I didn’t realize. I had so much to say…

  171. Frank says:

    My dad grew up in the projects of Coney Island and my mom in Elmhurst. Both have come from very humble beginning and have moved into middle class. I was not satisfied with middle class so I paid my way through college while working full time at Starbucks. I am now 34 and have attained more and more each year, as I make a financial goal each year that I find reasonable to attain. I think wealthy even though I am not there yet. But it is the drive that has gotten me where I am now and the same drive that gives me more each year. Total mind set and I think that is the point the author is trying to make. It is however hard to understand as society does dictate to many a degree what our mindset is. But you can break out of it if you set goals, even small at first and keep on reaching higher.

  172. new life says:

    Wow! What a fuss!! I find it puzzling that the “rich” people are calm and collected in their posts and the “poor” people rant and rave profanely. Let me start by saying I am broke, but by no means poor. I have been at ground zero so many times I can’t count, but every day is a new day and every breath is a gift. It’s not about how much money you have. It’s about never giving up. And I will also say that is easier said than done, but well worth it.

  173. Brenden says:

    I would like to see this writer go to a soup kitchen, and ask all the guests if they agreed with his/her views. How should you then get rich in the ETERNAL life with God in heaven. People become poor because of a bad economy, bad government (like Gaddafi’s), and no support from the rich. I do not know what background this writer has come from, but their writing and views seems to show me they have had a sheltered life. Not that I, a unworthy mortal, would be able to judge that. GOD BLESS ALL! DEUS VULT (God Wills It.) sorry if translation is wrong (Latin to English) SEMPER FI AND CURRAHEE

    These are the very thoughts that circulated my head when I read this article.

  174. Brenden says:

    Poor People do dream big. ex: Ted Williams. In life I just want to do what I love, make enough to be financially secure for my family, and help the ones who are less fortunate then me. I would almost have rage inst this writer if I knew they never interacted with the less fortunate. I think this writer needs to read the story from the bible about the poor man Lazereth (sorry if misspelled) and the rich man. Or the story of the rich man who asked Jesus how to get eternal life. Jesus said give up all your possessions to the poor abs follow me. The rich man had to much greed and pride he did not want to give up his possession. Do not receive this message in the wrong why by thinking it is bad to be rich. The only bad part is when wealth blinds you from poverty. Take examples from history like Buddha was a wealthy prince when he first started out in the world. Then one day his CHARRIOT DRIVER took him past where the poor toil. He was sheltered at beginning of his life, and now sees that not everyone lives like him. He then leaves his wife and child, goes preaching enlightenment and helping the poor. This being one example of thousands about coming out of “shell of wealth” and seeing the shroud of suffering. This writer is judging the in a way that makes them look like one-dimensional people when they are gracious about the little things in life and care for all’s feelings and needs: and not like a truly one-demensional millionaire who only cares about what he/she wants and will anything to get it. Reminds you, if you are a student of history, that the ideas and way of thinking that the French Revoltion tried to reform ( the ideas and the way of thinking which pretty much states that the poor is to ingnored). It’s sad that this way of thinking was not regected in the “cradle of the 21st century. Just said a big mouth full. Sorry of any mistakes that were not intended.

  175. Brenden says:

    Correction: (the ideas and the way of thinking which pretty much states that the poor are to be ignored). Or the way of thinking that “there are no poor people right out our window” Not to do with any of this but God Bless the people of Japan and Haiti, and any body else in the world in same situations.

  176. Samantha says:

    Hey all,
    I noticed a lot of camel spitting amongst the comments from everyone and I have to say I am poor but I working myself out of that. I am NOT going to be living in that mobile home that I am living in right now. I believe that I can make my dreams come true. Its a lot of hard work and sacrificing but I am going to make it through. I, not anyone else, is in charge of my life. I know that things are going to be better for me than they have been in the past.

  177. dee says:

    well i need help im going to be homeless soon i have a program thats pays my rent for 2 years up to dec of this year but they closed all government programs in newyork you can look it up the program that i had is workadvantage and i have 4 kids i need some resources some kind of help i wanted to move to p.a but now im stuck thats was my plans before school stars again for my kids i want to live in p.a so i need some hel could anybody help me im serious i dont want to go back to the shelter i can show you proof and everything please just help anybody

  178. dee says:

    well i forgot my email is luisfeliciano06@yahoo.com Thank You.

  179. nick says:

    To all the people who are bashing these statements… How many of you are actually doing something about your status, or are you guys sitting around making excuses for your situations? The one that said poor is only accepted in childhood… Thank you. Gro up ppl and start making your own life. A fast food chain wont make a living for you unless you own a franchise with an excellent location. There is money to be made out there if you guys will open your eyes. To everyone that agrees with these statements… Good for you and keep the mindset and persue your dreams and commit to being big and powerful in whatever you do

  180. The rich =

    communication skills

  181. Steven says:

    I do a agree that poor are poor because many dream and do not perform, being poor my self see this often .
    Also Mostly everyone that i know does not save money at all or even know how a savings account works, this is no joke my dad for instance withdraws just as fast as he puts it in.

    But this a large problem stopping the poor from getting more money and that’s a poor education, people often say that you should listen and not play around well the fact is i was one of the people who was quiet and tried hard to learn but it takes one dick to stop the whole class, then teacher leaves class in under 10 minutes of starting and does not return.
    With no teacher in English and math you can not learn even if you want too.

    Lastly the poor are put in there place so the rich can live, who would feed you if we all had cash ? no one would work.

  182. HelloHello says:

    Learn how to write English.

  183. gk says:

    Half the riches are inherited and half the millionaires are self made.

    The self made milionares are ambitious, openminded in their domain, they are hard working, and very cheap.

    The poor spends all their money on junk. because of their mind set.

    ie, never look for oppurtunties to save money….

    and also never look for ways to make money. other than whats around them. IE job

  184. laketree says:

    #8. Rich people have rich or upper middle class families.

  185. Slyh says:

    To the Poster:

    You hit it right ,and a lot of the replies Prove what your saying is true, ,,Esp those who try to Disprove

    Life don’t happen to you ,,,,You happen to life ,,,Opportunities don’t just show up on your door step you gotta go out there looking for them ,,,,

    Stories where someone got lucky ,,and made millions Did not don’t get lucky this also gos fore Lottery winners ,,,They bought their Tickets expecting to win ,,and did not accept loosing as an option

    Life is a game ,,and if you wanna win it then you gotta Do what it takes to win no matter what it takes ,,,,Don’t look at downs look at the ups

    People are poor because they Choose to be ,,They settle with democracy ……..

    The well to do for ..Do not accept Mediocrity …Good is not good enough ,,we want it all ,,Losing is not an option

    I dare anyone to prove me wrong ,,,Give me your examples …and I will use your same examples to prove I am right ,,,,,

    Its all about winning ,,,,and getting what you want

    I don’t Just Dream my dreams ,,,I make them happen ..

    Ya Baby

  186. ThePerson says:

    You are disgustingly ignorant. This applies for normal people in normal situations. So you are calling every raped, beaten, mentally ill, starved, disadvanted person in the world a “loser”. Well let me tell you something when your mother is smoking crack and your father is beating her and you are being kicked out of your own home in your teens you are not focused on doing well in school you are focused on trying to survive. When all you hear from adults your entire life is that you are a fuck up and that there is no chance of you doing well, you will believe them and you will give up, because you are a CHILD and you don’t know any better. When all you are looking for is some love to escape the emptiness and pain in your life and decide to move in with some man that claims he loves you and then leaves you when are pregnant, uneducated and homeless who will hire you? Where will you stay while you are trying to go to school are fix your fucked up life? Let me explain something to you, when you have no family and grow up poor and dress poor people assume something is wrong with YOU not your family, this means that rich or even middle class people will not come near you. They will roll their eyes in disgust, YES EVEN ADULTS WILL DO THIS TO CHILDREN. You will learn to fear other people your entire life. Do you not realize that MOST HOMLESS PEOPLE ARE MENTALLY ILL WITH NO FAMILY! When they are admitted to hospitals they are a treated for superficial wounds and released a couple days later, back on the street, dirty, no where to go, and without the mental state to take care of themselves. If you live in a place like New York where the rent is generally around 1,200 a month for the tiniest most roach infested apt, utilities 100 and food 400 and you are getting paid 7.25 and hour you would have to work around 60 hours a week. So do you know anyone doing well in college working 60 hours a week? Not to mention you are dealing with whatever mental illness you are working with from the trauma you endured as a child. What other option is there to become a retail manager, work in the MTA, TSA or whatever, IF you can find the job. Or a totally different situation what if you came from an impoverished country with children, how will you work full time, go to school and take care of your kids? You don’t understand that some people are not taught the things we are. Some people are told at a very young age that being a mother is the only good thing that can happen to you in your life. Some live in countries where abortion is a crime and forced to have children even if raped as a child. Now before you go on ranting let me tell you something people in these situations HAVE climbed obstacles. They are lucky to even get out of these kinds of places into middle class or even low class. It is horrible of you people to say otherwise. These situations don’t exactly apply to me, I don’t need to tell you everything that went on in my “home” but I was discouraged from school at a very young age and almost dropped out of highschool, I finally realized that I needed that diploma and finished even took night classes to finish on time, I got into a community college and went for a career that was stable and well paying, nursing, I was always one of the best if not THE BEST in my classes WHILE WORKING which were mainly science classes that have high fail rates. I got into the nursing program and did was still at in the high range in my classes in the theory aspect, but was told that I would fail because my anxiety issues. Now I realize I can not do this job because of my personality type. So after 3 years of school I’m now starting all over again in a different major. So you mister genius sir, can you please enlighten this 3.7 on what I could be doing differently so I wont be poor anymore?

  187. Shadiyah says:

    So tell me.. by being just like rich people, does that include blowing money on things we don’t really need like fancy jewels, sports cars, huge houses which we barely live in? Because this is what rich people do. They don’t help that starving person with 3 children and no home, who they pass by on the street, they instead go to the most expensive restaurant in town, eat a fat meal, pass back by the poor person, maybe if that poor person is lucky, the rich might throw them a buck or two, and they continue on their way to their Pent house apartment in their fancy limo. You know what is a REAL fact? Poor people share more and help each other more and that is why they are not wealthy. The share and give of themselves freely to those in need even though they don’t have much. Why? Compassion. They know how it feels. While rich people stick their nose up in the air and absolve themselves of the responsibility to their fellow man. This is a fact and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise.. Sure rich people do charity, but they only do it mostly in the interest of looking good. And if these charities actually did benefit those in need, (which I doubt 75% of those charities actually give the money to the cause) then the world would already be a much much better place concerning the billions of dollars donated yearly to any number of causes for the poor. The ones who donate to those causes? The poor.. maybe middle class. I have nothing. I still donated $5 to the child hood disease fund.

  188. richman says:

    this article needs refinement, being rich always means having lots of money? If I am rich, I will always disguise myself…you’ll see me as poor….and poor people almost always show off to be rich…lol

  189. ramon says:

    congratulations for you who criticize and talk shit about the riches…….
    you have a poor mind set,which is good
    it only means more money for me…=)

  190. Azer says:

    Good article for those, who worship money… Well… not me. Some statements in the article are just wrong. Why no one writes about being “generous rich”, being “honest and humble wealty person”??? Differentating rich from poor is very easy, and its NOT matter of “black and write” – its too complicated. Let me define who is rich and who is poor. The rich is the one who is not attached to the material world at all, who doesn`t worship money, who doesn`t care about accumulating wealth, to whom fluctiation of currency makes no difference and who is willing to share his wealth with poor. “The rich is slave as long as he desires and wants more… a slave is free (and rich) as long as he is content”. No matter how rich some people are, they never become content, thet`re always busy, thinking, worried and never smile from heart – they smile when it`s in their interest. Yes, being rich for some people is a challenge – BUT being honest, generous and humble while u`re rich – is almost impossible in the West. Why not associate with poor?! Are rich better than poor? They too came from a drop and too are going to the earth. The real rich is the one who is content, who appreciates what he has and is grateful. Believe me, when rich people lose their beloved ones or their eyesight or any body-organ/function – then they get humble and realyze that money is nothing and only Almighty can help – that`s their nature. What i said above is a Muslim point of view, which is completely different from Western. Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said that “Almighty showed me the paradise and i found it`s mostly occupied by poor… and then He showed me the Hellfire and i found the majority there are women”. That well expains the suffering poor goes through which inevitable is compensated by Paradise. “When the person makes wealth and money goal of his life, Almighty scatters and shatters his affairs so that he will never be able to put them together in his lifetime and at the end the “destitute” sign is put on his forehead and he is from among the hellfire… But when one makes God or the next world his primary goal – then Almighty takes care of all his affairs and facilitates them in the best way and all riches get open for him…” – said Prophet (SAS) in another narration. Analyze lifes of rich and poor and you`ll find it to be true. In my culture one should always associate himself with the poor as it makes person grateful and appreciative of what he has. When a person compares himself with rich he inevitably forgets the favours of Generous God upon him and becomes ungrateful – He hates ungrateful ones but increases wealth for grateful. The best business i witness and believe is business with the Creator…. that is to give to the poor continuosly. It makes the heart peaceful, purifies remained wealth, draws His satisfaction and increases what you`ve spent by 700 times, just like the seed put into the rich earth.
    My advice – to re-evaluate the concept of rich and poor and propagate the moulding of generous, humble and truthful society (even when it`s wealthy) and respect and help for the poor who maybe deprived of wealth, but are certainly not deprived of dignity and honor…. NOT the concept of rich “animals” with no morals/values and angry poor – it will lead to revolution.

    best wishes from Russia.

  191. abhishek says:

    thank you for your such a great guidance!!
    thank you :)

  192. Ogal says:

    I have read the article and it is very good. However, i have realized the poor lucks security and capital for their investments.

  193. Julia Carlson says:

    I am a 7th generation American. Having grown up, the poor daughter of a musician, the niece of an artist who made it big, then lost it all. I say you are FULL OF SHIT. I grew up on foodstamps determined to change my life, and I DID IT. I worked my ass off and made a great life….simple…but secure compared to what I had known. I had a retirement, college fund, etc. for my kids. I dreamed big…I was MS POSITIVE THINKING….what I tell you now is…THIS damned economy does have an affect of people, it stripped me and my husband of everything we worked and scraped our asses off for, after being poor for the first 18 years of our life, we now are struggling AGAIN with 3 kids. I may be homeless next month, for all I know, and I have a million dollar home that I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR that I will lose. Thank you. Yeah, the friggin American dream, and the whole damn Obama plan is all bullshit. God damned banking system, they are all evil. I spent 30 years believing in this America dream bullshit crap. I made my dream happen, and they took it away. No more.

  194. jordan anthony says:

    The econmy has played a big roll in peoples lives, there are no jobs out there now and people are getting laid off from there jobs, and there are no loans being lend out from banks these days so yes the econmy does have a very lot to do with it. But I think being rich are poor is a state of mind, as long as your happy and have a roof over your head and can eat and shower every day, and are healthy you should be happy, because there is always some one who wishes the were in are shoes here in america. ( And I’m not rich butt I love life and will always strive for the best in life.)

  195. liza says:

    i am proud to be poor:) people pls stop comparing rich and poor. if all people are rich and all people are poor, what do u think our world would be? all i am saying that in this world we are destine to what Gods plan for us. you are rich not because your family is rich but of what God had given to your family, and you are poor because of God challenge us. He still give us chance to be abundant in life. Jesus himself is poor so please stop intimidating poor people.

  196. anu says:


  197. Sudarshan says:

    My words to poor people only no one come by birth rich and poor.if you are poor than you must struggle to come rich. if you go in correct way also you cant to reach that do in wrong way but what you earn in that it will alot to those who peoples facing problem like you atleast you satisfy you made some help to those who are in your same line.now richer become richer poorer comes poor.if your doing good for many from one. at the same time that one didnt come under ur line after u did k try to do anything until you die

  198. kitty rodriguez says:

    Not all of those 7 things apply all of the time. There are real problems such as the economical system that people have to deal with, with such things as greed and self gratification, crooked governmental systems that enslave and control people, dishonesty and corruption, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it all. Just wait and see, the pompus a$$es who brag about their $$$ will soon be bawling like babies when this system goes down and they realize that all their $$$ has no value.

  199. Dax says:

    Also, rich people and poor people have different approach to time management. Most of the poor people are just happy to have any kind of job so they don’t try hard in life.
    So, when poor people come home they overeat (results in sickness) or watch TV/play video games.

    Rich people think and learn, read bools, visit seminars and workshops where they meet other people who are on the track to become rich.

    Also, poor people have inferiority complex because they are poor and they do everything to hide that fact, mortgages, new lap tops, phones, cars etc… Rich people save and invest and they hide their money and try not to look extremely rich until they really make it.
    Also, rich people have printed out goals and they think at least 2 years in advance, most poor people think 2 hours in advance.

  200. Love To Learn says:


  201. James Adams says:

    A homeless man was standing beside all of his belongings under an awning behind a nice church building in 100 degree heat in downtown Tuscaloosa, AL yesterday. I really was in a hurry…first day back from vacation and all of my foreclosure banks were tugging at me. I had logged 20+ hours with them during my week with my family, and I was tired and late for an appointment to sign another sales contract acceptance…money.

    I try to never pass by a person like that…a person who really needs help. It doesn’t matter what brought them to that state. I am my brother’s keeper. He said his name was Hussain. He looked nervous. I was dressed in my business usual…nice suit…new utility vehicle…to him I looked like the man. To me he looked like someone I could help as I have countless others in my life.

    “Do you mind if I help you a little?” I handed him a folded $20 bill. Would have given him more but I’m just trying to make it to my next closing a week away. “What do you want me to do?” “I want you do have some lunch and a decent supper.” I reached toward him again and he reluctantly took my hand. I closed my eyes and I prayed “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your son Jesus who died for our sins nailed to a wooden cross and whom you raised from the dead in glory and power on the third day.” I felt Hussain shake and tremble hard. “Lord Jesus, forgive me for my sins and forgive me for my vanity. Here I pray with a diamond ring and good things in life while this man suffers.” Hussain shook harder. It was like he was being electrocuted but without pain. “Bless him oh Lord and meet all of his needs according to your riches in Glory in Christ Jesus.” As I let go of his hand he turned his palms up to humbly show me his disease. His hands looked like clay. He said “I tried to warn you.” I said “It’s OK. Don’t worry.” I handed him my card and I begged him to please stay in touch so I could help him. He said “I don’t mean to be a bother to you.” I assured him that he wasn’t. He hasn’t called.

    The Word of God says that we should work so that we would have to give to those who are in need. I take that as meaning that I should at least try to be successful enough to help others after I have taken care of my family. The Word says “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” I believe that means leaving the legacy of a righteous lifestyle (not self righteous) and leaving enough money to help your family and even as far as your grandchildren without skipping any of them. The Word says “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Well…if you give it all away and God didn’t specifically order you to then how will you leave that inheritance? The Word says “Give to every man that asketh of thee, and of him that taketh away thy goods ask it not again. Basically…try to help all whom God brings across your path. Sometimes the best help is the word no. As for Hussain…he didn’t ask…Jesus loves him and he sent a disciple of his to share that love.

    If only I could find a way to make a lot more in a lot less time then I could really make a difference. I call it “Faith Missions.” If you give a lot when you only have a little you will do the same when you have more.

  202. dreamer says:

    This topic was very interesting and impressive! It was good to know what is important is not lucky but mindset. I agree successful or/and rich people are active and always trying to make the situations better. I want to apply these ideas to my own life.

  203. Dharshe says:

    Now, I know how to be rich!!!!

  204. Jane says:

    I guess the person who wrote this is rich and doesn’t research any of his statements and simply slides by on generalizations. That is one of benefits of being rich, you don’t have to be as scrutinized as a poor person. I guess you can buy friends who allow you to publish crap, and get paid for it too.

  205. akki says:

    sorry but i don’t agree with ur 6th statement.. if a person has determined goal and he refresh it time to time 1 day he will be the 1 what he wants to be…it don’t matter what kind of friend he has rich or poor… the main thing is that he should have a determined goal which will take him to his destination……….

  206. This is what I get for forgetting to save material as it was wasted because Yahoo is not recognised and my comment was lost. Yes it’s somewhat hilarious because I can’t slap myself or the idiot who doesn’t say in bold that YAHOO.COM is not recognised by us as a legitimate web address! So if your ever in Reno please visit so I can smack you for all the people who spent 30 Min’s and not savvy enough to save it! One thing we hate is when someone ignores their involvement by claiming it was our own fault! For what I’m paying the least you could do is help by not erasing our work! Now before you refuse to post I have copied and plan on posting in facebook! YES I MADE A MISTAKE but not warning us waste our time and as an adult I admit my shortcomings only what would it take for a warning to come up suggesting we safe our work? Just a suggestion before a disgruntled customer acts irrationally and slaps you!

  207. ashley says:

    Most of this is total crap! I grew up poor and i have the mind set of what u described as a “rich” person… but money makes ppl greedy… and what makes my life rich isnt money but the ppl i care for the ones i help and enjoying what I do…. FYI my husband is in the army (we are poverty level) and I have a graduate degree… get your facts straight!

  208. .(your thinking) says:

    Brilliant I must say.

  209. IMRAN says:


  210. Karen says:

    this is more a private comment than a public one-
    You have great potential but I think that most people don’t seem to get your point. If you ‘define’ a bit more what you are writing you will have a great blog.

    To give you a bit of help=write more about the ‘different mind-set’ and try to explain it better as the majority of people on this planet are trained by society and societies beliefs, which are wrong-because that is the reason why we have more poor than rich people on this planet.
    Most people have never heard of The Law Of Attraction and won’t get the point which you seem to try to explain…
    Give your readers more details and think of them as little childs-as this is the way you have to explain things to them.
    I think you could do great if you change a few things. I might keep an eye on your blog and let you know what I think, but I hope you find the right way through. Writing articles is not just like writing, it is an art which develops and which always can be improved by stepping into the shoes of the reader-or better explained the kind of person you want to reach out too. Writing articles isn’t easy unless you have a passion for it…
    Good luck to you and all the best.

  211. ann anigma says:

    Look at the high number of adults who can’t even read. Look at Detroit. The liberals in charge have let them all down.

  212. cucut says:

    this crap is bullshit.

    most rich people become richer because they have access to capitals and fundings.

  213. Arjun Arya says:

    Very impressive article. I really appreciate it because this is exactly what I think. “Nothing is impossible in life” anyone can become a millionaire, if he is obsessed which his dreams,determination and his hardworking. Guys,Have you ever heard about Dhirubhai Ambani? if not then search for his biography.His biography will show you how a common man turned his life into a billionaire and it will definitely inspire you towards your dream. He was the founder of Reliance company and at present his son Mukesh Ambani is the third richest person in the world. I can see here some frustrating comments and the reasons too because most of you guys have closed your mind towards “New” and are frustrated from your jobs which will never make you a rich person.
    Have you ever heard that a person became millionaire by his job.So, business is the ultimate key to success. Now, don’t get worried about the funds and capital, think about some business which suits you and is under your budget. Most important things are business model, planning and strategies. “Nothing is small” every business has a way to top level, what you need is patience and dedication and avoid the naysayers.

  214. lamiya says:

    this help me to make a project by 6 class student

  215. William Ayivie says:

    Well said! In addition, i strongly believe one also need good health, GOD’s guidance and blessings to make it to the top.

  216. Abhinabh Saha says:

    Thanks So Much..!

  217. bleh says:

    this article is stupid, tbh.

  218. outraged!! says:

    This article is absolute crap I am sorry. If you are the tenth child to a poor family in india with no access to education and poverty and famine, will you become rich and successful? NO!! Rich people are rich due to circumstance and luck. I hate how more fortunate people think, “Yeah, I got where I am through my good attitude and God blessed me and blah blah blah.” Poor people are not necessarlly stupid, and rich people are not always smart!!! Yes you need some intelligence sometimes and the right attitude, but those are not nearly enough without luck and circumstance. I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely STUPID the author of this article is!!!! And this article is so condescending to poor people! The people who actually AGREE with this are so FUCKING STUPID!!

  219. Steph says:

    Read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell-

  220. c says:

    I like humble grateful poor persons. I like humble grateful rich persons. Sometimes the rich are humble cause they were born rich and know they have advantages they didn’t earn. Some persons look down on the poor and sometimes they do this so they can feel justified in not helping. The middle class is the worst. They are worse then the rich.I was “poor”(working class) in a upper middle class neighborhood growing up and I couldn’t have any friends. I’d be a bad influence. My family was very respectable and worked hard but those around us just assumed having less money meant less morals or self-discipline, they just assumed without knowing us or wanting to know us. Horrible.

  221. bjack says:

    While I agree that a positive mindset is necessary to be successful in life; only someone totally insulated from the poor would actually believe that is all that is necessary to become successful and wealthy.

  222. Amy says:

    First of all, you forget that number 2 requires money to begin with. I could not invest in anything no matter my mindset, I haven’t the money to do so. Also as for having rich friends, good luck finding truly rich people willing to associate with truly poor people. I am still fairly poor moneywise, however i am rich in what counts. I am doing much better than I was a few months ago when I was in a homeless shelter with my four children. This was due to poor decisions by my husband and myself. I do not blame others nor do I feel the world owes me anything. I dream big and work toward them, but truly am not likely to end up financially rich due to my choice of career. I also know I do not need to, I will have enough to care for my family and prepare them to care for themselves when they are grown. That is what matters.

  223. amit says:

    some people says that u cant purchase happiness from money but i think they dont know the right shop…

  224. Gregory Davis says:

    The Bible says, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfit his very soul.” The rich man thinks he’s in control of his life, yet he can’t even take his next breath unless God allows him to. Remember the story of Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus the beggar died and was carried up the heaven by the angels. But the rich man died and went to hell. Beware if you are rich in this world and not rich towards God. It always amazes me when men get rich and give no thanks to God. It makes me laugh that they really think they did it on their own. “The fool has said in his hear there is no God.” The bible tells us that God give us wealth so that we can be generous. The bible also says, 1Tim 6:17 “Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides everything for our enjoyment. 18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 19 In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.” The sad fact is that the man who wrote this article obviously doesn’t know God and is to be pitied far beyond any poor man.

  225. Houston says:

    I located this article by typing “what product do poor people buy most often”.

    That said, i read the article and the comments that followed.

    1. A successful person does not use the word “RICH’ in their vocabulary. “RICH” is a poor mans word. Why you ask? Because a successful person always seeks more and is never satisfied with enough. So the concept of “RICH” does not exist.

    2. I am shocked at some of the comments that verbalize excuses and philosophy to explain personal failures of success. Example: It takes money to make money. Money can’t buy happiness, etc etc

    I laugh at those personality types. I laugh all the way to the bank. The fact of the matter is that 90% of the worlds population is intellectually immature. This is the single reason between a successful person and a failure.

    3. I disagree with one point of the article: #6 – What exactly makes you think successful people would waste their time and energy on a sponge who has nothing to offer in such a realtionship?

    I do not allow my time or knowledge to be taken advantage of and I doubt seriously that other successful people do either.

    If you want to sponge knowledge off of a successful person, then buy an instructional or inspirational book written by one, and continue to support their success by doing so. Ha!

    4. God – I am saddened most by the comments posted by the apparent ‘Christians’ who assume that ‘Christianity’ has the sole ownership of the word God and that the word God is universally accepted to mean ‘Christian Philosophy’. Clue – only in your small minds is that the case. So, when you espouse Christian Philosophy using the generic term ‘God’ in such a manner it truly exposes your intellectual immaturity and frankly clearly identifies one of the very reasons that you may not be classified by the word “RICH”. For those Christians who cannot understand what I mean by this – I defer you to the 138 ancient religions that predate Christianity by a minimum of 6,000 years that hold verbatim the same testaments, miracles, and virgin births as plagiarized in the Christian Bible. Not denouncing a religious philosophy, only explaining that a narrow point of view is what seperates executive thinking from destructive thinking. Google “HORAS” for an eye opener.

    5. Last but not least: It does not take money to make money. I established my business with $16 in 2004 and have grown to compete with BestBuy, TigerDirect, NewEgg, and Overstock. To put it mildly I earn more in a year than Barack Obama will earn in ten years…ever. And I haven’t even written a self-help book yet.

    In any event, I am going back to google to locate the data I was originally searching for. Have a nice life.

  226. nikhil says:

    this is a very good statement.it helps me to perform well in sentup examnation

  227. ajay rathi says:

    There is no other big difference between rich ad poor than the awareness of opportunity.

  228. MD.Shahidul Islam says:

    I think 7 point is wright and now I will start my business with poor amount of money . Please Pray for me that I will be a rich man. I shall try my best to get the good result of it .

  229. pooooooooooooooooooooooop says:

    pretty sure this is by a fifth grader

  230. Michel says:

    Great article so revealing. But people who post negative comments shouldn’t take this article as an article which mocks them . No they should take it as a lesson that not onlygives them hints but also shows them where they are wrong and tries to help them to get better. People it’s not an arcticle that points the finger on your bad habits. Au contraire it’s an article that helps you to think like a rich man so you be a rich man.

    Ps : i live in a country where there is lots of rich people and lots of poor ones and very few middle class. I consider myself as a high middle class guy who lives among rich people and let’s say there are different types of rich people. There are the real rich man who are self made people like the ones mentioned in the article who are usually not arrogant and do not show off of what they have and respect every person because most of them lived in poverty in their young age and they know how you guys feel. And there are the snobby hainous rich people who look down on everything and believe they are superior and these are the people who inherited money or property or have been stealing all their life. These people are snobby and arrogant and show off a lot because they easily got money on a silver plate and never have tasted the hardworking to get to their place

  231. Althea says:

    Love your reply Michel
    I have been poor all my life but I have been treated well by my rich friends and all the worse by friends and family trying so hard to be rich thus stealing all their lives like you say. So sad because while they are struggling to figure out how to live like the rich I am learning from the rich. I am not sweating it just enjoying the friendship, the knowledge and the ride that I am on.
    So sad so many are so stuck in bitterness that they cant figure it out.

  232. Success is never something that just falls in your lap. You have to work at it. You have to be born with an incredibly strong work ethic, A strong work ethic is more than just diligence and working hard, it is about attitude; it is about resonating within your life that you can work an extra mile for everything.

  233. smita arya says:

    i aggree with above views.

    “Aim should be high and imagination also be high for success.”

  234. Evonda says:

    One thing you forgot to mention is ambition. Many people simply have no desire to be rich.

  235. Dpyan says:

    What a crock of shit this is.

  236. Ricardo says:

    Success (in terms of money) will depend mostly on how well are you willing to sell your ideas to others while retaining the notion that they need you to accomplish them. That is why you see many mediocre people getting to be rich while others work hard and get nothing.

    You do not get rich by your work. You get rich by the work of others. That is why you get a Nicholas Tesla dying poor while Edison (A sweat shop owner) got to be very rich.

  237. Margaret says:

    This article is very biased. I agree that everyone should aim high and focus on achieving their dreams, but how can this be possible when poor people struggle so much to get there in the first place. Poor people are not given the luxury of not having to pay for their university education because their parents can do it for them, poor people struggle to meet bills and pay for food before they can even consider buying their children a decent school uniform. It goes on. It’s knowing the right people and getting the funds that push your future forward and in turn privilege your children. And it’s really hard to do that without starting off with money.

  238. Xavier Ramos says:

    Great Article! Congrats

  239. Jorge Castax says:

    These are no secrets. This is what every “mature” person should be, regardless of their ambition to millions or a few thousands.

    Also, you forgot to mention the obvious social limitations that are experienced by minorities, who most likely, are living in poverty, unstable households and not to mention access to inadequate education. The list of people who have inherited their wealth has decreased with the decades in America, as more and more “self-made millionaires” arise. In order for a person to increase their changes of finding opportunities which can significantly increase their changes at attaining wealth are, but not limited to: 1.) Education, 2.) Talent, 3.) Contacts/Connections and 4.) Luck.

    Please, save your silly faulty Capitalist propaganda. And just put of curiosity, what’s your net worth and in what do you specialize in?

  240. Gundar says:

    I liked this piece, very illuminating. The author’s variant of self-improvement literature is striking in its insensitivity to poor people and the advice proffered is limited to useless and ill-researched observations. Dale Carnegie, this turd’s self-help progenitor, is likely rolling in his grave right now.
    To be fair, much of the information included in this piece is generally correct, for the attributes noted are necessary for any person to even hold a job. Anyone who is even marginally employed needs to be proactive, positive and determined to achieve goals in the modern, global economy. Most of the observations about “mindset” could be placed under a heading that reads, “Have a positive attitude.” Nothing could ring truer than that. The author’s all or nothing view of people as either rich or poor is a sublime display of abnormal psychology–there are no gradations between rich and poor, power and money are the only metrics for which success and failure is judged.
    Many rich people have negative attitudes and many poor people have positive attitudes. What accounts for that? If rich people have bad attitudes how do they become rich? The answer, in a lot of cases, is that they are already rich. They can have the mindset to “play the money game to win” rather than invest “to not lose money” because if they actually lose money the loss is not as catastrophic for them. If a poor person invests to win he is called a degenerate gambler when he loses. Why? It’s impractical and irresponsible for someone with little wealth to “play the money game to win.” When a rich person loses on an investment the consequences are often minimal, a scaling back of leisure activities perhaps or a loss of a little prestige among peers. When a poor person fails with a sizeable investment, it limits his/her prospects for continued survival on this planet.
    The idea that rich people focus on opportunities and poor people focus on obstacles is ridiculous and not true from my experience. Rich people, in striving to achieve goals, encounter plenty of obstacles which require focus and energy to surmount. And many of those obstacles are the same ones poor people encounter. The author was maybe trying to suggest that poor people complain about obstacles rather than negotiate through them the way successful people do. The idea was poorly communicated. Make no mistake about it, rich people focus on obstacles and, sometimes, even complain about them too. The difference between successful people and failures (rich and poor are not always respectively aligned with those descriptors as the author would have you believe) is what one does in the face of obstacles.
    The author of this piece is an adolescent money sycophant with limited imagination and a crude understanding of what constitutes success and failure. This is just my opinion of course. My prediction is that the author will be a smashing financial success, though, because in this world bullshit and bluster trumps character and hard work every time!!

  241. Jeffrey Dunn says:

    Wow , have I had my chances in my life to be wealthy! How foolish I’ve been when the writing was on the wall and I simply passed it by….I lived by the SoCal beaches when I was in my 20’s and making good money….Did I buy a house for 20K near the shore…No , I had a chance to work for Universal in Hollywood (perhaps I would have been discovered , as they say…lol) ….no , I didn’t want to drive so far to my recollection …. Did I save my money little steps at a time for years and years? ….No , I spent it in silly ways week after week and essentially wasted every dollar I ever earned. I never got it right in the children department either….have a wonderful son whom I paid dearly to be able to see over the span of his youth (over 100K got deducted from my paycheck for 18 years) ….have a dear daughter , now 31 , whom I just met a few years ago…..Dear Jesus , I sure did not make my mother proud…….I had opportunity after opportunity thrown right at me the last few decades and I just couldn’t see it…..One of the feelings that I struggle with daily , is my jealous feelings of many of my family members who did make the right moves and somehow became ultra rich. I cannot be in the same room with these people , I feel so stupid and poor when I listen to all of their fun cruises and exotic trips and such….and oh , the new house on Catalina Island was such a blast as they like to comment to my wife and I at Christmas…..We were invited for Labor Day to help them celebrate their new house and who knows what….Don’t get me wrong , I am happy for their success in life , but I cannot tolerate it when it feels like they are rubbing my poor face in it. I simply am ashamed of myself for not at least being on the same turf….consequently , it is easier to hide and make excuses of why we can’t come ( this time a large fire on the pass will not allow us to drive to San Diego….etc. etc. ) There are at least 7 people in San Diego worth between 750K – over 1 million and another 3 or more people in another town worth over 500K……Damn , I would be so happy if I had 10 grand in the bank…..As it stands now , I’m behind in my upside down mortgage (my own fault…) , have not made the car payment….owe my dear mother 15K , 20K in credit card debt….and I could go on and on ….Happy Labor Day everyone , I worked for 40 years and have little to show for it , I did get lucky in many ways and life has been good to me …. I found my dear wife , my 99 (I am 86 ….lol) I wish I could do more for her and buy her the moon…….Wow , I am a dreamer , at least my dreams don’t cost anything ! The IRS will be at my door next year….haven’t paid any income tax all year….Can they put a lien on my underwater house that once had some value?….lol. God Bless

  242. Jeff says:

    This is the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever read. Has the person who wrote these 7 differences actually met any poor people? Number 7 says rich people are good learners while poor people think they know it all. Most poor people are very aware they don’t know it all.

    Your environment, genetics, and family all have a role to play in what you become. A person born into the ghetto or into a war-torn nation does not have the advantages that a child born to a millionaire has. Unfortunately, many people are espousing the idea that anyone can become rich, and that those who don’t just aren’t trying hard enough. Even some so-called Christian preachers are preaching this. It is time to stand against these nonsensical lies and tell the truth: we live in a society that doesn’t care about equality and doesn’t care about those unfortunate souls that are missing out on the American dream. I wish that Christians especially would quit listening to the “if-you’re-poor-it’s-your-fault” message. Thankfully some have.

  243. Steve says:

    That is something only a rich man can say the luxury of being able to ponder such thoughts. All these comments? I guess that incapsulates everyone. You need poor people to carry out the real hard work to make the rich succeed.. Your not strong enough to do without and live like humble human beings.

  244. Bill says:

    Rich people earn interest on their checking accounts, poor people pay monthly service fees.
    Rich people drive their own cars to work, poor people ride 2 buses for an hour.
    Rich people do their laundry during their morning jog, poor people have to pay and wait at the laundromat.
    Rich people have direct deposit, poor people have to pay to get their check cashed at walmart.
    Rich people can drive to costco for groceries, poor people have to walk to the corner store.
    Rich people pay a mortgage, poor people pay rent to a landlord who pays the mortgage and makes a profit by renting.
    Rich people have their comprehensive insurance pay for car repairs, poor people walk to the auto parts store to fix it themselves if they know how.
    These are the real differences between rich and poor people. It costs more to be poor.

  245. jaypal singh says:

    at least we can have sweet dreams by making faces in our own way. the point here is to put on new mask that can let you some sort of rehearsal of being the richest person of your own world. so give a try for a moment and may be the moment has some lucky charms for me or you.above all dreams never die.
    as for me i want to be rich in my linguistic skill which as of now may irritate someone but being non native learner i always dream to be in line with you guys. and some day i”ll have that report ire of rich language.
    i mean everybody has different outlooks towards life. keep dreaming and pursuing your own goal !!!!!!

  246. ELAINE says:

    It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. ELAINE says:


  248. Chidi says:

    No matter how little d business u want to start is, u must need that initial capital. Unfortunately most poor people don’t always have access to them. I think that is another reason. But u tried.

  249. Brendan Jovel says:

    Making a Great personal ad – Show who you actually are – If you have a fantastic sense of humour, don’t just tell men and women that you’re funny prove it inside your ad. Be realistic. Most people don’t appear like film stars, most of whom do not appear so very good in genuine life either. So manage your expectations on what the person you are going to meet on-line is going to look like.

  250. Blade says:

    The irony in the comments is precisely what the article describes, the haters are always making excuses, always! Blaming society and other factors for their lack of success. Get control of your own life and stop blaming others for your problems and take credit for your success or lack thereof.

    It’s funny to me to see the large contrast in comments based on the income status. To go through the comments and pick out the “less fortunate” is very easy because you hate your life and everyone else’s. You’re a victim! Stop being a victim and start being accountable for your life the good and the bad, stop blaming others, it’s your life and in the end, you’re ultimately responsible for it! Society doesn’t care whether you live or die or are rich or poor! Get control of your life and make a difference, if not for you for your family and self pride!

  251. unan imus says:

    it takes alotmore education to do whatyour implying. there is a certain uniqueness amungthe higher class as you can clearly tell by tthe huge gap in middle to upper class. it takes a certain amount of risk and responsability wich most people cant acheive. in closing it is my oppinion that your idealogy is to vague better suited for a selfhelpbook.

  252. Melvin says:

    Can the rich get in trouble if the persecute the rich? Is it possible? Is possible a rich pretend to be poor to prove who is good or bad?

  253. Melvin says:

    Okay, society do not care about militia? Right? Hm.. I wonder. Where I have grown myself around militia power? Hm. Society are not afraid of the militia. I support militia and it is my glory. Cops are nothing. Militia is better than cops. Because the militia kills the communists and have no mercy. That’s why I love the militia power. Because the militia has no mercy and kill of all of those who opposes the militia. Hm.. I wonder if I would see you surrounded by militia power? How would you react? What would you do? I bet you will be afraid and shake and be pale.Cops are nothing. Militia is better. Then,society can fear and talk and say, oh,he was right. Society do not care? Huh… People are crazy. Yes, they are afraid.

  254. Melvin says:

    I hope one day the militia will one day kill the communists and great terror comes to the society. Let’s see in the future. I will not forget this great day. Let’s see and deal each other. It is a deal between you and me. Okay. So, let’s see what will you do. You will fear and run and seek to hide and death will be nigh at your door. There will be no mercy when militia comes and seize your houses and kill of all of your communists or your children and destroy and deploy your houses and see? Now, you are afraid. Be nice to others and be nice to me. Because I am supportive of the Militia power. I will be happy to see people dead when militia kill the bad people who opposes the militia. So, that the people learn they are not the voice. The Anticommunist is the Voice.Not the people. Sorry. Lol. Let’s see what happens and how will you react. I bet you will fear and run and hide and death will be seized you. So, behave and be nice.

  255. Shawn says:

    Rich people GOOD learner!

  256. The Mets says:

    If we good learner, could beat Yankees?

  257. Bongstar420 says:

    You are assuming that all people are born of equal abilities and have access to equal resources. Dumb rich people hire genius poor person to manage their wealth for them.
    I know this having been born intellectually advantaged but living a life of being forced to work for wealthy people who are nowhere near my intellectual peers.

    Compare Albert Einstein and Paris Hilton. Which one is rich and which one is actually better? Well Bill Gates you say! Bah, he was lucky since there is only so much room in the market and he had discovered some legal tools to manhandle his competition.

    Rich people take more than what they deserve. It is their willingness to exploit the community and other individuals. It is their lack of empathy for other people who were not born the way they were. They need us to buy into their delusions so that they are allowed to take what they do.

    A rich person in a world of poor people is nothing more than a King Charles I and should be treated as such.

    When all people have equal access to all of societies cogs (including genetic modification, cybernetics and what ever eles), material scarcity (both real and synthetic) is ended, inheritance, and domination of others is ended, then I will believe that each individual with an IQ greater than 90 has a reasonable amount of control over their own destiny.

    So stop bowing to King Charles I. Stop justifying monetary tyranny and surfdome just because you want to win the lottery and rule the world.

    Finally, many of the commenters on this page are absolutely retarded. There is no chance that they will be rich and your fluff pep talk will do nothing to help them become rich. They are determined (have no real choice) to be no more rich then my Labrador’s sleeping on the floor unless they win the lottery. If they were to win the lottery, they would do nothing but degrade society with their idiotic conception of reality paying people to advocate their ideas (like giving money to the church or heritage foundation).

  258. Someone with an actual brain says:

    Shawn, you’re a fucking cretin.

  259. knowledge says:

    wtf?!?! lmfao! its interesting how most people think just because someone has greens means they are SMARTand know life?!?! and “poor people should learn from them!?!

    how do u think they became rich?
    oh yh they are either celebrities or businessmen!
    and trust me most of the richest businessmen had to do a lot of dirty work to get to where they are!!
    so please don’t be telling other people what to do !
    i believe life is what it is ! you can spend your whole life running after money and wast your whole time not living real life ! which is ( love , family , children, and being happy and thankful and clean)!! i’m not poor nor am i rich . but there isn’t something wrong with either!
    RIch wanna be’s just destroy and forget the real meaning of life (but not all , …most) my dad is one !!!

  260. Terri says:

    This is such bullshit. Being poor has more to do with the socio-economic status in which you were born than anything else. Upward mobility is nearly non-existent in America now. Rich people are not rich because they are better thinkers or more imaginative or more positive. They are rich because they have access to opportunity. I am a millionaire and I know I got here not because I am so damn brilliant or hard working – I am here because I married into capital. Period.

  261. joe says:

    A typical china boy view.

  262. angela says:

    This blog is some shit. You make it seem as if poor people don’t have goals or dreams to achieve.

  263. melanie says:

    Sounds like more rhetoric to try to abate the class wars that are coming; who needs a billion dollars or multi-millions- if you’re ridiculously rich you keep what you need and share the rest… PERIOD, end of story.
    There are not enough opportunities today for the average person to get ahead; the rich took it all; not to mention the fact that our current population statistics further hinder all the problems that lie ahead for anyone seeking to be “upwardly mobile”

  264. Tyler says:

    @unan imus

    Education is free. Go to your public library. Read online. I can’t afford to go to school for software development, but that hasn’t prevented me from devoting the last 4 years to learning it. Now I have more opportunities open to me, both for creating my own company as well as for working for higher pay.

    I know a lot of poor people. I don’t know any poor people who spend every free minute they have doing something that will improve their chances of success.

    Here’s the deal. Very few people really devote themselves completely to improving their chances of success. That’s an opportunity. If most people are lazy, it means you can get ahead by not being lazy. Work ethic is the great equalizer – it trumps intelligence, education, sex appeal, and money. There is no greater determinant for success.

    Now I’m going back to work on my million dollar idea.

  265. bala says:

    rich people enjoy more money

  266. Anna says:

    People born into poor environments are set up for failure. Their nutrition is poor which effects their ability to learn. They interact less with the parents because their stressed out about finances and the schools they go to are not so great. This is some bull.

  267. Amanda says:

    If I had to use this as a resource for a paper comparing the poor and rich, all my peers would think I was stuck up my ass. Sir you are in desperate need of crawling out of your crap hole.

  268. James says:

    The title should be better ” 7 Differences between successful and unsuccessful people”.

    There are miserable rich and poor people, as well as happy.

    Happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind, and love to whatever and whoever is around comes from being successful in your objectives, even if your objective is to become rich, or to make a painting, or go running.

    Which are your objectives in life? that is different in everyone as we are raced differently. We are influenced by what we read, experience and what people we love or live with experience and make them happy.

    Enjoy your projects of life..

  269. Dat One guy says:

    U b Stupid foo

  270. prash says:

    According to u poor people have only drms. .thn wht about Abdul kalamji,and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar they r cmg frm pøör family na. .once gv chance to poor people to stand up nd see them.dnt blame poor people.

  271. big mac says:

    you guys are crazyyyy….i was born into a poor situation with poor nutrition and a “poor school” and i worked my ass off and now i go to a prestige school and do alot of independent research also….ive owned my own companies ive started a retirement fund and manage my own stock online……see unlike half the people i know im working my ass off not to survive but to thrive

  272. Anonymous says:

    This post is about 50% BS. I am relatively successful, but a great deal of it was from luck and family circumstances. My parents decided to have only one child, and gave me all the opportunities they never had. My imagination, creativity, and intelligence were all highly stimulated. I was provided with books, enrichment, quality time with Mom & Dad, and lots of encouragement. I had excellent health care, and supported despite several potentially limiting health conditions. I was encouraged and expected to go to college, and allowed to live home while working full time until I made enough to support myself. I WAS VERY, VERY LUCKY. I might have had none of those factors, and it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to be where I am today. Granted, I have taken some unorthodox routes to save money, when I wasn’t making much. Sometimes just being eccentric helps, too; you tend not to care about what you’re “supposed” to be doing or what everyone else wants. And being successful can also mean having a middle income job while living far beneath your means.

    I think far too many people have a very ridged idea about what success is about.

    My Rules For Being Successful
    1. Don’t have kids you can’t afford
    2. Don’t drink or smoke (big money wasters)
    3 . Read all your life (libraries saved my life)
    4. Ignore the crwd

  273. Excellent site. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you to your sweat!

  274. sumeet says:

    this blog is a true depiction of the diff between poor and a rich.there are so many ways to be rich like marrying into rich class ,be a clever and cheat to be rich …etc but people leaving a mark have turned aginst their fortunes by imbibing such qualities mentioned above.

  275. pascal says:

    hy have a good day

  276. Kendra says:

    This article is ignorant. A basic class of sociology would trump this article in a heartbeat. It’s this kind of ignorance that makes the gap between the rich and the poor harder to close.

  277. shadi says:

    I love this article. Well written, inspiring & very insightful. I felt energised after reading it.

  278. Santa clause says:

    You have every point wrong, you are a slime ball.

  279. john k says:

    It is not what you know its is WHO you know… my nephew who is still in college has never worked a day in his life got a nice paid internship this summer and next summer at the company where his father has worked for the last thirty years,and my uncle is upper management. I asked my uncle to help me get a job at the same company but he always gave me the run around.My nephew will probably get a nice offer from that company when he gets out of school…in which I have the same, if not more education,work experience etc. Its not what you know ….it is WHO.

  280. James says:

    The worlds fuked up and u know it.

    The schools and colleges don’t teach children why 3% of population control 97% of the wealth? Instead schools and colleges teach children to compete for 3% of wealth. It is a tragedy today in the world that 97% of population in the world work 40 hours a week for 3% wealth. The 3% rich know the secret that 97% don’t know and even if they know, they don’t take action.

    They know how to own 97% of wealth and they don’t necessarily buy stuff or liabilities. They buy assets that generate money for them every day or every week or every month without their presence. These people know how to make use of various leverages and they are well educated in terms of money and financial laws and terms. They invest and acquire assets such as business, real estates, education, personally monitored stocks and bonds.

    There is between $40 – $44 trillion in the world. 97% of the world own only about 1.3 trillion.

    However even more shocking is that 50% of the worlds population live on $2.50 a day . Thats about

    The poorest 40 percent of the world’s population
    accounts for 5 percent of global income.

    You tell me if the worlds fuked up or not….

    There some who dont abide by human nature. But it can be seen clearly that it is human nature for greed to overcome the kind human heart that is often perceived as human nature by society today.

  281. Irepentos says:

    Bill Gates is a fcking genius.. his parents taught him all his skills..

    and gave him a lot to start off with..

  282. Irepentos says:

    Bill Gates had a MAJOR advantage..

  283. Irepentos says:

    trying to live as long as possible will result in wealth.. along the way..

    that’s what I’d go with as the answer..

  284. thepayoff says:

    life in only game. those who know how to win game of life win. education is only game. marriage is only game. job is only game – nothing more. job does not mean anything anymore because if they don’t need you, they will not keep you. if you play game right and win, it is only game — until you lose.

    like video game, you only go so far, then you lose. losers cannot keep jobs or be good at marriage because they do not know how to play the game.

    if you know how to play game and win, you live good life. if not, you have hard time.

  285. Xman says:

    Poor are really poor :(

  286. Xman says:

    Poor are really poor :( they should not be looked down in the society.

  287. HAHAHAHAHAAH says:

    HAHAHAH this has got to be the most ignorant piece of literature I’ve ever read XD

  288. andre says:

    the roles in life never change. everyone cant be rich because the world wont run. who will take out the garbage? there must be a teacher , ther emust be a nurse , there must be a business man or any other role you can think of because thats how this world we live in runs. you have to decide which role you want to play because the role never change. everyone could be rich but it will take some longer than some , even lifetimes . mabye you will be rich in your 15th life time but get as close as you can for now time is wasting

  289. Trey says:

    Heck, I’m not rich, but I am certainly working my way up there. In my savings account, in less than a month, I have already saved near two grand.

  290. Shannon says:

    After reading this, I tend to think it is BS. A person makes his own success…and happiness. If that is being a surfer and living in a shack than so be it. Others choose the penthouse and still others the rodeo. Success isn’t measured in dollars but in the number of people you positively affect. It’s A Wonderful Life.

  291. not my words!
    It will be harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven , than it will be for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.
    my words, anyone care to observe a child under 7 and listen to them, especially those that see no tv, will soon begin to understand the words above that are not mine.

  292. Jraw says:

    money runs everything, only the strong survive . everyones out to get you trust no one. if you dont have money you mean nothing to this world. your gonna B**ch like its not but it is. just turned 18 and i refuse to be anything less then rich at all cost i will be rich.

  293. Chris Brentwood says:

    These comments truly do prove the author’s points. Instead you guys trying to learn something from this article – you immediately attack it as if you all already know everything. Once again, you all are not trying to learn something but disregard it.
    I have been fortunate to be born into a very well off family. However, nothing has been given to me (except for food and clothing). I pushed myself in high school and would stay up until 2 or 3 am studying for tests so that I could get accepted into a top school (this was between sophomore and senior year…) Hell I would even study 8 to 10 hours a test as a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL! Yes, even though I didn’t have to work a job, I instead applied myself to other activities. I would take any leadership opportunity in the clubs I belonged to. In college (I’m a fourth year) I have continued my hard work and dedication. I would sacrifice a lot of weekends not going out so that I would continue to preform well.
    So, many would argue, well your parents have sooooo many connections, you’re set. However, I was told I would not be given any of their connections for an internship or a job. I was responsible for that. So what did I do? I CREATED my own network. I sought out assistance from teachers, from mentors, from whoever that would listen to me so that I could succeed. A lot of people complain, oh I don’t know anyone. Well if you don’t know anyone, then go out and search. Freaking work and do your research and do whatever you can to talk to people that can help you. I would cold call companies, I would contact alumni all on my own and try to create an opportunity – not waste my time complaining about how I couldn’t use my parent’s network or how I didn’t have everything handed to me.
    My parents specifically did this to teach ME how to become successful. You have to sacrifice, think big, and always have a path with everything you do.
    Let me tell you, there are so many rich kids that don’t have the work ethic so they won’t succeed. Yeah, they may get a good job right after college, but never working in their lives will catch up to them and therefore, they will most definitely fail.
    Hard work and positivity is what you need to become successful. I’m still in college but everyday I tell myself, I will be successful, I will be big – I remind myself everyday what my ultimate goal is so that I keep myself motivated to work hard.
    Ask yourself, how hard do you work? Do you think you work hard? How many times have you said you would work hard for a test but end up not really caring? How many times have you said I will get good grades, but end up not getting them because you end up slacking? How many times do you blame the professor for making a hard test but you only studied 20 or 30 hours for the test? Yes I said 20 to 30 hours… I have studied up to 50 hours for a final exam so that I could do well. How many of you have done that??
    You need to understand what working hard is for the successful. It means working 12 to 18 hours a day. It means not having weekends. It means killing yourself with no sleep because you have the passion and the integrity in everything you do. It means not wasting the time complaining when you can be using that time towards a better goal. If you don’t think you can succeed you won’t succeed. It’s easy as that. My mom grew up in poverty and would many times sleep in her mom’s car instead of a house when growing up. But she knew she was better than that. She had a plan in site. She worked EXTREMELY hard so that when the OPPORTUNITIES came to her, she could be ready for them and exploit them. People who wait for opportunities to be knocking at their doors will be unpleasantly surprised when they don’t hear the knocking. YOU create YOUR opportunities.
    I mean, if you want, keep on your way of thinking, it means less competition for me… But if you really want to become successful, there is no way you can obtain it without hard work – which means many sleepless nights and a lot of days of no fun. If you’re not willing to take a chance, if you’re not willing to believe in yourself, then you’re simply not in the contest to be successful.
    For all of those Bill Gates haters – yeah he went to private school but, he took the opportunity of his private school having a computer programming lab and exploited it. If you ever read about his childhood, you would know he would stay in that lab with some friends until it was 4 am, every night, including saturday’s and sunday’s. Take opportunities and exploit them. Obviously education isn’t everything, Bill Gates in then end dropped out of college. But how did he build his empire? Through hard work.
    Lastly, I’ve seen kids that have come from the inner cities at my college. These are some of the hardest working at my college, and guess what? They are the ones that have most of the jobs. They only knew hard work and they were able to capitalize on that.
    Wow, sorry for this rant but the comments were some of the most ridiculous, hopeless, pitiful things I’ve ever read.

  294. George says:

    I’m by no means rich, but I agree that you must have the right mindset. I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and working hard to see if they stick. If they don’t work, it’s a learning experience and I work harder on the next one.

    Everything in life happens because of luck… good or bad. Rich people put themselves in situations where they got lucky. If Bill Gates was born 10 years later he probably wouldn’t have struck it rich with Microsoft. He was in the right place at the right time with the right level of knowledge. I guarantee that we would have gotten rich off another idea though, because he is smart, hardworking and resourceful.

    The harder someone works the more chances they will have to be rich. If you never put yourself in the situation to “accidentally” become rich, you will never be.

    It took 1000 attempts for Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb. If he sat around complaining after the first attempt he would have never made it.

    Regardless, you must work hard. Losers that sit around all day complaining never get ahead, no matter how high their IQ is.

    “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”
    —Thomas Jefferson

    Think about the quote above and the post will make perfect sense.

  295. Sammy says:

    #8 Marry a member of Sam Walton’s family.

  296. eidil says:

    hye all… in my personal opinions, i think that this post was good, infact really good… for those whoa are blamming and give bad comments on this post.. thank you for sharing… but what i think that this blogger want to say is that … in life…. we need to be hardworking to have what ever we want.. dont give up easily.. it got have nothing to do either you are rich or porr.. we all humans… we are all equally are the same.. we’ve been given brain just like enstein and bill gates.. but the matter here is, how do you use your brain in order for you to success? bill gates done it, enstein achieved it.. trump has proved it to you.. a lot of examples we can take from their stories… but we ourself need to take action… dont blame others.. stop complain… if u keep on blaming and complaining.. u just aint going no where.. what if u change all the cristism to the positive… u dnot have money.. dont blame others and complain… what u should do is find ways to ern more… u not rich enough.. try to think what u nedd to do to get rich,,, u dont have opportunity.. then seek for opportunity and have a lot of successful friends than teach others on how to be success… its Karma… do good things , then good things will happen to you as return… u dont have nothing to lose…just think positive in life… ofcourse not all of us have the great opportunity, but what we can do is try to aim at the star.. so its never mind if u cant reach the star but atleast you reach the moon… in life, set your target as high as possible.. try harder and the rest.. just leave it to got… that what all religion thought their follower.. i believe…. May god bless u…

  297. Sachin says:

    but if you compare these situations in India its completely different, that is poor people live happier than the rich people,and of course the poor children can study better than the rich person children

  298. murteza says:

    thanks a lot but when we don’t have the source or money how we should start from the zero point?

  299. murteza says:

    actually you pointed the thing which i need it right now.tnx

  300. Nick says:

    Poor people are very close-minded; this, I have noticed. They are also easily intimidated and complacent.

  301. Dave C. says:

    so i have been working hard trying to be rich. so i figured ill start wondering the freeways and look for money. all these years of hard work, trials and errors i did not give up. i stayed focused and positive. i have encountered many obstacles even snakes, raccoons, lizards, bums, serial killers and rapist. it didn’t stop me! and guess what?! i finally found a bag full on money. so all i have to say, IM RICH!!!! BIATCH!!! HONKKK!! HONK!!!!

  302. just want to be happy says:

    What stuck out the most… There are some sick people in other countries…. Militia? Killing families… It doesnt have to be that way. Life isnt about pain and controlling others with death wierdo.
    Bill Gates, Sam Walton…. Monopoly folks. To the studying 50hours for one test person… Wow your inspiring! Fits right into doing what your passionate about. Eat, breathe, sleep it and you will become it. I do hope you get out and play as hard as you work so life doesnt pass you by. Rich is a job or rather a game as one poster said. Mix passion, opportunity, faith, some rich relatives and friends to deliver opportunities; stir with ice, garnish with luck and enjoy. And dont be blamming porr parents.

  303. Lipshitnowitall says:

    This sounds like a load of horse*#!% if you ask me.

    You can’t do any of this and be guaranteed success in it.

    Those rich people are there for one of two reasons. Mommy and daddy forgot to remove the silver spoon up their ***es.

    The other is rather simple, becoming rich by accident and being lucky enough to know how to patent your idea at that moment and be able to manage your finances.

    When mommy and daddy helped you it requires no skill or luck, you had 99% chance of being helped into luck.

    In the other instance it requires great skill in firstly your idea and then you should have some legal-know-how to be sure you wont be ripped off like in the Zuckerberg-twin debacle.

  304. Abyarhkab says:

    Ever gave a thought about why one would want to become rich at all. Do rich people take more money with them upon death? Are poor people always sad and gloomy and the rich always glad and jolly?

    Perhaps, yes if you blindly follow the corporate media: that is for the rich, of the rich, by the rich.

    Come on, get out of that ghetto mindset: the rich are good, hardworking, courageous and blah blah; the poor lazy and work-shirkers. Leave back that blinkered approach towards life. Despite what the films and school books might depict, the poor are often happier than the rich. As goes the Urdu couplet:
    “So jaataa hai footpath par akhbaar bichhaa kar
    Mazdoor kabhi neend ki goli nahin khaataa.”

    “He would sleep on the footpath over a spread out newspaper.
    The manual laborer never takes sleep-inducing pills.

  305. Muhammad Ghulam Abbas says:

    Respected sir,
    i am a poor family. My parents old no work. My brother and sister small. So please help me sir give me one house house price $20000. Please give me one home. I thanks all life and all life your servent sir. Munawar Sultana account no.. 01121584= branch no. 0415 United Bank Limited Imamiya Colony Lahore PAKISTAN

  306. anu says:

    i think we have to consider the difference between educated and uneducated rather than writing it as rich and poor ……….i can mingle with poor literates but …..i cant mingle with rich illiterates ………spending money uselessly is more with rich illiterates …….

  307. sajit says:

    good one

  308. prasad bahadur says:

    there are few bad comments that i have read.. but i still stand that what have been written there are wonderful and i have learnt something today..i realised that i have been thinking like poor people.. i will change myself to think like rich people in order to be someone successful in the future.. thx for the simple basic knowledge..i learned a lot..

  309. Hannah.m says:

    I think that we should study and the people who are known as “poor” and dont have enough money should study because that is the only way to move on and live their own ways cause everyone has a right to live and learn…
    People who study when they were young are today at where they wanted to be!
    People who didnt study when they were young arent where they dreamed of being or wished to be!

    So we should study if we want our dreams to come true and if we want our name and our parents name on the top so that the world would remeber us by a good personality after our deaths!

    PEOPLE ” never say that you guys dont wanna learn cause there isnt any other way to be rich!

    wish you luck for your studies!

  310. i do deeply agree with it ,but it still need a good chance to achive your goal,not every one could get such a opptunite,most if people did have the ability to complate it ,but the opptunite

  311. dave says:

    I am poor because I have social anxiety disorder and cannot get a job, I have only a G.E.D and no friends, my family has abandon me all except to provide shelter, and the government provides food to keep me alive, alive but without life in me. What opportunities do I have? I search every day, I try to stay positive and open, but no matter what I do I can not get over my anxiety. I wish I would just die soon, there is no future for me.

  312. mohan says:

    It is the worst analysis regarding rich and poor I’ve ever read! You are not gonna be millionaire with these type of thoughts. Yes, the idea you share are true while looking the rich people but they will not simply touch the readers heart. Readers will feel like they have read this somewhere before. So don’t write articles just to show your skills or to earn money. Write only if your heart inspire you to write on any topic. The will definitely be the touchy one and will be original. Thnx.

  313. Bob Bently says:

    “If most of your friends are poor and their working salary all are below, $2,000”

    I wish I could make that amount per month. let alone per week. If I had 2k per month. I’d be happy as any rich man would be. I consider anyone making around 1k a week to be wealthy already. How much do you need to be considered wealthy?

    Someone once said, Wealth is not measured by the size of your wallet, but by the size of your family.

    I make on avrg $200 per week & barely get by on my bills. And as long as I can pay those bills, I’m satisfied. Sure I’d like to have enough to buy a new car & make 200.00 monthly payments. But I can’t. I bought a car for 1300.00 & it’s still going strong after 4 years. I don’t make any payments on it. The bank don’t own the car, I do. It’s a crappy car. But it’s mine.

    I have a large loving family. We are all poor, but are happy w/ our day to day lives.

    Our struggles with poverty is what binds us & makes us strong, respectful of one another & combines our interests.

    Truth is, I pray for the economic collapse in this country. & If your poor as I am, I’m sure you feel the same way. We’ve got nothing to lose.

    I’m one step away from heading to the bread line.

    Is it the responsibility of the rich to support the poor? Does the man who works hard for his money aught to give some up to the guy who don’t work at all? Obviously not. That’s not fair. But if that doesn’t happen on a large scale & soon. I think we’ll all be heading to the bread lines.

    Think of it like a pyramid w/ the poor at the very bottom. When a structures base collapses, the rest of that structure will soon follow. Everyone will be effected. So even it’s not fair for the rich to support the poor. If they don’t, they may end up poor themselves.

    There is a tremendous inequality in this country & the world. One phrase has stuck in my head for years, since I’ve seen the movie “Patton” “Is it fair that the guy who shovels shit all day long earns less than the suit & tie guy in his office?” Not those exact words, but the point is the same. The guy who’s literally shovels shit all day, will earn 100.00 for the day, If he’s lucky. Would your everyday office worker do the same? They’d refuse to touch it, even for double or triple that amount.

    Wealth in this country aught to be distributed evenly. Alright, so call me a communist. If that’s whats best for the people of this country. So be it. Communism it will be. Communism is alot better than you think it is. our system of democracy & capitalism only favors the top percent of they pyramid. Sure I can vote for who I want as the leader of this country, but that leader & every leader before & after are politicians. Politicians are tainted & corrupted. Politicians do not look to favor the poor. They look to favor the top percent of the pyramid. The people who give the leaders power, who pay for their campaigns. The decisions our leaders make are implanted by the wealthy. Decisions that benefit the wealthy & from time to time throw the poor a few bread crumbs to keep us quiet & docile.

    No matter what mind set your in, A go-getter or a do-nothing individual. The odds of you overcoming poverty are very slim, & get slimmer each year w/ more & more people being added to our overall global population. In 10 years from now. There will be so much poor. You can’t help but think a revolution is underway. Our government fails us. Distribution of wealth doesn’t exist. But needs to.

    I want someone to lead this country who’s not a politician. I would vote 100x for the common man pulled from the streets, rather than for 1 educated politician. Because I know the poor man will make choices that will benefit his kind. The majority.

    If our current leaders, the rich mind–set wealthy go getters are what we want to become. Then why are those same people making choices that have the poor remaining poor? Where’s the mind-set at now?

    You give 7 points in the difference between the rich & poor. I’ve got 2 points of my own to make.

    1. People are people, rich or poor, we’re all brothers & sisters, cousins & neighbors, friends & enemies. We all have a common interest. To live a good life.

    2. Rich will remain rich & the poor will remain poor, and an ever growing resentment & hatred toward each other will grow unless we change our leaders, our laws & our government, in order to achieved the good life for everyone.

  314. Pamela says:

    I dont agree in #6. It’s not easy mixing with super rich people since rich people don’t really want to be friends with poor people they are not interested in poor but in rich ir richer than the, it’s not like I’m going to start hanging out with rich people tomorrow.

    I have poor friends and rich friends as well and a very poor family that became very rich by setting their own businesses and focusing on their goals and they had NOTHING but poor people and poor friends around them.

  315. Pamela says:

    #6 is total BS my family was very poor and became rich not because of mixing with rich people but because they set their goals right. Hanging out with rich people does not make you richer it can on the other hand make you act rich and stupid when your not.

  316. Jo Alla says:

    Rich people always clever than Poor people even they didn’t have the degree from university. Pich people always the one who create their future. ^^

  317. Mel says:

    I’m a teacher. I have a math degree, so I guess that means I’m educated more than some. I also speak multiple languages. By these classifications, I’m “poor” because my own government chooses to pay me this amount to educate your children.
    I love my job, and I love my life. Poor doesn’t seem like a negative thing to me.

  318. joana b says:

    I think this si sad and insulting poor people its not really there fault they dont get good education or money or jobs is it ? gosh !

  319. Robert says:

    I believe that poor people have rich experiences, rich people have poor experiences, and vice versa. I have lived in a poor neighborhood and have stayed in a rich neighborhood. While in a poor neighborhood that had many cockroaches and mice in the apartments there I asked a neighbor how he was dealing with all of the critters. He said, “fine “, “I am used to it by now…” I then told him I wanted to move our to a place that had no bugs. He told me, ” Any apartment you move to will have them and besides my family is here and we are all used to living here and with one another…” I told him I was willing to pay 200 dollars more in rent to live without cockroaches and mice. I eventually worked extra time, saved some money, tried for a year to get a raise, got a title change with no immediate raise but one that would happen two years down the road. I moved and now I have very limited interaction with insects and rodents. I still think about him and his family. The poor experience builds character and the wealthier experience built hope.

  320. stedazitt says:

    OMG i’ve already read enough poor mindset comments let me stop reading further. Many thanks to the article writer

  321. its such a wonderfull words, i jst hv note it in my diary. Thank u.

  322. I have a poor family my parents is to old have no job my house is on rent .so please sir help me so i wish to buy my own house give me 15000 $ doller please give me one home ill thank full to u my all life God bless u God gives u long long life more then me ……My account number is 100-918-6 united bank limited 100 foot road mehmoodabad azam basti karachi pakistan :)

  323. Savvy says:

    This is very offensive, I would suggest that the people who made these comments take an intensive course on sensitivity, and also recognize the differences that people of “lower class” don’t have as many opportunities therefore are confined to a life from paycheck to paycheck. Not even determination can help that situation.

  324. I dont care about any thing i just want to become a rich person and any idea wich leads me to become a rich man, I am accepting that…….

  325. Josh breitling says:

    you are all poor not only financially but also at heart…Stop pretending and learn to BE!

  326. Macfolab says:

    Hi Shawn, Thanks for your blog. It has changed my mentality about money. I have learnt so much from your blog, although am from africä Nigeria and i know alot of people may not have these information, so I will like to use your blog to teach ppl %-), i think by so doing financial success can reach the unreach, even 100 ppl am fulfilled. Hope am free to?:-/ Best Regard$, Macfolab.

  327. blast says:

    Not all rich people are similar. An Arab sheikh is quite different than Bill Gates! the former is enjoying wealth without any effort while the latter did something substantial. The most important is the attitude towards both states.

  328. John cruz says:

    i dont agree with this at all. Maybe, poor people dont have rich-@$$ parents to plan out their lives for them. Of course being rich is easy because you dont have to worry about a single thing, not even yourself. So you should maybe put yourself in someone else’s shoes before making this ridiculous statement.

  329. Victor C says:

    First of all, i am from Mexico, and im 15, I am not poor, my dad struggled all his life to give us the best thing we always wanted, he does not talks to me and it feels very sad but my mother is always with me, thats not the problem the thing is that when people says i want to become rich i think it is okei to succed I want to be very rich but there are 2 things at mexico and around the world that is really important The first one is to be humble, the second one is to be respectful, people will always take like an example the ones that are humbles because they are the most perfect people you will get to know, if you want money to have luxuries you are bad, if you want to be rich to be better than someone you are wrong because the only one you have to overcome is yourself, if you became rich thanks to others help those others, if you want to be better to yourself always think to the future, I will never get why i am always thinking in my anciety work but I really want to create my life with the best expectatives I want to have my own biulding bigger than the empire states who does not but i want to make it just to be happy with myself because I know I can do it but not today not tomorrow maybe when i am 50 years old, just thinking in it makes me think in ways i can do it, Always think on this again — Humble + Respect : Success . VC

  330. wanka says:

    Is this real? Nobody who posted has that much money. Morons.

  331. wanka says:

    Please give me a break. Worry about your own futures. Pay your bills poor is a simple state of being not something you are. There seems to be a lack of life experience on this board.

  332. MAE says:


  333. This is a really good article and is a good reminder that no matter what life throws at me; good and bad stuff, it is what I make of it. If I decide to let crap drag me down it will but if I decide to stand up to it, I will succeed. Yes, hanging around with rich people puts you in the right frame of mind. Thanks.

  334. Martin says:

    hello I’m 18 and It’s not a place to talk about this but my family crumbled into little tiny pieces like 2 years ago, my father robbed me and my mother, around 1 million euro through lies, he had an alternative family i have a 9 year old brother i never knew about and a 6 year old sister i don’t know either , i was pretending and lying to my father so i can squeeze as much money as i can, but now that my mother sued him (by the way she is jobless) she was always looking after me but was helping my father, it was Her business he worked in , he worked for her. now I am to go to a university and the only way to go there is by selling our apartment it’s like 150.000 Levs (Bulgarian money) so it should cover my university and a small apartment for my mom so she can work and live her life, work.. etc.. my mother will sue my father for each penny he stole but the process will take about 4 years and I can’t wait that long as there are no good universities where I live and to top it off I am already accepted in Oregon State University.. problem is the fee for the first year is 36,000 dollars , the only way i get there is by selling our apartment and if no1 buys it in until September I’m screwed for life, Weird thing is that i’m not depressed or anything but from a mid rich family i’m left with my poor mother, I’m a poor teenager and I accept that but I have too big dreams and it just pokes me inside, because i know i will never abandon my dreams. IF there is a saying the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor i swear on my life I will prove that wrong no matter what. the problem is that the world is full of people just waiting to screw everything up and most of those people are poor people. So I agree with Bob Bently about one thing. we must change the way this world is turning laws.. etc… as if we continue we will destroy each other. And by the way the strongest power of this world is Fear but jealousy is almost as powerful.

  335. Ramesh says:

    i know that poor people have a negative mind set bt some poor people have some positive idea in their mind & they want to become a rich people so after this thought their mindset working according to a rich people…they do their best efforts ……mostly 85% people r catch their aim

  336. Richel says:

    Hi Shawn!

    I am 26 years old. And youngest among 7 siblings. I came from a very poor family. My father was a carpenter (deceased) , my mother is a housewife. I am not that intelligent, only average person and striving. I got my bachelor degree in hunger, pain, insecurities knowing that I’m not that I wasn’t intelligent and diligent enough in my studies. But it doesn’t stopped me there. Instead, I diverted my weakness into something and aspired becoming one of the Student Council and I won the election. By then, I realized the value of power, popularity, sense of responsibilities and leadership that made me to become optimistic.

    Throughout that 4 years of studying, I heard criticisms from our relatives, friends, etc. My parents are drunkards and fighting almost everynight. Humiliations, But my mindset was “If we have money, maybe they’re not fighting anymore. There’ll be peace in our home”. I put God and my family in the center of everything that I do. They inspired me a lot that I would want to change the life we have whatever it takes. I want them to live a life that they never had.

    When I graduated, the owner of the Company that my brother (Branch Manager) is working hired me as his secretary.

    Through 1 year of working, I studied the products existing especially the top products (big deals). I started calling, contacting several consumers and boom! In 6 months time, I was able to get a client. In two years time, I’ve been earning 6-8 times the minimum wage in country. Several times surpasses the Sales Manager or topped the sales in our company nationwide.

    Luckily, I married a matured husband (literally and mentally:-) ) and we keep our plans together. We sit and talk about our goals. We started from zero. In 2 years of marriage we are able to get a car and house that fits our budget. We live not a luxurious life but we aim to earn more than enough and for our kid that’s growing. We enjoy our life together. Imperfections have never been a hindrance instead we are making our life perfect. No fight, just love!

    A lesson learned: Never stop dreaming. Never! Be positive. Prove those critics wrong. Always dream big. According to my boss “Make your home healthy, make yourself healthy, and it will make your pocket healthy. Lastly, Pray and pray and pray.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas Shawn and hope to get in touch with you. Call me parasite for your ideas.haha! I love successful people around me. It makes me feel successful too.



  337. Richel says:

    Hi Shawn!

    I am 26 years old. And youngest among 7 siblings. I came from a very poor family. My father was a carpenter (deceased) , my mother is a housewife. I am not that intelligent, only average person and striving. I got my bachelor degree in hunger, pain, insecurities knowing that I’m not that I wasn’t intelligent and diligent enough in my studies. But it doesn’t stopped me there. Instead, I diverted my weakness into something and aspired becoming one of the Student Council and I won the election. By then, I realized the value of power, popularity, sense of responsibilities and leadership that made me to become optimistic.

    Throughout that 4 years of studying, I heard criticisms from our relatives, friends, etc. My parents are drunkards and fighting almost everynight. Humiliations, But my mindset was “If we have money, maybe they’re not fighting anymore. There’ll be peace in our home”. I put God and my family in the center of everything that I do. They inspired me a lot that I want to change the life we have whatever it takes. I want them to live a life that they never have.

    When I graduated, the owner of the Company that my brother (Branch Manager) is working hired me as his secretary.

    Through 1 year of working, I studied the products existing especially the top products (big deals). I started calling, contacting several consumers and boom! In 6 months time, I was able to get a client. In 3 years time, I’ve been earning 6-8 times the minimum wage in country. Several times surpassed the Sales Manager or topped the sales in our company nationwide.

    Luckily, I married a matured husband (literally and mentally:-) ) and we keep our plans together. We sit and talk about our goals. We started from zero. In 2 years of marriage we are able to get a car and house that fits our budget. We live not a luxurious life but we aim to earn more than enough and for our kid that’s growing. We enjoy our life together. Imperfections have never been a hindrance instead we are making our life perfect. No fight, just peace and love!

    A lesson learned: Never stop dreaming. Never! Be positive. Prove those critics wrong. Always dream big. According to my boss “Make your home healthy, make yourself healthy, and it will make your pocket healthy. Lastly, Pray and pray and pray.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas Shawn and hope to get in touch with you. Call me parasite for your ideas.haha! I love successful people around me. They inspire me and make me feel successful too.



  338. Erivelton says:

    Very good!!

  339. MANUEL B. MARFIL JR says:


  340. Richie rich says:

    Poor people are lazy and rich people are saints and the saviors of us all.

  341. mona says:

    if anyone study well there are lot of money. all of us like m came from different country for study and made fortune. if you are good in study you don’t have to pay feed. main thing when you are in highschool good GPA and high SAT.

  342. hayder says:

    • HAVE WE FORGOTTEN! That when we always ask for things and never stop asking for more and that when the poor people that don’t have any money don’t ask a lot of things but we do
    • HAVE WE FORGOTTEN! That when we chuck food in the bin that we don’t like why don’t you think about the people that don’t have food and that struggle to eat and will eat anything you give them
    • HAVE WE FORGOTTEN! When we have water fights, or brush our teeth or even when we take a 30 minute shower do we think that we only have to do one push and POOF! Water no don’t youse feel sorry that the poor people have to walk very far to even just get a liter of water
    • HAVE WE FORGOTTEN! When we always winge for good shoes all the time and what about the poor people they have damaged shoes and they are grateful that they don’t have to walk on the hot floor or the cold floor
    • HAVE WE FORGOTTEN! That we do everything automatically like by cutting grass with a lawn mower, or heating water with hot water but however the people do everything manually like they use fire to heat up hot water or cut with scissors just to cut grass
    • Have we forgotten that over around 2,000 poor people die everyday

  343. Relativist says:

    “Rich” and “Poor” is “relative”.
    you will agree that it takes around a 10% maximum of “Rich” to get the remaining 90% of “Poor” guessing about it.
    No matter how hard a community works..there will always be this perceived ratio of how much is “rich” and who is “poor”.
    By the standards of 18th century…a homeless and his cart of the 21th Century is “rich”.
    If there was ONE marker to label “a way to the riches”, i have observed that people who twist morals to their own benefit (namely Liars) get better off than the spine of society (law abiding folks).

  344. Lohith says:

    Yes, the above 7 stages are exactly right. But some people who become rich were waste there money by investing unwanted things….

  345. @ Bob Bently says:

    You have the mind set of a poor person.

    “I make on avrg $200 per week & barely get by on my bills. And as long as I can pay those bills, I’m satisfied.”
    A-Your satisfied when you get past your bills. You don’t have the drive in your words that you want to become rich, that its your job ! that you must succeed. Money isn’t everything but you obviously aren’t going to get far with such a low standard.

    “Truth is, I pray for the economic collapse in this country. & If your poor as I am, I’m sure you feel the same way. We’ve got nothing to lose.”
    A- Prayer wont get you far either. Not attempting to insult your religion, apologize if i do but YOU . You must take the steps if you want to get rich.

    “There is a tremendous inequality in this country & the world. ”
    A- Cant have the rich without the poor.

    “Wealth in this country aught to be distributed evenly. Alright, so call me a communist. If that’s whats best for the people of this country. So be it. Communism it will be. Communism is alot better than you think it is.”
    A- Communism has been proven to work in a SMALL setting. Villages and such it works beautifully but if you introduce it on a national scale it fails…miserably. maybe not in the first years but it collapses…terribly

    ” You can’t help but think a revolution is underway. Our government fails us. Distribution of wealth doesn’t exist. But needs to.”
    A- Revolution isn’t going to happen for a LONG time. why? well tell me this what have you done about it? Your the people… why aren’t you making the change? ..its because your scared and disorganized. And this government is capitalist. it doesn’t need to distribute the wealth at all.

    “I want someone to lead this country who’s not a politician. I would vote 100x for the common man pulled from the streets, rather than for 1 educated politician. Because I know the poor man will make choices that will benefit his kind.”
    A- If that person is poor what makes you think he knows how to benefit others who aren’t? There are jobs out there, and opportunities you probably cant even imagine. Again the question that comes to mind is what are you doing about it? You need to stick out as an individual. Your mind set is on blaming not on creativity and individuality. “Oh its the government, they need to help us! its their fault”

    “2. Rich will remain rich & the poor will remain poor, and an ever growing resentment & hatred toward each other will grow unless we change our leaders, our laws & our government, in order to achieved the good life for everyone.”
    A-….Its rare to start out rich. You create a business or advance in one. People work you know. They have the characteristics to become so. The rich dont hate the poor. Heres a difference in characteristic. When you think of a rich man, what comes to mind? Envy? Jealousy? Anger? . When a wealthy man see’s another wealthy man we see admiration and ingenuity or cunning.

    (apologize for any spelling errors. had little time to proof read)

    Ayanoglu.Emre@gmail.com ~ Feel free to message me.

  346. @ Bob Bently says:

    Quick addition. For #6 im quite sure the writer isnt saying you become rich by just hanging around rich people but it brings up opportunities just as jobs and benefits. I get to go to a country club from time to time and talk with other business men just for that reason.

  347. zeph says:

    most poor people in the world are in the 3rd world under corrupt governments.

    you could be a criminal and be rich in any context more than an honest person who is poor …..

    many lawless and perverted people have become rich by persecuting those below them….

    being rich wont save you from judgement ultimately…

    overall your writings are very petty and are not secrets at all…..just more secular rubbish on the net.

  348. al-mamun says:

    i think above 7 point r absolutely right. my life i just feel one thing that’s if i want to be success and rich then i have to make some simple quality likes above. but, hear have little bit problem that’s rich people have lot’s of money & power. they can spend it to make quality . they get proper education,environment,opportunity etc. so, easily they can improve yourself, on the other hand poor people didn’t. i am from a developing country. hear have huge discrimination. some people led a luxury life and some people didn’t get 3 times food.
    so,is not possible to the poor to making quality and be rich.

  349. I am a rich man because i can limited my wants.

  350. avinash says:

    I liked the photo. It really happens with me also .. every morning I use to think of How the rich people will be thinking at this time. How to grab a opportunity.
    Your blog has gave insight of Dream building.
    Thanks, Would like to read more on this

  351. jeyanth says:

    Now tell these facts to the people in slums. How can they enrich their lives? The fact is the rich don’t give a shit about the poor. Period. Getting rich is not the epitome of life. You want to get rich because the media and the celebrities propels it.

  352. john says:

    If a rich person inherited their money, they are not a valid rich person, just lucky mofos. However, if they were born poor but now are self made, then that is an accomplishment.

  353. Chuck says:

    The folks in the slums can leave I went in the military at 17 now at 60 I am wealthy and never had a high paying job just saved and invested. My son did the same he only finished 8th grad in 1990 went in military now is a manager over several degreed engineers and still only has an 8th grad education, Finished his ged in 3 weeks. most rich people made it on their own.

  354. Tia says:

    I’m with most of it. I believe in hard work. I’m not about to gamble with the stock; I don’t know a thing about it anyway. What about Black Tuesday? If I had been able to, I would have finished college majoring in computer science. I would have fostered the money I made—-not that I”m not doing that now. I don’t think about making $1mil immediately. I would save up, and it would come to mind when I’m close it it because I take things one day at a time. I couldn’t accomplish this because of disabilities—–not because I’m lazy. I tried for 20 years——at restaurants—-but had to quit due to so many seizures caused by stress.I’m not like other handicapped people; I want to make money not depend on Uncle Sam.

  355. Skirmantė says:

    I promise i’ll be rich…;]

  356. Alena says:

    Wow)) I’m reach.

  357. Alena says:

    Money should make money. It’s very important.

  358. ANN says:

    I like reading your comments about rich and poor, I wanted to start a business for many years now, but how can I start without money?


  359. Regina says:

    I really enjoyed reading the above statements about how to become wealthy and it makes a lot of sence to me. The thing that I’m struggling with is, I just don’t know how you can come from nothing and become something. I know it can happen but just really don’t know how I can even talk to about becoming wealthy. I personally don’t want to be rich but I do want to live comfortable. I have been wrking my whole life and I’m trying to learn how to get ahead but every time I get a few steps ahead I’m always back to being, I wouldn’t say poor where I don’t have anything but I’m most definatey not rich so I’m just trying to learn how to get and keep the things I want in my life.

  360. What i don’t realize is actually how you’re no longer actually a lot more smartly-appreciated than you may be now. You’re so intelligent. You know therefore significantly in relation to this topic, made me in my opinion consider it from so many numerous angles. Its like women and men aren’t involved except it is one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your own stuffs nice. Always handle it up!

  361. Donna says:

    Interesting but hypocritical! money goes to money. if you are rich in the first place you have the resources to go to University and have a better education, and you don’t have to take a lower paid job just to feed your family. Also it angers me that some people think money is the most important thing in life. How about being rich in love! Poor people have more time for their family and friends whereas rich just let money become the most important factor in life.

  362. Ryza says:

    I agree with this. It’s funny how some people would justify being poor, that it is not their fault that they are, if you were born poor then it is really not your fault, but if you die still poor, well, somehow, you chose it. Well, I am not yet that rich, I am making a good income (based on where I am from) but I was not like this before. I also came from poverty. Believe me, from where I am at now, poverty is so prevalent. The slums here are way way different than the slums in other countries – it’s worse. I was once very poor, experienced not eating for 4 days (there are no food stubs here, the government does not help poor people) but I did everything to get out of poverty. I believed that I can become rich, I believed that I was made for something more, and everything now is moving according to my belief.

  363. I think you are a shithead

  364. Han Piseth says:

    It is a very good for me. This can make me know what I have now. The rich habit or the poor habit which can make me to be a better one. Try to change the obstacle to be the opportunities. Thank for those who wrote this to share.

  365. vrt says:

    For me the main purpose of wealth is to love others. If you are rich, then you will have more time with your family since you’ll have someone work for you. And your money is working for you too. I know I’m not that rich yet but someday I know I’ll be. I am an orphan left with nothing but debts. Started out as an oldsitter for a couple of years and saw people who are poorer than me. I want to help them but I can’t because my resources are also limited. I realized, I cannot give them what I do not have. So I need to have it first so I can give. I need to be rich first so I can help more people. Right now, I am into business (small businesess though, including stock market ) . I worked only 2-3 days a week, spent most of my time with my loved ones. We visit our friends who are sick and in prison and we feed the streetchildren every christmas.

  366. Han Piseth says:

    Hearing these differences, I think that It is important for those who want to be rich in their life. We born in the world should determine our life not just let it happen without fighting the obstacle to be rich.

  367. Laura Lightly says:

    Jesus said: “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

  368. Tom says:

    Being rich really is within all of yourselves. I started off rich at 19 when my Dad died, then multiplied our riches by like 5 times in a few years. You really do create your life. You have to understand how to create value of something. I’m still chasing money at 29, I live in the newest neighbourhood, bought a brand new SUV at 25. We just paid for my aunt and uncle to go to the Cayman Islands. There’s nothing like money, to feel important. I have a very expensive, shiny suit too. I don’t even make alot from my hourly wage, either. I continue getting ahead while i’m off work too. I can’t waste time.

  369. richORpoor says:

    this is the biggest bullshit article ive come across in awhile,
    rich people believe they created their lives because they don’t want to feel like everything was given to them through random events or luck.
    anyway every single point you made was moronic, i don’t even care to prove my point. anyone that falls into this bullshit is probably dumb enough to fall into that scam you probably have going on your next page.
    funny thing is you probably wont even post this, biatch.

  370. Krishan kumar says:

    Big think big man

  371. wanda says:

    god is all we need to make us rich beyond our means.

  372. Thilak says:

    Rich and poor created by and from the society. Both paties are some time poor in mind when any one rich in mind. All the time ich.

  373. Kellie says:

    There are good points like positive thinking and thinking big, but other parts were judgmental, condescending, and insulting and overgeneralizing. I used to be fairly well off, but due to the bad economy, I’m barely getting by and paying a lot more in taxes ironically.

    #1 ,3,5 and 7 Plenty of poor people work on re-creating their lives by going to school, opening business, working 2 and 3 jobs and doing home businesses and going for higher paying jobs. You control the things you can but you’re not God so can’t control everything.

    #2, 4 I used to invest in the stock market when I had money and did pretty well. That’s how I bought my real property. Now that I’m on the other side of the fence I can see where investing is difficult. If it takes everything you make just to gas up the car, keep the car insured, pay rent and buy food, where’s the disposable income to invest? I’ve known people that spent their rent money trying to get of their financial difficulty and it paid off!LOL That was years ago though. In the place I stay, if you’re 3 days late they charge you another $100. If you are ten days late, they file eviction papers on you and the tack another $300 to the rent and the late charge.

    #6 is pure hogwash. If the 1%ers look at us a losers, why would they want to hang out with us? You cannot go the places they go and do the things they do. It would be a one sided relationship. Very few people are that altruistic (rich, poor, middle class) to help you out and share knowlege with you expecting nothing in return. In other words, you’re not in the same circles. I actually LOST some friends after I no longer had money

    I see why the rich get richer. I recently bought a suit, shoes to go on an internal job interview for a position I was qualified for. I have a master’s and several years of job experience. Right now I’m really underemployed. It was my boss’s old job and he recommended me to the owner as did the HR manager. The selection process came down to me and this other woman from the outside and the position was given to her. This woman already had a good job and a husband with a good job. I’m a struggling single parent who had been with the company since the beginng when we had no phones, computers or desks. I’ve worked many Saturdays when he couldn’t pay anyone to do it. All I know is if I were the owner, I would have gone with the person who was qualified, who already knows the ropes,who I know about their work ethic and who really needed the job. That $30 K raise would have loosened the financial noose that’s around my neck so I could have breathed.

    It’s ok though. I believe in God and I know I can have everything that He says I can have!

  374. Lisa Ann says:

    Ya, half of these comments are just us lost in our own world and minds. Travel a bit with no boundries to whether you can afford it or not and see how the rest of the world lives or gets by. Yes, there are rich and poor every where, and I wish I could have an adbunadance of money to throw away on luxery dinning, planes, hotels, and personal gifts for family and friends and such to decorate my home. But the bottem line stops with us and the mind set between rich and poor is a true one. You have to risk everything to acheive more and not be afraid of losing what you have already and most people can’t do that in fear of being in the streets homeless.
    Although, I believe you can’t just do this with no education; one has to have some academic education and street experience and labor skills be hind them on top of the mind set then allow or accept the lostes in route to their goal journey with strength and learn from them etc…I don’t even know anymore if having money is so important. It’s more about doing what you want to do and having love; family,partner, friends etc no matter if we struggle or need it’s the togetherness that makes it’s all wonderful when we do acheive some wealth. If lose everyone along the way and acheive the wealth dream what will it matter if we don’t have true loves to share it with

  375. Holly says:

    An entitlement-minded society such as our own breeds and festers hate and jealousy towards the most successful. I agree with this article, having been on both sides of the socioeconomic fence at some point or another.

  376. Ethan says:

    8. Poor people get mad and start cursing you in CAPS when you try to explain what they’re doing wrong.

  377. Hiya! I know this is kinda off topic however , I’d figured I’d ask.
    Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest
    writing a blog post or vice-versa? My blog goes over a lot of the same topics as yours and I believe we could
    greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you! Terrific blog by the way!

  378. Stacey says:

    Shawn, I believe you need to be humbled. Life is not that simple.
    I agree with Kellie.

  379. 457 visa says:

    I think this is among the most significant info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on few general things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  380. john says:

    this article is pure bullshit. if everyone was rich we would have nobody making are big macs, cleaning are bathrooms, educating are kids in high school, working at the dmv, or cops and firefighters protecting us. we sit back and we claim so many things as the key to success and money when really its 1 luck 2 having a shitty attitude and stepping on people all the way to the top 3 narcissism. there are lots of people who get educated, make good decisions, and do there best everyday and they JUST DONT MAKE ENOUGH. and yet you liars want everyone to feel bad because they didnt fuck everyone over in life to be a millionaire. this country has made a huge distinction between respectable-rich and nonrespectable-poor. i find this sad seeing that poor people are what keeps this fucking pisspoor economy running. without all the minimum wage to 12 dollar an hour “blue collar” workers rich people wouldnt even have food because it take 13 an hr truck drivers to haul it. and yet what does a millionaire produce and yet he is seen as respectable and not a ‘loser’? i will admit that some people who become millionaires alot was luck and also hard work but come on!!! the majority just got lucky making a risky investment that happened to pay off. fuck it im out. you all can keep sucking off the millionaires you dream of becoming while 98% of the blue collar workforce does the real work and gets the jobs done that none of you can live without. have a nice life.

  381. Ramesh says:

    This article is absolutely true message for everybody, who wil be adopeted these 7 message he wil be successful in his life

  382. sam says:

    If we think about the rich and poor all around the world especially in Asia and Africa, it will take us to political systems which is communism and capitalism.

    Communism: close the gap between rich and poor and brings equalization amongst people, so all people live in peace.

    Capitalism: make the rich richer and poor poorer, accordingly crime and corruption is the results.

  383. Sarah says:

    What an appallingly ignorant, judgmental and snide article. You’re all about you, and you make it clear that in your opinion, rich people get rich by being all about themselves. That assumption is not true, as evidenced by numerous wealthy entrepreneurs who give a lot back to society, including a leg-up to those whose circumstances forbid even the ‘biggest’ of thinkers to benefit from their own intelligence or hard work. Your assumptions about the poor are not just nasty and ignorant and only serve to bolster your insecurities. You have to make the poor ‘bad’ and responsible for any and all ills that befall them in order to justify both your greed and your success. In so doing, you prove the opposite of your professed beliefs. If you have to put down others in order to feel good about yourself, you demonstrate a complete disbelief that you have, indeed, made your own luck. Your wealth is dependent on a demonized unwealthy, rendering your contribution to your ‘success’ meaningless. Congratulations on that failure.

  384. Kirowa Baxter Wesley says:

    All the answers are ok , what i had been looking for i have got them

  385. Antoni says:

    You did not mention all the wealth that is given to people by “cronyism” or out-right stolen through corrupt practices.

    Since “good” people would never do anything dishonest, the bad people who lie, cheat and steal will always win the game over the majority good people no matter how hard they work or try.

    Good people would never think about murder to get what they want while the most Evil organised criminals running around in the highest places would kill anyone that gets in their way!

  386. IvanK says:

    There is one difference between rich people and poor people. Rich people have more money; most of them started out with more. It may be comforting and/or inspiring to think that anyone might become rich if they only have the right attitude, etc., but it’s also a dangerous myth.

  387. Sam says:

    I hope your not claiming what you wrote here to be yours. You obviously have taken information for other articles. None of this information is new or was new when you wrote it.

    I have owned a business for 20 years and there is one thing you forgot about the difference between rich and poor. Poor people pay me faster than rich people do. Rich people complain about my hourly rate more than poor people. I have had no poor people try to cheat me but I have had rich people try to cheat me and even a couple clergy that tried to steal from me.

    Here is a new word for your vocabulary:

    greed noun \ˈgrēd\

    : a selfish desire to have more of something (especially money)

    I won’t claim this as mine so here is my source:

  388. poor kid says:

    Your so full of crap you have no idea what it its like to be us. We are the majority, we are the people that you rich stupid greedy bastards steal from. Spend a month in our shoes then you can talk Im working towards college and IM in honors classes so FUCK OFF

  389. If I won the Billion Dollar Lottery, I would have insight; what it would feel like to be able to pay back my 65ooo.oo all my college loans off, and all my bills off; and have a good job. My dream would be; to be like my favorite star OPRAH WINFREY. My dream share my love by helping others; help the orphan children around the world will never happen because I’m poor. Been poor all my life. The one thing I do have, is love honor, pride, honesty, and respect for all. If that’s all I ever have in my life; I have accomplished much. God Bless Us All. And God Bless those who have less than me. From FallsChapel, Arkansas 71846

  390. Léa says:

    Hello, I think your article is absolutely pityful, I feel sad for you and for those who agree with you… You only care for money and for profit, you could sacrifice anything for that, work so much that you get stressed and loose sleep, lie, take meds, pills, exploit others… For money. Do you really think this is what life is all about? I think you are just frustrated not to find happiness and love so you devote yourself to money. What a sad, sad, life it must be that is ahead of you… Why don’t you just try to live an honest and happy life, made of simple pleasures. Honestly, you talk about poor people dreaming about their dreams, but wait, what’s your dream?? A luxurious car ! Waw! What you call “poor people” are not afraid of life, they don’t undergo their life. They live it. They don’t make profit out of it, they make feelings. Keep trying to earn money, if it’s what you want your life to be. If not, I wish you the very best. May you enjoy the delicious feeling of freedom, poor people’s only concern.

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