3 Factors Whether You Fail Or Achieve What You Want

Recently I came across these amazing keys to success shared by one of the best success gurus out there, Anthony Robbins. After putting some serious thoughts about these amazing factors, I felt that what Tony said is so right and I would like to share them with you here.

Well according to Tony Robbins, whether you fail or achieve what you want in your life, it all depends on these 3 pillars below…

1. Your Compelling Vision

No matter whom you want to be today or how you want to live your life, you must first know exactly what kind of life you want to have in the future. It is your vision and your destinations that will help you to stay focused in the right direction and get you there.

success pillars Creating your compelling future is a common factor to success that we have always heard about. We all know that if we wanted to achieve something, we must first find out what the ‘something’ is.

This may sound easy and simple, but do you know that most people focus on the wrong thing that they want and the future or the vision that they created is not compelling enough?

For example, if you focus on the wrong thoughts such as ‘you do not want to be fat’, you will end up getting fat. The reason is simple because you are focusing on the wrong vision. Instead of thinking about not getting fat, think about having a slim body that everybody would envy about.

In other words, if you keep thinking about having not enough money, you will end up getting no money because that is what you are focusing in. Your thoughts will get you where you focus on and thus, make sure you are focusing in things that you want.

Another common reason people are unable to achieve what they have set is because what they have set is not compelling enough. It is not interesting enough that they would want to wake up early in the morning to do it. It is not something that will drive them from within when they think about it. This is what Tony means by creating a compelling future.

Your dreams and your vision must be something that will inspire you and not dragging you. When you think about your dreams, are you feeling excited? If you are not feeling excited with what you want in your future, you will never spend your energy to take action and to make it come true. So think about this one for a moment and try to make your vision as interesting as possible.

2. Your Tools To Achieve

When you know what you want, do you have the necessary tools, skills, map, strategy, etc to achieve it? You need to have the right strategy to achieve what you want. It is just like if your goal is to see the sun rise, you are never going to achieve it if you keep on running west. No matter how much effort you put in or how passionate you are, if you are not using the right tools or the right map, you will never get to where you want to go.

Getting the right tools to achieve what you want can be easy, just look for those people who have achieved what you wanted and learn from them. Get yourself a mentor if possible or learn from books or attend workshop and seminar conduct by those people who have accomplished what you want.

3. Your Why

This is going to be one of the most important success factors whether you fail or achieve what you want in life. It is your reason for getting what you want. Often times, people set goals but they fail to accomplish them because they are not working on it. A lot of people set financial goals but majority of them are not achieving it because their ‘why’ is not strong enough.

Sometimes people may even have inner conflict with what they want. They want to be rich, but they have the conflict or the mindset that being rich means greedy and unethical. Or maybe you want to be the founder of a million-dollar business, but in the same time, you are not willing to sacrifice for it and you wish to have a simple life.

Try to think for a moment and see whether you have any inner conflict with what you want to achieve in the future. Some people want to be rich, but in the same time, they want to work for only few hours a day, some even wish that they can be rich without working. Or the simple one, maybe you want to be successful, but deep inside you, you do not believe that you are capable to do it.

Achieving what you want or the failure to achieve what you want is 80% about your psychology, only 20% is about the mechanics. So as long as you can find out a strong ‘why’ and solve your inner conflict, you will have no problem achieving what you truly want in your life.

So these are the 3 factors that will determine whether you can achieve what you want in your life.

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