3 Questions That Will Unleash Your Inner Motivation Right Away

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Motivation, one of the factors that will determine your success level, is utmost important. Most people never really put a thought about motivation because most people will only think about the outcomes of the success that they want.

They think about the money, having all the expensive and cool stuff if they have all the wealth in the world. However, it is the motivation that will keep us going. Without motivation, people will never have the drive to take action. And if you are not taking action, it will be impossible for you to achieve what you want in life, right?

Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily”.

You see, success is not going to come to you in a short period of time. It takes a long time to build. And if you don’t know how to tap into your inner motivation, you will give up very fast before you get to produce the results you want.

This is why you have to motivate yourself each day. Tap into your inner motivation and keep yourself driven to take action every day. Here are 3 questions that will help you unleash your drive from within…

1) “Why am I doing this?”

When you are feeling tired and no motivation, think about this question. Take a few seconds or a few minutes to ponder through. Why are you doing this? Why should you do this? If you are in sales, why should you do the cold calling? Why do you wake up at 6am and goes to work at 9am? Why are you doing it?

Whenever you ask the question “why”, your mind will automatically search for the answers. And it is your purpose that will drive you. Therefore, when you ask “why”, you are reminding yourself about your reasons for doing so. Why do you want to lose weight? It is because you want to look great during your wedding. Why do you want to quit smoking? It is because you want to spend more time with your family travelling around the world; if not, you may be suffering from lung cancer.

Remember, it is your purpose that will drive you. People who are able to overcome adversity and produce outstanding success in their life are those who have a strong and emotion reason to stay on and keep moving forward. They have strong reasons NOT to quit and powerful reason to achieve what they want.

2) “What will happen if I don’t do this and what if I do this?”

What would happen if you don’t take action to accomplish your dreams? Well, you will stay the same. You will be the same person as you are today 10 years down the road. You will still be driving the old car, living in the same small apartment, broke, fail in your relationship and can’t get to where you want to go. In the same time, your friends could be doing well. They might be moving to a bigger and better place, having vacation with their family, driving their dream car and so on.

These are the thoughts that will motivate you into taking action. Honestly ask yourself right now, do you want to be the same “you” after 3 years? Do you want to grow and to get better? Chances are, you can live the future you want, if you start doing the work right now.

Every one of us wanted to live a better life, but most of us don’t want to do the work. And this is what separates mediocrity and successful. Extraordinary people are extraordinary because they are willing to do the ‘extra’ work that makes them beyond ordinary.

Imagine all the bad consequences that you will be facing if you did not take action. Imagine how you feel and how others have moved forward but you are still lagging behind. Imagine you living the same kind of life, had no money, living in miserable, etc. After that, spend a few minutes to imagine the future you want if you take action right away. Imagine if you make the call, you meet up your client, he buys from you, you become richer and your client refer even more people to buy from you. Imagine if you write the book, and if you become an international author, etc.

All you need to do is to start with that one action that you can do right now and do it.

3) “What one small thing can I do right now?”

This is the ultimate question that will lead you into taking action right away. What one small thing can you do right now? Remember, you don’t have to write that thick book in one go, you start by writing it word by word. Even if you just write one paragraph, you are one paragraph closer to getting the whole book written.

The same for making cold calls, you just need to focus in doing just one call at a time. Do you know who Terry Fox is? He is the guy who raised $340 million for cancer research through his run called “Marathon of Hope”. The amazing thing is that Terry Fox runs with an artificial leg because his leg was amputated due to cancer. And that doesn’t stop him; he managed to run 24 miles per day, for 143 days covered 3,339 miles in total. He died a few months after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

During one of the interviews, a reporter asked him how he managed to run and keep himself going, he just answered, “I just keep running to the next telephone pole”.

Can you see it right now? You don’t have to be a millionaire right away, but you can start to do the small little actions that will make you a millionaire. You don’t have to do the one thing that will bring you all the wealth and huge success, all you need to do is to take action on the one small thing that will lead you there. So get started right now.

Plan Your Day

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Today is When You Achieve

From your past experiences you will learn valuable lessons of what to do and what not to do. Experience is the greatest teacher, whether it is your own or that of others. The future does not take care of itself, you must plan for the future if you have any desire to influence it and achieve.

Today however is when you do achieve. Today is when you apply those lessons of yesterday and implement that plans you’ve created. Today is when you make it happen, or you fail to. To achieve the most today you must plan for it.

Plan Your Day

The most effective people plan their day. Some to it the night before; some do it first thing in the morning. That is a matter of personal preference and it does not matter which you choose as long as you do it.

To plan your day follow these steps:

1. Briefly review what you did yesterday and make note of anything left undone – add those things to your To Do list.

2. Review any plans you’ve made from your weekly planning that should be done today and add them to your To Do list.

3. Review your goals and add to your list those action steps that you can do today to further those goals.

4. Review your appointments and other scheduled commitments and make sure you have some time scheduled to implement your To Do list.

5. Prioritize your To Do list. There are several methods for this but the one I find most useful is the ABC system. Put an A alongside those things that are urgent and essential. Place a B alongside those things that are important or essential but not as important or essential as the A list. Finally, put a C alongside those things that are least important, things you could either not do at all or put off if need be. There should not be very many things on the C list.

6. As you move through your day look at your list and use it as a guide for when you do each item. You want to attack the A items first, B items second, etc. Check them off or run a line though them when you have achieved them. (There is a psychological benefit to doing that.)

The ABC system is simple and easy to apply which makes it effective.

Interruptions and Distractions

I can guarantee you that unless you spend the day all alone and with the telephone and the internet turned off you will encounter many interruptions and distractions.

Interruptions need to be managed. Some are very important and need to be addressed immediately. Address them as best you can and then move on. Resist allowing interruptions from totally dominating your day. Interruptions include phone calls, drop-ins by people wanting to chat or ask a question, or the baby crying. If they are truly important (the baby crying) you need to address them. If they are not it is best to avoid them or get rid of them. The person who wants to just chat for a while keeps you from your work. Unless it is your day off you cannot afford these distractions.

Distractions are all the things from email, surfing the web, telling jokes to deciding to rearrange the pictures on your wall. They are interruptions in your work that you create. They lead to procrastination and loss of focus. Avoid them. It can be difficult but it is imperative.

It is fine to take a break now and then and that can actually improve your productivity, but do so intentionally and set a limit on your break time.

If you make your plans, create and prioritize your To Do list and follow through by following them you will get much more achieved. If you minimize distractions and interruptions you will achieve even more.

Take control of your day. Follow these steps each day and you will be amazed at how much more you can achieve.

The Source of Motivation While You Are Depressed


Depression is something that may be experienced by many people, irrespective of their age, race or the economic situation. There is no single reason why one will feel depressed. There are a number of things that may affect one’s mood and thus cause him to feel depressed. But, what is the solution that one can think of? Is there a way to get out of all the mess and make sure that there is nothing to worry about?

Companies are now seen putting in efforts that help their employees feel energetic and avoid the stressed out environment at the workplace. With the increasing amount of competition and workload that employees have to handle, most of them are seen spending maximum time of the day in offices. This is where a person should be able to work stress free. This will thus help reduce the chances of a person being depressed. There are a number of corporate motivational speakers who take up the job of educating such working professionals about the ways in which one can reduce stress.

If a person wants to free himself from depression or simply needs to adopt a way that will keep him stress free at work and his daily life, it is he who has to take the first step forward. Even a motivational speaker or a counselor can at the most advice one take some precautionary steps or a few guidelines to help him bear the situation. But, it is he who has to follow the guidelines and deal with the obstacles with faith. Let us take a look at a few guidelines that will help one stay motivated even while he is depressed.

1. Lower your Limits:

It is often seen that a depressed person loses interest in what he does and thus his productivity is reduced. In order to make sure that you are motivated even during times of stress, you need to assure yourself that you are putting in enough efforts and performing well. The fact that you are doing well as per your capacity keeps you going and thus encourages you to do even better. The best solution for this would be to reduce the working limits and make sure that you set realistic goals that can be achieved according to your capability while you are stressed.

2. Implant Self-Compassion and Self-Love:

Self criticism can be the last thing that you can think of. If you keep criticizing the person that you are and blame yourself for everything bad that happens, you will never be happy to live this life. Instead, if you appreciate yourself the way you are, you will have the strength to bear anything that happens in life.

3. Implement different ways:

It is true that doing the same thing over and over again will surely cause a person to feel stressed out and get depressed. Thus, making use of any other methods that may give similar results will help one to enjoy what he is doing. Even though you may be doing something in the right way and get the best results, there is no harm in discovering new ways to do the same.

4. Recognize your efforts and Progress:

This is the most important thing that one needs to think of in order to stay motivated. Once you are sure to lower your limits and reach higher goals that you may set for the day, observe the progress and improved results. Knowing the areas where you are improving will keep you motivated to carry on with the work that you have undertaken.

Staying motivated is the only thing that will help a person to deal with the workload, stress and depression. Corporate motivational speakers usually mention these points while they are addressing the employees at a company. It is extremely important to make sure that people stay motivated in order to deal with stress that is an obvious thing that working people have to deal with. But, as mentioned earlier, all these speakers can simply advice the right method. It is you who has to implement it and make in work in your life. After all, “You” are the source of motivation that you need to move on!

The 3 Hard Facts You Must Accept About Life And Success

I came up with this post idea not to create any debate or controversy. It is just my own perception and my view with life and success. It may be different in place that you live. However, for me, there are 3 hard facts that you must accept in life and this is how you are able to master your life and create the success that you want.

Like what we all know, life can be something simple or it can be something complicated. It all depends on how you look at it. Some people just want to live a simple life. They just want to make some money, enough to live by and to relax and enjoy. While some people would like to live big and achieve big. Well, there is no right or wrong here, it is just what you want out of your life.

The most important thing is that you must know what you want. If you want to live a simple and ordinary life, you can have it. And if you want to live big and achieve a lot in your life, you can have it as well.

No matter which path you choose, here are the 3 hard facts that you must accept. If you do not accept them, you will never going to get through in your life. Stop being led by life, instead, you master your life and create the future that you want.

1. Hard Fact #1 – Life Can Be Hard

Hey, nobody says that life is easy. Some people are born in a rich family and thus, they have better education, more capital, hence, easier for them to start a business. I learned this principle from one of the articles written about Bill Gates.

If you read through all the biographies of the extraordinary people out there, you will discover that they all spent a lot of time and effort to build their business and career. They sacrifice a lot in order to pursue and achieve what they want. Yes, it is not something easy, it is something hard.

This is why there is only a few portion of all the people out there are successful. If success is something easy, I bet you will be living the great life that you desire already. Unfortunately, it is not something easy.

Do not worry though, the good news is that because it is hard for most people and only a small percentage of people actually accomplish great results in life, as long as you are committed to achieve what you want, you can be extraordinary. Don’t get what I mean? Just think about it as the competition in the market.

If the competition in the market is low, it is easy for you to dominate the market. Just like in life. If it is hard for people to achieve great success, it simply means that the competition is low. Therefore, all you need to be is to be more hard working and tend to be slightly different than the rest.

Always remember this, when you are down or when your business is not doing well, you are not the only one that is going through the situation. In fact, there are many others who have gone through the similar or even worse than you, but still they are able to turn it around and make a comeback.

If they can do this, so can you. Just make sure that you are well prepared because sometimes, life can be hard. And that is what makes your goals worth pursuing. It is because your goal is difficult to achieve that you want to achieve them. Just like if you set your goal to become world number in any sport, or build a worldwide brand name, or to set foot in the moon. You set it because it is difficult not because it is easy to accomplish!

2. Hard Fact #2 – Life Can Be Unfair

Yes, life can be unfair. Like what I said above. Some people are born in rich families and they do not have to fight for capital to start their own business. Some parents send their children to world-class college to get the best education. Some people do not even have to work because they are rich enough and they can survive without working for their life time.

I know that if you are reading this right now, life can seems unfair to you. You cannot blame anyone if you are not born in the rich family. There is nobody for you to blame. Thus, what you can do is to take charge of your own life and make it better.

Sometimes when you think about it, you will feel great because you are the one who creates your own life and you are who you are right now. You are reading this article because you have the burning desire for change and improvement in your life. Those rich kids will never read this article and even if they do, they will never understand what I’m saying here.

You see, sometimes life does not provide you physical support such as money and education, but it provides you with something even better, your desire to succeed in life. Without the desire for change and success, you will never amount to any great results in life.

So if you think that your life is unfair compare with your friends, think about it twice. God never makes junks. You are here for a reason and you live for a purpose. So learn through the experience that life presents to you and you will become the next extraordinary guy.

3. Hard Fact #3 – You Are The Master Of Your Life

You have a choice right now, to agree with what I’m telling you or you can choose to disagree. If you disagree, you can get away or you can leave your comment below. What I want to tell you is that you always have a choice.

And it is the choice that you make in your life that makes you who you are today. No matter how hard life can be or how unfair it may seem, you are still the master of your own life. You can and you have the power to change. If you do not like your work, you can stop, quit and get the one that you love. Nobody forces you to stay. Do not tell me that you have a lot of commitments, you have family to feed, and you have to pay for your monthly rental or car loan.

There is always a choice for you.

You are responsible for your own life. You are the one who is living your life and thus, you have the power to control it. What happen with most people is that they are afraid to change because they have been living in their comfort zone.

If you want to make your life great, you must learn to make your comfort zone bigger. Do not be afraid of doing something that you are not used to. Do something different and you will get different experience and references. This is what will change your perspective.

I believe if you can accept these 3 hard facts here and live in harmony with them, you will have no problem living the life that you desire. I hope you enjoy this article and if you have any thoughts that you would like to share, simply leave your comments below.

The Value of Motivational Speakers for Business

motivational speakers for business

How can motivational speakers add value to a business? Who are these people and what can they do or say to inspire employees? Companies have finally realized that they need experienced people to motivate and stir their workers. Organizations turn to the help of motivational speakers to beguile the people, persuade them to work and thus help boost productivity. Public speaking is not your average type of job. It may look easy to start in this industry, but candidates need years of experience to master all the secrets. Motivational speakers for business can help you get back on the right track. Here’s how:

Motivational speakers have the power to boost morale

Your company’s productivity is directly linked to employee morale. Successful entrepreneurs should be willing to invest in the services of a competent speaker in order to get returns, and increase productivity. Companies should support healthy competition; workers should want to do everything in their power to make them noticed and appreciated. Unfortunately, when employees are not feeling valued, it’s impossible to persuade them to work at their fullest potential.

motivational speakers for business

When there’s tension in the office, workers feel monotonous. They feel bored, annoyed, and they just don’t want to do their jobs anymore. By hiring a motivational speaker, you awaken the interest of your staff. These experts will boost morale through their incredible power of persuasion, and indirectly help your business thrive.

Don’t underestimate the power of skilled motivational speaker

Not many companies appreciate the services of a motivational speaker. Nonetheless those, that do have a lot to win. First of all, these specialists have the tools to engage their audience. They use power words to entice and they share meaningful life experiences to point them in the right direction. It’s not that easy to attain success, and the only way to make yourself noticed is to work hard.

One of today’s most influential speakers, T. Harv Eker, says that every individual has the power to be kind, spiritual, balanced, loving and incredibly rich. He managed to inspire millions of people over the years, and he bases his speeches on facts from his personal life. Companies must not underestimate a skilled speaker’s power. They can bring great value to productivity because it’s their job to convince and change perceptions.

Motivational speakers reinforce values and goals

A professional motivational speaker will try to determine your business’s objectives, values and goals by working closely with the leadership. These social specialists are trained to speak in front of an audience, and their life experiences will make a lasting impression on the staff. Motivational speakers have the power to connect to a company’s employees a lot better than CEOs and entrepreneurs. They have a flair for speaking in public and a special talent to present things in the meaningful way. Engaging an audience and convincing people that hard work and commitment will make them succeed is the job of a motivational speaker. It’s an sensible way of making employees enthusiastic again without having to offer them any financial incentives (especially if you can’t afford to).

Motivational speakers improve team alignment and team work

Companies need devoted people to thrive. Teamwork keeps organizations glued together, yet if management doesn’t know how to care about employees, the connection will eventually break. Motivational speakers can help companies stay productive by making workers understand their value. A skilled speaker knows how to make people feel enthusiastic again. He’s experienced enough to empower listener, but vulnerable to impress.

motivational speakers for business

If you want to improve team alignment, boost productivity, and keep your team united, hiring a motivational speaker to solve your company’s social issues can be the key to success. Have you ever heard of conference speakers? These experts usually hold presentations in front of thousands. They approach all kinds of issues and they can be a great asset to your company.

Adding value to an organization is now more difficult than ever. Entrepreneurs who can’t afford to raise salaries every 6 months to keep employees motivated, are compelled to think of other solutions to retain their staff. Hiring a motivational speaker is certainly a sensible way of boosting morale. Prior to deciding on someone, check references and really get to know that person to be sure they’re capable of bringing change into your organization.